Hypertension Early Prototype [2008]

Perform In Progress of HYPERTENSION showcasing 3-four months of growth. by TDGMods Windows, Linux, Sega Dreamcast, Mac OSX, Sega32X Discuss the game here! www.3dfxdev.net Official DevBlog (tdgmods.blogspot.com (dismiss the Do Not Distribute, the teaser is public now) Alpha .97d RC1.2 Phase 1 (C) 2008-2009 This project is based mostly upon and inspired by Monolith’s Blood. Without having Blood this would not be achievable. Blood and Blood II are (C) Monolith Productions. This sport will be launched as freeware on equally the Computer and Dreamcast platforms. DC will arrive as a shipped 2-disc set containing the sport and a “making of” featurette. Based upon id Software’s DOOM supply code. http Distinctive thanks to the Zblood group and the Transfusion group. Credits can be obtained from the blog web page. The sport is in a severely unfinished kind and the video consists of a huge sum of bugs, most notably in the sound code. There are still lacking graphics, bugs with the weapons, enemies, physics, and designs. So it is not in a entirely presentable state but I did my very best to stay away from recording the demo with that stuff too obvious. This model of the sport is operating on best of DOOM, which is why you see things from Doom littered all around. Doom content material was needed solely as placeholder – the present version has burned out all Doom materials and will not need Doom at all given that it has been taken out. I would also like to take time and say that this teaser was never intended for the public audience, as it was an internal
Video Rating: four / five

25 Responses to “Hypertension Early Prototype [2008]”

  • steve5123456789:

    @Corbachu Project dead? When its out and will it have splitscreen?

  • TheFred128:

    Eu adoro este tipo de game,games no estilo do doom e quake são os que eu mais gosto :)
    ty for video.

  • fred504610:

    Im so happy to know people still care for the dreamcast

  • PhreakStep:


    Isn’t hypertension more like blood then any other games?

  • DoomMaster307:

    That sounds absolutly amazing!
    Is there an estimate for a release date?
    I always loved this game and this sounds like heaven :D

  • Lman94:

    looks cool, but you need to add some poly objects here and there :OO

  • bobbystar101:

    Actually for the DC I think some more multiplayer games would be good.
    Multiplayer is also more fun than single player.
    I don’t see your problem. In 2001 I bought return to castle wolfenstein, I though the single player was excellent. A few months later (and still a dialup user as broadband wasn’t available) I decided to try and play its multiplayer online. It kicked ass and I’m still playing it today on my 8MB broadband connection.
    So, you can post here – you can play multiplayer so stop whinin

  • Corbachu:

    @r3ini Yes, it will, but the HUBS will be more advanced and you will have multiple optional quests between then if you choose. More like Quake 2′s hub system with Strife’s centralized map system. There’s even parts of a HUB that will take you original levels and all sorts of stuff. Lots of fun and backtracking, etc. ;)

  • r3ini:

    Hey, I heard it will play like Strife or Hexen, in the same HUB style, where you don’t need to just go direct through the stages, you can explore around on an open environment, is it true? If it is, it’s simple great!

  • Muskrat123:

    this video made me move to the EDGE engine

  • A31Chris:

    This mood music kicks ass.

  • Corbachu:

    @ravick007 There will be a map editor and game creator tool. You will be able to mod or use the engine to create your own game. We will be packaging the tools together and releasing them along with the source for all platforms – even the 32X.

  • binnybm1:

    I have a dreamcast and I can’t believe that people are still making games for the console

  • ravick007:

    Tell us it will have a map editor, plz!! I just love to create my own maps and episodies!! *-*

    Hey, is there any playable demo for download?? :)

  • anguskahn22:

    lol at 0:53, the preist guy from resident evil 4, THATS COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT, nah but really im getting a dreamcast sometime soon and i cant wait for this game

  • imperialpod:

    Well, its about time there were some decent, free FPS ‘SINGLE PLAYER’ games out there as they all seem to be bloody multiplayer only.

    ‘ooooooooo doesn’t our FREE game look soooooooooo good’?

    ‘Maybe, but can i play alone without internet connection’?

    ‘Err, well, err look at the graphics’

    ‘SHUT UP, you multiplayer, pseudo game making fools’

  • imperialpod:

    I don’t see why they just don’t use the Quake 3 engine.

    Its open source, easy to program and still looks decent.

  • mayhemtv:

    How awesome is that? A NEW SEGA DREAMCAST GAME!!!

  • Corbachu:

    Hey – just letting you know we released a new trailer! Check it out!

  • DiamondClaw1991:

    Yeah I know. Looks good to me =). Just imagine that you’re playing Blood with Doom 3 graphics.

  • Corbachu:

    Except this is id tech 1…;)

  • DiamondClaw1991:

    Blood + Doom 3 engine (id tech 4) = PRICELESS!

  • spinksy173:

    looking forward to playing this on my DC – looks scary lol

  • Corbachu:

    Hey I sent you a message!

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