Hope is in a Cure

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These Hollywood stars have diabetes. From Halle Berry to Elizabeth Taylor to Elvis. All deal with the Hollywood spotlight and diabetes! You will be astonished. www.dlife.com
Video Rating: four / five

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  • Rhogan2005:

    go away moron you have no idea what you are talking about.

  • Rhogan2005:

    go away moron you have no idea what you are talking about.

  • debsdesk:

    My beautiful niece (6) was diagnosed. It is absolutely devastating – for them and for you – your heart breaks every time their tiny fingers have to be poked and when you see scars developing after a few months on their tiny arms. I truly believe children will be freed from thinking about this every day all day

  • FatCatAnna:

    I’ve been a diabetic since the age of 7 – still going strong at 50 – and one day – hope to find a cure for diabetes that we youngsters get. Main thing is, ” old folks ” like myself are living proof that we can lead a full and rewarding life if we take good care of ourselves and try to smile thru’ all those shots, etc. (I can’t imagine how many 1,000′s of holes I’ve poked into my body over the yearsI).

  • sweeneytwilightgrl:

    I didn’t even really mean to watch this.. but yeah this is so true. I feel the pain.. i’ve been diabetic for 8 years now.. and it’s a terrible thing to have. Trust me I’m now about to be 15 and still cry sometimes when I have to test. give a shot. etc. But yes they are trying to find a cure and all plus there’s camps you can go to that help. Like I go to an amazing camp called camp sweeeney 3 weeks a year and it’s saved my life many times!

  • EmilyA1984:

    Who’s that little girl in the video? She sure is cute. :)

  • dixiezoe12:

    I loved this video! I was almost in tears watching it! i can relate soooo much! I am 15 bow and was diagnosed right before kindergarten! We have to stay strong! Trust me I am one to feel down and want to give up! this videos give me sooooo much!

  • BeDiabetesFree:

    I want to say to every kid, adult, parents of a child that has been struck by this terrible disease called diabetes, that there is a cure!! I know u probably heard this a million times b4 from bs con artist & in that case i dont blame u for not believing me. All i ask for u guys is to take a chance on me & I will have more information on my profile which is currently under construction becuz i just joined

  • tangerine1384:

    Get the Ray Allen Muze premium T-shirt and help fund research looking to cure juvenile diabetes. 100% proceeds go to JDRF. Get yours at the Muze Clothing website.

  • donw53:

    I hope that you will be able to attend my tournament on June 12th at Beaver Meadow GC in Concord NH. It is starting to get some attention. Please let me know if you can here.

  • jide531:

    I am a Mom of a type 1 child and I stumbled across this by accident, it is beautiful and heart wrenching. I totally understand your pain and worry and it is important to have hope always, despite what people who don’t live with this disease may say. They think they are educated however they will most likely never understand. Your daughter looks happy and you should be so proud of yourself for that! We are not alone and hope is strong. Take care and thanks for sharing this.

  • babycookie93:

    im 16 and ive had diabetes for 14yrs. this video reminds me of how wen i was little, and even now

  • redmcgee1972:

    This is the best video/music I have ever seen, so far. It has inspired me and helped us along our diabetes battle. Thank You

  • jumpdressage4life:

    My bestfriend is a type 1 diabetic. I know it’s difficult but she lives her life to her fullest. While she has her ups and downs shes always on top : ]
    we need a cure

  • diabeticdana:

    this is a great video. i no exactly how u feel. im 15 and have diabetes for a long time. i no what it is like growing up with diabetes

  • kkuhar:

    Beautiful video. I’m a type one diabetic. I’ve had diabetes for over 16 years (since I was 6). Childhood with this disease is difficult but I believe that every day we come closer to a cure.

  • garyandlyn:

    What a truly lovely video to our heros,,my daughter charlotte was diagnosed when she was 6 she is 9 n ow and without her courage and strength i would have found this so much harder she is my inspiration and my hero i am so so proud of her and always will be..love you sweetheart xx

  • dmakiu6525:

    Never give up hope…my 17 yr old daughter was diagnosed 12 yrs ago, when she was 5 yrs old…I share your worry and pain as a parent..our children are the bravest people I know..God bless and take care…we are working on our family team for this year’s walk and saw your beautiful video..thank you for sharing

  • lilviola:

    Sweetheart7100, How soon is soon? 10 years? 100 years???? If you are a tree or a rock 50 years might be soon. But people die and 10 years might be forever. Wake up. That “Cure Soon” message is just a carrot they hang in front of a dumbass to get them to walk for a cure.

  • lilviola:

    Spbeyond,,Here’s where your logic is wrong. Treating a condition is profitable forever. Curing a condition is a one time charge. If a cure is worth billions treatments are worth Trillions and Trillions… They will not kill the goose that lays the golden eggs by curing diabetes.

  • sweetheart7100:

    Someday soon there will be a cure, some people just needs to have faith. Hopefully everyone does not give up like others, and continue to help fund the cure. Shame on people who loose faith.

  • sweetheart7100:

    Shame on you, you probablly don’t think there is a God either. Thank God there are so many people who do have faith. There will be a cure.

  • lilviola:

    People need to wake up and quit funding the JDRF. There will NEVER be a MARKETED CURE for diabetes. Do the math. 1 cure=$Billions$ of profits lost for drug companies, doctors, research labs, hospitals, medical supply companies, etc… Diabetes is big business! Diabetes is an industry! Profits are made by treating and not by curing this condition. Quit lying to kids and giving false hope and promises. There is no Santa Clause, Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy or MARKETED CURE for diabetes!

  • jonasxoxo87:

    they will find a cure. and its ok, i have the disease, my little brother got it and manyyyyyyyy other people have it also. we just have to be very patient with it. my brother was in the hospital for 4 days. i was with him every minute and he was there for me too. so its great that so many people are learning about the disease everyday. =]

  • cheer5693:

    not everyone can actually afford an omnipod. they are really realllyyy expensive

  • x40sublime:

    @sportsterxl883c ive been type 1 for 16 years now… ive had high A1C levels like that too.. have you guys considered the insulin pump? i JUST got mine because my A1C has been a little too high for too long. i was really worried about getting it but it’s been 3 weeks now and it’s sooo much easier to manage now. i highly recommend! speshully if she’s been that high

  • x40sublime:

    best thing for when your low is milk! works for meee everytime! cause it coats your stomach and stays with you for a longer time than coke. for an instant raise in your blood sugar, id probably have a couple sips of coke…but then id go for some milk. :-) jusstt sayyiinnn

  • MrBubthegrub:

    coke is NOT WHAT YOU DRINK WHEN YOU HAVE A LOW!!!!! eat a cerrot it has alot of glucose in it it raises suger lvl its what i eat when im in a low and it works

  • ThePerfectScore4:

    why is diabetes something to be ashamed of?!?!?

  • sportsterxl883c:

    My daughter is 17, she got type 1 diabetes at the age of 2. It’s been a long hard road, she’s been unconrollable (A1C at 12+) for the past 6 yrs. But she handles everything real well. I’ve learned alot over the years. I have much respect for ppl living with diabetes.

  • VanDammedia:

    @KillerOsterGer I lived for 20 years so healthy too with diabetes type 1 and my blood sugar was OK, but all in a sudden I got neuropathy and retniopathy! Doctors said because of the long time I lived with it. There must be a cure for this evil illness.

  • KillerOsterGer:

    @VanDammedia no if you go to hospital every 2 months too make a blood test
    they can help you thats what i do and i have diabetes typ 1 since i was 7 ^^ and i`am now 17 this year 18 and i have nothing iam full healty
    Sry to hear that you have serious problems with your eyes :(

  • VanDammedia:

    @jadestonediabetic On long term, diabetes will destroy you! I have type 1 since I was 11 and I used to go to the gym every day but after 20 years… I got neuropathy and I have serious problems with my eyes. Try hemp oil (Rick Simpson) maybe it cures!

  • VanDammedia:

    @KillerOsterGer On long term, diabetes will destroy you! I have type 1 since I was 11 and I used to go to the gym every day but after 20 years… I got neuropathy and I have serious problems with my eyes. Try hemp oil (Rick Simpson) maybe it cures!

  • minilovezjobros:

    @KillerOsterGer im glad there r people like us that could help peole.. I always say. us diabetic people make this world a sweeter place. lmao, And maybe someday there would be a cure. DUDE U ROCK! PEACE OUT!

  • KillerOsterGer:

    @minilovezjobros dude Thats the same what i do =) i have typ 1 but i help other kids in schools. i see My diabetes to like a gift and i have it to from my family and you now what Damn i`am happy that i have diabetes we are all special People not every one can have diabetes =D;)

  • minilovezjobros:

    I have diabetes type 2 since i was 8 yrs old. is not because i was over weight. it was because it is in my family. im not ashame of it.. I actually try to help kids in my skool with diabetes. so ill call my diabetes a gift because it helps me to take better care of myself. and sometimes diabetics could live older than other people cuz we dont use drugs or alcohol. =)

    ps.i didnt know elvis had diabetes!

  • UltimateAnn:

    You can get diagnosed with type 2 diabetes when you’re 9yrs old, ‘nd not overweight, there’re also other facts that over weight.

  • UltimateAnn:

    T2 COULD be caused by overweight (i’m talking ’bout young people now) but it can also be people who are NOT overweight. Don’t put a sticker on people before you know ALL the facts.

  • gameplays109:

    i never knew elvis had diabetes

  • heartCOOP:

    I have Type 1 diabetes, 9 years since the 7th of November.

  • davebab:

    Please read up on type 1 and type 2 diabetes. There would not be two different types if they are not different.

  • fayrelight:

    You are the closed minded one who refuses to see anything beyond your own prejudices. DO NOT keep posting false information!

  • gitlgitl:

    A great video…now who is the host?

  • jadestonediabetic:

    That would be nice.

  • theporksicle:

    I don’t imagine it will be perfect for a long time, but if they only had to inject say every couple of weeks and in the intervening time didn’t have to worry about what foods to consume it would add to quality of life I’m sure.

  • jadestonediabetic:

    Stem cell research is still unperfected. They have successfully gotten pancreatic (insulin producing) cells in mice, but not in larger, more genetically like humans, animals yet.

  • theporksicle:

    Is there any type 1 diabetics who don’t inject?
    I’ll admit to being a bit ignorant about diabetes in general, but due to weight my doctor said I could be at risk of getting type 2 in later life.
    BTW, couldn’t they use stem cell research to create insulin cells, insert them into the body and let the body produce it itself? Eliminating the need for injections.

  • lokivonloka:

    T1 – slender OR toned, usually been in control
    T2 – fat OR aged

  • davebab:

    I would love to continue this debate, however, if you are going to continue to refuse to see the differences, then I am obviously wasting my time.

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