Product Review (Lustrasilk Olive Oil Cholesterol, Quantum gel, Giovanni LA Natural gel)

Day 24 of “No Cone” Challenge As a curly woman, when looking for a gel to define & hold your curls, a distinct a single is preferable; It is the final merchandise you set into your hair ahead of it dries; and you want your personal shade to shine by means of (white or yellow-tinted gel can leave a movie on hair &, more than time, make it look boring). If the gel feels sticky on your skin, it will sense sticky on your hair. Search for a gel that does not consist of alcohol and that has little to no fragrance. It ought to have the ingredients PVP (polyvinylpyrrolidone) and PVP/VA (vinyl acrylate). Equally the Quantum & Giovanni LA All-natural styling gels do not consist of alcohol, and they both consist of the PVP ingredients. The Quantum also has Glycerin, Sorbitol & Aloe gel, but the Giovanni LA Normal has several organic ingredients like as: Rosemary Oil, Nettle oil, Thyme Oil, Birch Leaf oil, Chamomile oil, Clary, Lavender, Coltsfoot leaf, Yarrow oil, Mallow, Horsetail oil, Soybean Protein, Vitamin E, & Grapefruit Seed As a curly woman, when hunting for a conditioner (preferably a no-cone one), the conditioner ought to consist of Emollients to reduce frizz by smoothing cuticle; Proteins to coat hair & safeguard it; Humectrants to take in water & hold in moisture; & Moisturizers to add softness & manage curly hair. The Lustrasilk Olive Oil Cholesterol contained all 4 of the absolute necessities in a conditioner. I do have to say that the Lustrasilk Olive Oil Cholesterol left my hair very soft, and the Giovann LA Natural styling gel Listing Of Foods That Reduce Cholesterol. Your system produces great cholesterol naturally. Negative cholesterol arrives from the foods you eat. One of the approaches you can learn how to reduce your cholesterol is to modify the way you consume, or fairly the foods you consume. checklist of meals that reduce cholesterol,totally free listing of low cholesterol foods,record of reduced cholesterol foods,foods checklist for lowering cholesterol,very low cholesterol lists of foods,cholesterol free of charge meals listing come across it here now.
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32 Responses to “Product Review (Lustrasilk Olive Oil Cholesterol, Quantum gel, Giovanni LA Natural gel)”

  • MrSexxxy20:

    I started to use Givonni products an my hair loves them! I’ve gotta get those gels lol

  • tamedshrew4u:

    Is there an expiry date on the bottle of the Lustrasilk Olive Oil Cholesterol? I’ve had one, but haven’t used it for a little while and I realize that the colour is a little darker. It still smells and feels the same way so I really don’t know

  • soxxyfox:

    okay tried it on my dry hair and it makes my roots really soft that’s strange

  • soxxyfox:

    I tried it wet and as I put it in I feel it making my hair coarse and my hair started breaking… so no whoever say it’s awesome is lying… lying lying this lustrasilk cholesterol didn’t help my hair at all…I know it’s conflicting but trust me :( It had all the good ingredients that should go in your hair but it just didn’t do anything it promised…sigh I need a good conditioner but it’s so hard to find

  • TJSismines:

    In my opnion the lustrasilk cholesterol works A LOT better on dry hair. on wet hair i feel like it doesnt moisturize at all but on dry hair is makes my hair really shiny and soft.

  • olutunu4:

    have you tried using giovanni’s direct leave-in conditioner? just wondering if it’ll work better than the olive oil cholesterol…i haven’t tried either.

  • ShidaNatural:

    @MsCrocker1 I like to put on some kind of leave-in conditioner / moisturizer to prevent hard crunchy curls after putting in gel. I need gel to define, hold, and elongate my curls.

  • MsCrocker1:

    Hi I just brought the cholesterol I think its will work great.I saaw ur video u put alot of things in ur hair how come?

  • JAmiE3V:

    I used the Olive Oil Cholestrol too! its awesome!

  • Hajalin:

    You posted this on my Bday. Woot Woot. Go Geminis go Geminis. lol

    Let me stop. I loooove Lustrasilk. That stuff is the freakin greatest. Plenty of natural ingredients, slip for days, quenches your hair’s need for moisture, and to top it all off it’s cheap as dirt especially for the amount you get. I love it.

  • kierone1:

    I bout this at the hair suppy store the other day for like 4.80 and bought it and I was at dollar general today shopping for some gel and saw it for a 1.50. I was so mad. The hair store jipped me out my money. I havent used it yet but will be using it soon.

  • PrincessEbonyPep:

    The Lustrasilk Cholesterol Olive Oil is very good. I use the shingling method and my hair comes out great!

  • ShidaNatural:

    I’ll try it out a few more times to determine if I want to buy it again, and if I do, I’ll def check out the dollar stores… Thanks!

  • sinceremami:

    if u like the olive oil cholesterol and want more they sell it at dollar general and most dollar stores for $2 so u won’t have to pay almost $4 for it

  • ShidaNatural:

    Get the book… I think you’ll gain some knowledge for sure. I’m looking into purchasing some other hair books too, and you know I will share with you guys what I picked up.

  • tommi3109:

    Thank you, I believe I will go and purchase this book today, I like to read anyway so I can learn in general.

  • ShidaNatural:

    I haven’t used the Quantum all over my head yet. I’ll prolly continue to use the Giovanni gel the rest of this week, then switch up and use the Quantum gel next week.

  • txcutemami05:

    hey…at the end of the day, what type of hold did you get from the quantum?…i saw the la giovanni vid and you had very firm results from that gel

  • ShidaNatural:

    It has a small section about African American hair but mainly it’s about general care for curly hair. Talks about not using shampoo, & if ur a person that has 2 use shampoo she explains which sulfates r the harshest & which are less harsh. She talks bout what 2 look for in hair products. She gives scientific breakdown on the hair strand. The Curly Girl Hair Care Styling Program Routine. She gives hair recipes for moisture and such. I think any curly type can gain some knowledge from this book.

  • tommi3109:

    Hi Shidanatural, I was reading the side bar and you mentioned that a book called “Curly Girl” was a good read, does it have info about black hair like 4b/4c hair?

  • ShidaNatural:

    I’ll check out cynthiarf’s vid about the cholesterol & see how she incorporated it in her styling… Thanks

  • boriquachula4:

    i haven’t tried this product but it sounds like maybe you can use it like cynthiarf does. she’s got a video about finger combing or something like that (its one of my favorites) and she uses a cholesterol conditioner similar to that one.

  • ShidaNatural:

    I tried using it with my co-wash, leave-in this morning and I don’t think I like it much as a leave-in. I may incorporate it with my deep conditioning treatments… maybe mix it with my Amla powder.

  • SheSingsLovely:

    I bought that olive oil cholesterol the other day and was only used it once. I saw that it didn’t say to wash out…but I didn’t like it as a leave in. I became flustered and confused so I just stored it away lol

  • ShidaNatural:

    I need to see pics of ur kids… seems like u have an interesting household of hair… lol

  • Peterz29Boy:

    no…not the olive oil!

  • ItsMsMargie:

    Thank you for this video.

  • vvbn7890:


  • palatiality:

    @coolbreeze19651965 how about drinking a wine cellar’s worth in one day LOL

  • Inflamsx:

    I heard too many wholewheatbread actually raises triglyceride levels? grains just convert to sugar

  • coolbreeze19651965:

    Yes. But only one glass or maybe two, tops, a day.
    Drinking a whole bottle or more doesn’t do it!

  • Out2DestroyKings:

    thanks for the tips, i did not know red wine lowers cholesterol , i love red wine

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