Cure for Heart Disease…Without Drugs or Surgery

AMERICAN SCIENTISTS SAY THEY INVENTED A Treatment FOR HEART Disorder IN 1991 According to one of the world’s most highly regarded scientists , we human beings no lengthier have to dread premature death or heart attack triggered by progressive cardiovascular disorder (CVD), undergo heart by-pass surgical procedure or angioplasty, or experience the chest ache of Angina Pectoris. The medicinal substances concerned are not medicines. The two primary components of the Linus Pauling invention are the two needed in some daily quantity for lifestyle by itself. The great advantage arrives from taking these two totally non-poisonous substances in quantities much larger than one typically consumes in the eating habits. Linus Pauling did not make this declare lightly, although he made it without having fanfare. Pauling waited until after cautious experiments at his institute confirmed the Lp(a) C connection. The particulars of this remarkable discovery, its suppression by health-related authorities, factors of the United States authorities and other governments, and the mainstream press, are described on these web pages. You can also watch a Linus Pauling lecture on video clip tape. Pauling explains how you can return your cardiovascular health, safely, with out surgery. Thanks to healthcare science, it is now doable for cardiovascular disease sufferers to reside a more healthful potential; totally free of ache and symptoms of their former cardiovascular sickness.

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  • WorldCollections:

    @rockcityaudio. Our current foods could never be attained in nature and therefore they are incomplete and unnatural.

  • rockcityaudio:

    but this is all here say and nothing but risk taking to following these instructions.
    Linus intake of vitamin c was virtually toxic and it did not save either him or his wife from dying from cancer,ok they were old I agree,but showing these untested theories
    of a somewhat flawed genius only serves to confuse matters.he had two Nobel prizes but only one for science.(the Chemistry and Peace prizes).
    his intake of vitamin c could never be attained in nature and so therefore is unnatural.

  • ps249:

    The naysayers who talk shit about ascorbic acid are the ones who think vicodin can cure your ills—–seriously!

  • greatbydesign33:

    What a BEAUTIFUL Spirit this man has. Wow. Thanks.

  • aldeb456:

    I heard cayenne pepper too

  • skirts365:

    Citric acid content in lemons totally reversed the hardening of arteries condition I had. Citric acid can and will solufy calcium and hold it in solution till it passes from body. Lemon juice must be blended with water only, drink fast and rinse quickly to avoid tooth enamel damage. I used 2 large lemons twice daily for 170 days taken on empty stomach. Yes, they also contain ascorbic acid, potassium and bioflavonoids, all beneficial to vascular structures. Horse chestnut reversed aneurysm.

  • alex01M9L1:

    He was awesome..God bless him.

  • kimaam:

    Is there any liquid that can lower it? since I can’t swallow pills.

  • Entropy56:

    Well, I live 100 miles from where he was born and my mother was born in the same city. Therefore…

  • datzfast:

    i met this man one time

  • anemone218:

    millions of people should be watching this not thousands

  • litebug12345:

    I worry alot about the potential side effects of “big pharma” prescription drugs, I have always gravitated toward a natural alternative. For the longest time I had no idea that such an alternative even existed for cholesterol! I thought Rx was the only choice. Sterolyn is brilliant no side effects at all for me. I really appreciate this product.

  • pstarsm:

    What is AUT how can I lower my BP

  • anamasteos:

    I believe it. They don’t make money curing illnesses but managing them they (big Pharma) can make billions. It’s pure evil that they don’t care to cure anybody and if anyone discovers a cure than they will be discredited and hushed by the bullies of big Pharma.

  • xgalba00:

    Interesting video. Now I will start to take more Vitamin C. I’m young, but my family has history of cardiovascular disease.

  • smithfield06:

    yea true quak watch and similair sites have links to the fda a person i once worked with had high blood pressure she was very ill after taking medicines she then tried cinease herbs she is very well now

  • holidayrap:


    Have you tried “Ascorbine 9″?

  • cydewynder81:

    Help! I have atherosclerosis. Can anybody tell me the supplements I’ll be needing to help reverse it? Where can I buy these supplements?

  • paul8kangas:

    If they don’t call you a Quack, then you must not be doing the right thing.

  • prokopton:

    The quack watchers are fronts for the pharmaceutical industry. If there is a method/process of preventing/treating/curing a illness/disease that doesn’t involve a synthetic drug, it’s quackary. Talk about a bunch of quackers. :-)

    Cure/treatment for almost every illness/disease known to man have been discovered by Nobel Prize winning scientists (Pauling, Storey, Warburg, Mullis…) but Big Pharma considers them quacks because most of those methods don’t use drugs but natural substances.

  • prokopton:

    True that. Scientists and doctors view diseases differently. Scientists do research and most of the Nobel Prize winning Scientists have concluded that illness/disease can be prevented/treated/cured when our cells are healthy.

    Doctors learn about surgery and drugs. Scientists do research as to the real cause.

    I too would listen only to Scientists when it comes to health.

  • carter102:

    You know something is terribly wrong when the FDA and Health Canada consider a man that won 2 Nobel Prizes a quack.
    Also, look at Karry Mullis. He invented the PCR test and got a Nobel Prize for it. He said it isn’t a valid test for HIV, and they turned around and called him a quack. He invented the damn thing, I think he knows best!

    I only listen to Scientists, not doctors or pill pushing spokesman.

  • paul8kangas:

    Oral doses of 2 grams of vitamin C, per hour is better than IV, because more people can do it for less cost.
    Pauling did autoimmune urine therapy for the last 3 years of his life, to fight cancer, according to his notes & best friend Dr. Lesser.
    Lesson:: start AUT before you get cancer, because AUT can prevent cancer & heart disease. I have done it for 15 years & discover something new about it every month.
    See:: Youtube:: paul8kangas

  • klined:

    lol gotta love quackwatch calling linus pauling a quack

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