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  • MrSbsidh:

    hi,its an good video,i appretiate the efforts put by all of you to build this blog.

    cinnamon will not work alone.mail me I’ll help you out.
    ( sbsidh317@gmail.com )
    never try home remedies without consulting experienced person.
    ofcourse herbal medicine do work miracle in reducing sugar level.but you have to be sure of herbs.Dont do experiment with your delicate body organs.
    thanks you

  • kolle147:

    @wishnamenotavailable dude i tried it but it doesn’t work.. i tried cinnamon too.. none of which worked there.

  • usikallen:

    This is a great video and just for others who may read this that are diabetic I found a great site that helped my friend out alot who is a diabetic thediabetichelpers . com

  • mozzrt:

    Yes it is to be cured. IT IS NOT AN ILLNESS, it is chemical poisoning! ALL HUMANS IN THE WESTERN WORLD are more or less suffering from Alzheimers. I HAVE SEEN NUMEROUS CASES; COMPLETELY CURED; WHEN STAYING AWAY FROM CHEMICALS! Try this: Take your mom/dad to a ‘living food’ home, where electrosmog isn’t allowed. If they only use ecological stuff, THEY WILL BE dramatically improved IN 3-5 WEEKS!!!!!!!!!!!! THAT GOES FOR MANY SEVERE CASES OF AUTISM, ADHD also! Diabetes2 disappears COMPLETELY.

  • PixieCarnations:

    can you please make a video about controlling type one diabetes im 13 and im struggling to control it and ijust checkedmy blood sugar and it was a staggering 21.1!!!

  • desdes24:

    it said type 1 diabetes must inject insulin if not will die? its not true. im a diabetic type 1 i was jus diagnosed wit it a month ago. i started inject insulin tat time. but i jus stopped insulin a week ago as my doc said it. now i eat glucophage xr 500mg to control my blood sugar.and not insulin?

  • yvell:

    I get low blood sugar which is diet related. While I have seen diabetics eating a full size 3 Musketeers chocolate bar with a sugar soda the same food will cause my sugar to go low (hypoglycemia = dizzy, headache, and other symptoms). But I don’t get the diabetic diseases.

  • wishnamenotavailable:

    Against diabetes i recommend Blackcumin-Oil.(just google for more Infos)
    The pharmaceutical industry really has no interest in a Future, where the
    average Joe buys his medicine from the fruit and spice dealer. But fact is:
    The best medicine comes from the Nature and not from a Lab.

    I used Dictionarys and Translators to write this, so Please be not bad on me for all the Grammatical mistakes^^

  • davidtravis1:

    I reversed my diabetes and high cholesterol naturally without drugs, I show on my page especially the rave diet vid I have on my page if you click my name on the left, You will see cancer,diabetic and heart disease patients reversing their disease with natural diet, it shows that by cleansing the body of toxins with a all vegetable diet you body will heal itsef, I love the testimonials given by real patients on my page that confess to healing themselves even when facing terminal disease

  • gangstaz001:

    thanks just the info i needed for my exam :)

  • diachannel:

    type one diabetes can’t be cured by diet, only type two can. type one is a mistake in the immune system.

  • diachannel:

    that is just an urban myth, injecting yourself with testosterone has nothing to do with it! in diabetes your beta cells don’t exist anymore, no matter what you do! testosterone is the male hormone, not some kind of aids virus (diabetes is caused by a mistake in the immune system).

  • purplekushpro:

    You can heal type one with a proper diet, of non cooked foods. Raw veggies and juicing veggies and fruit which absorb quickly into your blood stream and your body is able to use the nutrition right away. Cooked foods kills the nutrition your body needs and you body cannot do anything with dead foods, especially meat which is already dead and has nothing to offer your body. Check out Raw in 30days and see how type 1 and type 2 are taken off their shots and pills

  • MrSbronzo:

    The safest and most cure against diabetes mellitus is TESTOSTERONE!!!

    Taking testosterone you completely remove diabetes. Try and see!

  • antonscottgoustin:

    This video rather well describes insulin resistance.

  • antonscottgoustin:

    You need to provide more information. What is your glucose level after 8 hr without eating? 100? 120? 150? Do you know about HDL-c and LDL-c and triglycerides (TG). Also, I can’t estimate your BMI without a height. Also, there are family patterns of T2DM; do you have siblings, or parents with T2DM? Skinny and athletic strongly suggest a low chance of developing T2DM.

  • deanjean71:

    I just read that George H.Bush & Dan Quayle with ties to Eli Lilly fast tracked rDNA synthetic insulin through the FDA & then the Bush administration tried to limit the public’s ability to sue drug companies. The profits from synthetic rDNA insulin affords the powerful to purchase new cars for their children while we, the parents of diabetic children, are left to buy coffins or worse for our children, because we are forced to buy defective insulin in America. Greed and arrogance kill.

  • WeirdoOwl:

    Can’t give you a number, but i can say this: the risk factors you have for getting type 2 diabetes are:
    1. your high cholesterol
    2. too much soft drinks, but because you’re an athlete, (I assume you work out alot) should compensate for that.
    your sister’s status doesn’t count, it’s your parents that will. if they have type 2 diabetes, this will increase chances that you will too. careful about your weight because it’s obesity that Really increases chances for getting type 2 diabetes.

  • jikkaso:

    its very usefull

  • deanjean71:

    Synthetic rDNA insulin isn’t human insulin as the name implies. More and more diabetics are importing the natural real pork and beef insulins from Canada and England. Read ” Insulin-A Voice for choice”.

  • LethalBanjo:

    Okay i need some advice on what chance i have of getting Type 2 Diabeties.
    -My sister has type 1 diabeties
    -I drink 1.25-2L of Soft drink a day
    -I have a high cholestorol
    -I am very Athletic
    -I am 15 years old
    -I weigh 60 Kg
    -I am one of the skinniest people i know
    What chance is there of me getting diabeties type 2?

  • Sunshinethefox:

    And skinny people.

  • deanjean71:

    People who are allergic to pork insulin may be able to use natural beef insulin. There is the same percentage of people who are allergic to rDNA synthetic insulin as there are to pork insulin. A lot of diabetics are starting to import the natural pork and beef insulin from Canada and England, since the only insulin available in America is the synthetic rDNA insulin. On the natural pork insulin, you only need to take two shots a day to control your blood sugar and you don’t have the sudden lows.

  • Celesmeh:

    too bad that not everyone can use pork insulin, that some people have allergic reactions to it.

  • deanjean71:

    rDNA synthetic insulin is made from ecoli and doesn’t have c-peptide which helps prevent diabetes complications. It isn’t human insulin as the name implies. With rDNA the blood sugar can suddenly drop without warning which causes bed deaths, car crashes and unexplained deaths. It was #8 on the FDA’s list for adverse effects. Only diabetics who have never been on the natural pork or beef insulin believe the Ken & Barbie doll type drug companies sales representatives. DNA insulin not human insulin

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