Michael Savage – Vitamins, Cholesterol Myth, Heart Health

Savage discusses safer treatments to preserve your wellbeing, the drug lipitor and its hazardous results, the cholesterol myth, and being heart healthful with nutritional vitamins…Aired in 2007

Meals that can increase damaging cholesterol ranges contain these containing saturated and trans fats, this kind of as high-extra fat animal goods, numerous fried foods and meals containing hydrogenated oils. Decrease the usage of these substantial-cholesterol meals with wellbeing suggestions from a certified diabetes educator in this valuable video clip on nutrition.
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  • gongoozler18:

    @gongoozler18 The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) position is that red yeast rice products that contain monacolin K, i.e., lovastatin, are identical to the drug Lipitor made of synthetically made lovastatin and thus subject to regulationas a drug

  • gongoozler18:

    a naturally occurring chemical known as lovastatin, which is synthetically made in cholesterol-lowering prescription medication. How can a government agency ban the selling a rice just because it contains a chemical known to reduce total cholesterol and LDL, or “bad,” cholesterol? In China and other countries you can work into any store buy any of red yeast rice you like.

    Artichoke extract, fish oil, Barley Garlic extract, Green tea extract, Oat bran, etc. May reduce total cholesterol & LDL.

  • gongoozler18:

    Red yeast rice extract has been sold as a natural cholesterol-lowering agent in over the counter supplements, such as Cholestin TM (Pharmanex, Inc). However, there has been legal and industrial dispute as to whether red yeast rice is a drug or a dietary supplement, involving the manufacturer, the jackasses at the (FDA), and the moneygrubbing pharmaceutical industry (particularly producers of HMG-CoA reductase inhibitor prescription drugs or “statins”). This is due to red yeast rice containing

  • careypeak23:

    @stoneman1982 I have a couple of friends who are doctors and they tell doctors are split down the middle about the overuse of prescription drugs. Pharmaceutical companies and the FDA are making profit hand over fist by shoving the next new thing down your throat. They create studies and charts to back up the new drug and offer incentives to doctors who sell it. As for conspiracy theorys, just let the corp/gov/media complex pacify you and you’ll forget we ever had this talk. HBO anyone?

  • deltapunk21:

    There are conspiracies problem is Compaines need to make a profit they need to sell their product..truth is not a monopoly og the “state”" but of fre men acting based on their best knowledge you can’t force people to take medicien or buy it but they want it. Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t.

  • deltapunk21:

    I”ve gotten 0 like most of America, the medicines they produce work the problem like most of America people are greedy consumers and bg for over prescribing. Medicine should not be run or prohibited by the government Drugs aren’t medicine though escpecially narcotic drugs that are mere “leisure” Fact is medicine is not a perfect shot everytime.

  • brian8793:

    Go in a sauna too!

  • aceofspd:

    we will see

  • aceofspd:

    figures don’t lie, but liers figure

  • stoneman1982:

    Moreover, facts are facts, statin drugs show a clear, statistically significant reduction in morbidity and mortality.

  • stoneman1982:

    Nonsense. You are suggesting that everyone has it wrong from top to bottom except you and the conspiracy theory loons? So physiologists who describe the natural process, pathologists who describe the process gone wrong, pharmacologists who devise a concept to fix the problem, engineers who design the drug, the physicians who implement the drug in study, physicians who peer review it, and the FDA who approves it for use all have it wrong and some grumpy loon pharmacist has it right?

  • aceofspd:

    I feel the same way and I AM a pharmacist. Once a month, I remember another medical problem that I USE to have.
    Pharmacist who’s life was almost ruined by Lipitor

  • aceofspd:

    The point is that your education has been bought and paid for by the drug companies and their pseudo scientific studies. Your professors all get drug company money for attending and speaking about the latest “evidence based marketing” Open your eyes, you will see what I am talking about

  • stoneman1982:

    First of all why is “reference” book in quotations? Why shouldn’t pharmaceutical companies pay for books that document the guidelines of their own product??? Secondly, free meals are simply a means of getting people to show up. Go to any college campus or corporate event, organizations routinely provide food so people will show up. I have never seen or heard of a physician saying “I’ll give drug B over drug A because I got lunch from them last week”. The exceptions are few and far between.

  • litebug12345:

    I already have had some liver problems (fatty liver disease) & could not take something like Lipitor which has liver side effects. Sterolyn has done a wonderful job at lowering my LDL (down to 140 from 220 already!) without causing liver damage.

  • aceofspd:

    I can tell you that he is not dead wrong. How many free lunches, vacations, “reference” books have you gotten free from the drug companies? Your education was bought and paid for by the drug companies. Ask your professors which companies they take money from.
    Pharmacist who’s life was almost ruined by Lipitor

  • fatfist:

    Why are people concerned with cholesterol levels? If you have hypercholesterolemia, then you have a cause for concern. If your numbers are 400 and under, then there is no problem. Everyones numbers are different. Someone with 400 is as normal as someone with 150. Different bodies, race, lifestyles, diets, genes, etc. There is absolutely NO scientific evidence that cholesterol levels in your blood are connected to clogged arteries or heart disease. NONE!!

  • DrScottDoughman:

    check out
    VEGETARIAN FISH OIL is the new best source of omega-3 DHA and EPA. The World’s Richest DHA Source is better tolerated over fish oil, lowers triglycerides and raises HDLs better and is formulated better for kids and adults, since 90% of the omega-3s held by the body are DHA. Even better, Microalgae oil is the source where fish oil omega-3 comes from. Sustainable. Learn more…


    its actually a lipo-protein.

  • 2Halifaxion2:

    LDL is a protein, not cholesterol. Get your facts straight.

  • 2Halifaxion2:

    “Vast” quantities of studies with flawed methodologies. Tell me cholesterol causes heart disease and I will tell you that modern man would not exist today. Every single healthy traditional society consumed cholesterol in the form of organ meats, CLEAN RAW dairy products, copius amounts of animal fats, and other varied sources. Google Weston Price. (junk) Science told us lead in gasoline was safe, that raw milk causes tuberculosis, and that GMO food is safe for human consumption.

  • 2Halifaxion2:

    Show me proof that “bad” cholesterol exists. What does LDL stand for? Low Density LipoPROTEIN. It is not cholesterol, it is a protein that carries cholesterol to body tissues. HDL carries it back to the liver.

  • Meowmie707:

    As one who suffered many of the hidden side effects of lipitor and am still suffering with statin damage 20 month off, you non believers need to pay attention. The stories are coming out about the statin drug scam now. I was denied the right to make an informed decision as to rather the benifits outweighed the risk for myself by the lies and hidden side effects. Didn’t the Zetia scam teach you ANYTHING?You think they are the only ones who hide the truth from us?

  • eurohim:

    The theories of a small group of doctors versus world-wide vast quantities of research. Hmmm..

  • klined:

    google linus pauling and his theory on heart disease

    you, like the establishment have cause and effect reversed

  • SkepticButHopeful:

    I have yet to find a study saying that saturated fat is actually bad for you, but i agree wholeheartedly about the trans fats. Hydrogenated oils are scary stuff.
    I think if anything, people have so much trouble finding healthy things to eat, because what foods are “healthy” is still totally up in the air. SO FRUSTRATING

  • mokugin81:

    I Could Make Far More Comments but i Wont.. Just Read The book called The Obesity Epidemic by Zoe Harcombe! Ps: Get Ready To Read About The Huge lies The FDA and FSA and many more have been telling us in the last 30years.. Enjoy!!

  • mokugin81:

    Saturated Fats r in Coconut oil, Cacao Butter, Palm Oil too and also any nuts, seeds, olives and avocados Do Contain Saturated Fats!! There Is No Evidence Saturated Fats r Bad 4 us!! Im January the American Journal for Clinical Nutrition did Confirm That!! Saturated Fats R Good!! Real Food Eating Is The Answer!!

  • Jester115867:

    Bison? Like we can find or hunt Bison. This is not a hunter/gatherer society anymore unfortunately. Although if we all grew our own fruits and vegetables from NONhybrid garden seed – we would be much healthier. Do your research on GMO foods – hybrid seeds etc

  • razeurfist:

    did you see how that rib was cooked. no shit it has saturated fat

  • YsahsCreativeHobbies:

    im a vegan lolz

  • p20:

    there are plants with saturated fat…

    These dieticians look at everything as black and white

  • tommo2785:

    @ AmandaPranaYama,
    Cruelty free, I have done much work in abattoirs here in Australia, constructing the Cold stores/coolrooms, as well as the Refrigeration, I have not seen cruelty, they all die peacefully. If a beast is not calm when they die, they release toxins into the meat which will taint it. Very similar to the “Game-y” taste people talk of. So that is a fact Vegetarians neglect. Also, I am yet to see a Natural solution for B12, even the vegetarian society says Seeweed is next to useless

  • trainlinezoo:

    Leave beef goto BISON. Leave olive oil goto rice bran oil. Leave coffee creamer goto leaf, flower and herbal (mullein root tea) and use manuka honey or leatherwood honey. stock both honeys. Leave everything that involves corn or wheat and goto coconut flour. Never go out of your way to intake salt. Its a rock. Use salt subs. Do these things youll stay your healthiest.

  • gringo78586:

    or you can just eat nothing and die a miserable death by starving. so for me, i diet occasionally and enjoy life. EVER HEAR OF “QUALITY” OF LIFE????

  • AnandaPranaYama:

    How about just going vegan? It’s a cruelty-free, low to no cholesterol lifestyle. If you do it correctly, you’ll get all the nutrients, plenty of protein and calcium you need as long as you watch your salt and fat intake (Earth Balance Whipped is addictive).

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