Are Eggs Bad For You? Egg Cholesterol Myths, How the Body Works, Clinical Nutrition

Are Eggs Bad For You? Egg Cholesterol Myths, How the Body Performs, Clinical Nutrition Eggs have Cholesterol in them and numerous folks have the idea that Eggs are not a wellness foods or that eggs are potentially dangerous since this. Whats the fact? Are eggs good or bad? Does a eating plan large in eggs increase the threat of higher cholesterol, ailment, heart attacks and obesity? Or does possessing eggs in ones diet contribute to over all well being and wellness. Find out the fact about eggs.RADHIA is a Certified Medical Nutritionist, CCN She is also a Certified BioNutritional Analyst. She has a M.Ed. in diet and is a expert member of the Worldwide and American Association of Medical Nutritionists, (IAACN), and the American Naturopathic Health-related Association (ANMA). Visit Radhia’s Website at This video clip was made by Psychetruth Psychetruth is empowered by TubeMogul © Copyright 2010 Target Public Media LLC. All Rights Reserved.
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Whilst there’s no magic tablet that will assure a lower cholesterol looking at, there are some substances that have been acknowledged to assist.View A lot more Wellbeing Videos at Wellness Guru:

37 Responses to “Are Eggs Bad For You? Egg Cholesterol Myths, How the Body Works, Clinical Nutrition”

  • localSickened:

    when i think of eggs i think of an unattractive person eating em and stinking like hell. eeewww

  • RamaswamyIyerGanesh:

    @GaneshRIyer….Consider egg with respects and be judicious in eating it.

  • ensarace:

    @tagabukastubo what should I say I had a kidney stones when I was a child and guess what the doctors told me to not eat the white but the yolk. :) ))) So just eat eggs but try to find organic one the others are just full of sh*t as it is with the most of the not organic or gen-manipulated food. But you are right for something to much yolk (more than 2 per day) is bad but it is the same with the white and it is the same for all of our food.

  • clearviewhigh:

    @BarkusMuhl I get organic man. Im vegetarian. Kinda. Main sources of protein are legumes, fish. and eggs. Sick of other meats. i hate how people bash eggs, yet go to fast food restaurants.

  • OminousReason:

    @avaitionchick Actually, I believe it’s 300mg per day is the safe daily intake, if you are healthy. If you suffer from diabetes, high-cholesterol, etc., it is said that yolk should be avoided entirely. I’m just fucking confused by all the conflicting information…?! Eat ‘em, don’t eat ‘em…???…fuck it, I’ll just eat oatmeal with my eggs.

  • tagabukastubo:

    for a bodybuilder to consume 10 eggs per day/workout day, is it still ok to consume all the yolks and not just the eggwhites??? i think that much egg yolk is bad for our body.

  • MrROTD:

    im healthy as hell and i eat em every second day at least

  • avaitionchick:

    Thank you egg farmer lady who just learned about msn. It’s a proven fact that an egg yolk has 219 mg of cholesterol. Your daily intake should be less than 200 mg. Egg whites contain no cholesterol.

  • AppleSouffle:

    More than 80% of the cholesterol in your body is made by your liver. Only 20% or less comes from diet. If you eat less cholesterol, your liver makes more.

    From a study by Dept of Nutrition, Harvard:

    “After adjustment for age, smoking, and other potential CHD risk factors, we found no evidence of an overall significant association between egg consumption and risk of CHD or stroke in either men or women.”

    That bit about bowel function versus number of eggs really is a load of crap.

  • AppleSouffle:

    Stop posting for the rest of your life. You have nothing of value to write and I’m not interested in your juvenile delusions.

  • AppleSouffle:

    Jityr2, don’t make stuff up when you don’t know.

    Cooked vegetables and meat give a person more energy than uncooked foods. There’s a theory that cooking helped give humans larger brains. Check out the documentary – Did Cooking Make Us Human? by BBC Horizon.

  • AppleSouffle:

    Hee hee, that’s a great pun!

  • AppleSouffle:

    Walee99k, I just voted you down for your crude language.

  • walee99k:

    what the fuck is thtt sum1 saying tht eggs are good and they should be in regular diet and shes tellin that eggs r bad!!!!!!!!!!! what we gonna do eat em or not?!!!!!

  • walee99k:

    what the fuck is thtt sum1 saying tht eggs are good and they should be in regular diet and shes tellin that eggs r bad!!!!!!!!!!! what we gonna do eat em or not?!!!!!

  • m00nshine2004:

    So you think the dangers are eggsaggerated? ;)

  • babek17:

    this lady has been paid 75000$ from Iowa egg farmers to post this video

  • religayt:

    doesn’t the diet of the chicken producing the egg have alot to do with the over all benefits of the egg? I try to pasteurize my eggs but find this to be a challenge, does anybody have suggestions on how to do it consistently with out over cooking

  • IdentityHero:


    Umm ???

  • jityr2:

    @IdentityHero Anything that “has” to be cooked. Excluding everything that’s okay to eat raw?

  • IdentityHero:


    When I mean raw. I mean anything that has to be cooked rather than eaten like that. You shouldn’t eat raw oatmeal even though people claim to put them in yogurt.

  • jityr2:

    @IdentityHero But raw vegetables are just as nutritious as cooked vegetables. Are they not? Not to mention fruits are almost always eaten raw.

  • IdentityHero:


    Yoy should never be eating anything raw dumbass or you’ll die young.

  • LeMAD22:

    @BarkusMuhl Some prehistoric, natural, whole food are bad for you. ie milk, potatoes and to a certain degree, red meat.

  • blacksheepgirl:

    @MitsuCM80 i love eggs. MMmm.:O)

  • USStateSponTerrorism:

    If your federal government blatantly lies to the American public about something as important as going to WAR because of alleged possession of Weapons of Mass Destruction which resulted in over 1million deaths of innocent civilians, do you REALLY think that they wouldn’t lie to you in order to please a filthy rich pharmaceutical company that makes political campaign contributions and bribes for MILLIONS OF DOLLARS !!! Are you on Lipitor or what!!!???

  • lizzykiss441:

    @troyryb yes ur right, i agree :-)

  • troyryb:

    @Azel247 yea lifestyle does effect the whole caloric burning through out the day, being sedentary and eating like an over worked slave would (if allowed to eat) would equate to weight gain , but not high cholesterol being high or low, as it is needed in the body for pretty much everything , cutting it out is idiotic and statins are even worse, but its processed carbs that are causing the plumpness of society, breads cereals pastas, and of course evil sugar…………………….

  • Azel247:

    @troyryb I think it also has something to do with lifestyle. People have become much more sedentary compared to the 50′s and, like you said, food has become more processed.

  • MrPenguinfeather:

    My blood pressure and cholesterol were high until I started drinking Mona Vie with the red top. I’m not the only one it has helped either.
    People should go to juiceberg’s channel if they want to inquire about the MV. I’m telling ya, it’s amazing!

  • troyryb:

    not informing and completely far from the truth , saturated fat is not the enemy any doctor that tells you that is an idiot and does not know what they are talking about, and is just copping all the kick backs from drug companies, PATHETIC VIDEO for any one who wants to know the truth look up “underground wellness” he knows his shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • troyryb:

    @wimpkins you my friend are an idiot if you think statins are magic , they are a massive fuck up by the pharmacuitical indusrty just to make money, do some research… i suggest “take control of your health” by elaine hollingsworth, even this video is ill informed and wrong…. if saturated fat is so bad why in the 50s did no one die of heart disease,,,, they ate heaps of saturated fat, trans fat is the culprit !!!! man made damaged rancid fat that is bleached and deodorised

  • wimpkins:

    No magic pill? Ever heard of statins??

  • LaReinaDeLaBanda:

    I drink alcohol , especially beer so i am happy to hear that it will lower my cholesterol , does anyone know how long or how much time it takes to lower the cholesterol , my left leg is killing me and i think it migh hurt due to my high cholesterol , also my sex drive is down . i will so terrible :(

  • zenknown:

    Niacin(vitamin B3) lowers Chlolesterol. Take 500 mg three times a day and amaze your doctor. they won’t tell u that for 2 reasons. One he wasn’t educated that way and two how could big drug companies make money. Big Pharma makes oil companies look like sissies. They are ruthless.

  • Phyle9:

    i agree with dctrex.
    alcohol is harddrugs and not healthy at all!

  • dctrex:

    Uumm, not buying this. I think the intake of alcohol as a solution for lowering cholesterol is really bad advice! Resverterol is most likely a marketing scheme by the liquor industry. Besides you can buy Resverterol in health food stores without the red wine.

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