Exposing the Cholesterol Myth

Dr. Ron Rosedale talks about widespread cholesterol myths.

Dr Malcolm Kendrick speaks to Leeds BMA Meeting about why Cholesterol does not cause heart condition. see www.thincs.org

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  • DrJessicaSantos:


    The work of Dr. Uffe Ravnskov and Anthony Colpo expose your nonsense. Get the statistics right.

  • therawfooddiet:

    I really like this!!! Great Job!!! Can’t wait to see more of this videos!!! Kindly watch my videos also!!!

  • hdelicious:

    thanks so much for this great info and bringing this to the attention of the mainstream! I have met many people on no to low fat diets and have always been astonished at how grumpy, irritable and just plain nasty these people can often be. Cholesterol is important for nervous system health and the brain. Eat your butter!

  • AppleSouffle:

    Jack, the liver makes cholesterol.

  • ZoeHarcombe:

    This is brilliant stuff. I’ve just ordered Dr Kendrick’s book. I am an obesity researcher, but I have been drawn into the cholesterol debate by Gary Taubes’ brilliant book “The Diet Delusion”. This cholesterol myth is behind the current diet advice to eat low fat (which is by definition high carb) and this is behind the obesity epidemic. Ancel Keys has way more to answer for than heart disease – the fact that 2/3 of the population of the US and UK are overweight is thanks to this advice :-(

  • Marco68Polo:

    Apple Cider Vinegar: research shows it to be a cure for allergies (ask my wife and brother), sinus infections, acne, HIGH CHOLESTEROL (friends mother came off Statins and reduced her cholesterol by daily ACV intake), flu, fatigue, candida, acid reflux, sore throats, contact dermatitis, arthritis, and gout. ACV breaks down fat and is widely used to lose weight. A daily dose (tablespoon)of ACV in water has HIGH BLOOD pressure under control in two weeks. Best ACV is organic and cold pressed.

  • blackwellfamily:

    Thank you Doctor its probably want I want to hear these things are so difficult when there are opposing arguments thanks for putting it on U tube

  • supermarioex:

    this is good stuff, go leeds

  • JackFook:

    Cholesterol is essential to life. Glycation and oxidation only point to something else. Cholesterol doesn’t get glycated anyway because it’s not a protein, it’s a fat. Only protein get glycated. However cholesterol can get oxidized.

    Insulin is directly atherogenic i.e. it causes atherosclerosis. In Taubes GCBC page 190, we can read an explanation of the insulin/atherosclerosis interaction.

    What controls insulin is carbohydrate.

  • bloggingman1:

    what really makes cholesterol go bad is glycation and oxidation.

    Based on that, we really are just at the mercy of the envorenment and our lifestyle…

  • JackFook:

    All the cells that compose us have the ability to make cholesterol. What does that tell us about cholesterol? If cholesterol was bad, our genes would not program our cells with the ability to make a molecule that is ultimately intended to kill the heart.

    The lipid/heart hypothesis is incorrect.

  • glynwainwright:

    This is not about opinion it is just about facts. You can present a good case for the “other side” by selecting the data that fits the argument. That’s why we have all data from the larger studies. Pharmaceutical trials are good at selecting.

  • cheeryble:

    I’ve read Kendrick’s book and found it pretty convincing.
    I would however like to hear the “other side”.
    Is there a forum about this or discussion anywhere?
    thanx v much

  • glynwainwright:

    we need cholesterol to function.
    What pharmaceutical companies call normal is based on drug sales.
    Prof Joel Kauffman book “Malignant Medical Myths” Myth No 3. ISBN 0-7414-2909-8

  • alleyhse:

    The doctor told me at age 35 that I needed to get on statins so did that for 10 years. I was never comfortable with these drugs even though they made the blood tests look good. Taking statins became a crutch and I would justify overeating and foods that were unhealthy. I now take several natural supplements, exercise daily, and struggle with managing portion sizes and snacking too much. My blood tests are almost in normal range though not as good as with statins and I feel better overall.

  • glynwainwright:

    People really need to understand why cholesterol is so amazing and why our bodies need to make it in such huge quantities.
    The work of F W Pfrieger on the use of cholesterol by brain (glial) cells is a good place to start. Role of lipoproteins in immunological and maintenance processes, fat soluble transport systems etc. Cholesterol is a vital chemical with no concept of good/bad morality!

  • glynwainwright:

    In Primary Prevention is what this issue, each person saved from a heart attack is costing a death due to side effects ALS, Rhabdo etc.
    In secondary pevention it has some effect for a period… But there is a still a price to pay eventually and changing the cause of death is not good enough. Look at how the ENHANCE trial data was manipulated, by use of surrogate end points, after the trial ran into trouble with emerging mortality data.

  • VMLMD:

    Perhaps you should ask this the families of the 30%excess deaths in the placebo groups of secondary intervention statin trials? They wil be comforted their belovedones died with a good mevalonate pathway.The people stopping statins according to current guidelines also will be happy to know that their 30% exces risk of dying, and there 40% excess risk (over 4 years) of developing stroke is at least comforted by a healthy mevalonate pathway.
    Ex duobus malibus minimum est eligendum!

  • glynwainwright:

    Are you not aware of the risks in “mevalonate pathway inhibition”?
    Even if you still imagine cholesterol suddenly became pathogenic in the last century, you would not be crazy enough to inhibit the entire Mevalonate metabolic family at HMG CoA reductase step would you?

  • VMLMD:

    The main reason why Dr. Kendrick is missing the ball is methodological. Looking for thruth about relation between cholesterol and cardiac death you have to study a homogeneous sample of otherwise comparable people.I you compare apples with pears you go wrong all the line.
    All well conducted studies who did not suffer from the abovementioned flaws on intervention with statins in hypercholesterolemic patients prove reductions in cardiac deaths and total mortality. So…

  • glynwainwright:

    The plaque build behind the endothelium and is NOT deposited from the blood flowing through.
    Once the plaque becomes unstable and ruptures the big event begins. Plaques are commonly found in neo-nate post-mortems but not in older infant post-mortems.

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