glycemic index?

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Explain the Glycemic index (GI). Define what it is meant by the terms ‘ high Glycemic index’ (High GI) and ‘low Glycemic index’ (Low GI).

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    These are foods that raise your blood glucose (sugar). The higher the food is on the glycemic index the worse it is..

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    All the glycemic index shows is how a food affects blood sugar insulin secretion. The higher the number, the faster the secretion of insulin. The lower the number the slower the secretion of insulin. This shouldn’t be confused with how healthy a food is. There are some fruits that are high on the glycemic index that are considered healthy. It is a valuable reference for those who store body fat very easily. It is recommended that one eat foods low on the index to prevent a spiking of blood sugar. Foods that will give you a steady source of energy are usually low on the index.

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    What has been said so far is right but word of warning, just as some foods like fruit can be considered high GI foods like Nutella or black forest cake can be considered low GI. If you choose to eat foods that are low GI just make sure you read the nutrition info on the packaging and are awry of the fat and sodium contents.

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