Bariatric Advantage Calcium Citrate Chewy Bite Review

Bariatric Benefit Calcium Citrate Chewy Bite Music: Kevin MacLeod
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25 Responses to “Bariatric Advantage Calcium Citrate Chewy Bite Review”

  • 7ammada80:

    fucking fag looking

  • p1xiefairy:

    Thanks for the history lesson, and i was wondering about this product myself. I think ill pass lol

  • msixpackabs:

    you look at least 15 years younger!

  • LiLtinee:

    I have since received mine and tried them, and I totally agree with you, Tom, regarding the gritty texture. HOWEVER … they’re easier to take than tablets and at least they’re the “right” kind of calcium, so I’ll keep on taking them. Maybe they’ll improve the texture for us eventually.

  • jessicaquesada21:

    “they are chewy.. but the creamy are creamy.” Good names huh, thanks for the review. :)

  • retta2587:

    how chewy are they for someone with a partial plate and fillings? lol i don’t wanna lose teeth to get a new calcium source LOL

  • eparker0015:

    Thanks for the info. i’ve been looking for a good chewable calcium citrate. It’s very difficult to find it.

  • dmidmi54:

    You look Delicious….no you really look great!! Sorry my comment has nothing to to do with the content of the video.

  • pyronc:

    I’ll out in a good word with marketing about all the chatter on this item on the internet…you never know!

  • winelover215:

    Bummer! I wish you were right.

  • Fabydee:

    Thanks Tom I appreciate it!

  • pyronc:

    Tom – I was wrong…youwere right on the avaialbility. My nutritionist had offhandedly noted they were still selling…but when I looked around on teh internet I realized they aren’t. If they had I could buy the. 1/2 price at the company store! Oh well. I’ll give the others a try. Thanks!

  • Journey2betrhealth:

    And here I am still doing the Upcal D. Oh well. Maybe the caramel or the lemon will be good. I’ll have to try them. How many do you take per day?

  • LiLtinee:

    The creamy bites were the best! I guess I’ll try the new chews because I just can’t stand the calcium tablets. Got choked on them a couple of weeks ago! Thanks for your review. I’m so glad these are out! I’ll be interested in tasting the lemon once they’re out, too! Contest … did you say contest? :)

  • winelover215:

    I have some stock of the creamy bites … and you can still buy some one ebay if you search … outdated but fine. Let me know what you think of the chewy bites when you try them.

  • vortexshedding:

    where did you find the creamy bites?

    my 4 bags of chewy bites just arrived but i haven’t tried them yet…am afraid of the gritty texture.

  • kbf1:

    packaged like a caramel…mmmmm caramel kraft caramel, I remember ads for it during the Carol Burnett show when I was a kid.

  • Texaslovely99:

    Count me in for your contest Tom, I want to try these chewy bites before I buy 4 bags, lol. Monica

  • andrea8430:

    lol!! i’m gonna enter your contest!!! i want 2 try them but not interested in spending money if i don’t like. i’m doing a liquid by bluebonnet and like it and it has 1000 milligrams of calcium citrate and 400 of vite d. so, we shall see!

  • 3foldutopiandream:

    i MISS lemon creamy bites!

  • meltingmamamelted:

    My MIL had stacks of them. She now takes Celebrate because I ordered it for her, she will love the bites though, she’s a vite junky.

  • winelover215:

    oooh they were GOOD let me tell ya!

  • winelover215:

    LOL … it was more of a texture thing for me

  • meltingmamamelted:

    ..and I never tried the former product either, so I would not know.

  • meltingmamamelted:

    Hey now – It’s an RNY thang, you got to respect. :) Dip ‘em in chocolate for a DS friendly snack?

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