Pediatric Obesity: More Than Just the Calories

Dr. Kristine Madsen explores the connection among childrens activity and the development of obesity and how to strengthen the nutrition and physical exercise environments for children. Collection: UCSF Mini Healthcare School for the Public [eleven/2009] [Wellbeing and Medicine] [Display ID: 16722]
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  • MrSymposier:

    Recently I saw an article on TV about obese children. The article say that generally fathers bad eating habits were copied by children, and in a lot of cases children also copied the quantities of food eaten by their parents. This article revealed that there were children consuming like 2500 to 3000 calories mostly from carbs and fats. More useful videos on Medical topics, are available at Symposier site, visit it.

  • singlaprety12:

    my body max index is 32 so I’m obese
    I happen to eat three meals a day lunch two sandwiches a day, breakfast cerial, dinner rice with veg..
    I run outside everyday.
    I just going to make myself throw up cause I cant lose wieght

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