MEDICAL – How cholesterol clogs your arteries HD (atherosclerosis)

To inform on the Atherosclerosis and its complex biological approach: it is the notion of this task devoted to the prevention of the cardiovascular dangers of diseases. It was carried out by experts and is adressed to standard public.

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  • imnotabear:

    @scarletredtv quote; … mechanisms include physical stresses from turbulent blood flow (such as occurs where arteries branch, particularly in people who have high blood pressure) and inflammatory stresses involving the immune system, certain infections, or chemical abnormalities in the bloodstream (high cholesterol, diabetes). The infections may be due to bacteria (Chlamydia pneumoniae or Helicobacter pylori) or to viruses (cytomegalovirus and others).

  • scarletredtv:

    Cause of atherosclerosis IS known, unlike this video claims. It is due to infection of the interior artery wall muscles. It has to do with a bacteria that enters trough your mouth when you have bad teeth or gums. It enters the blood and migrates to the artery muscles and eventually causing the immune system to respond, when it finds the culprit, the immune system gets triggered by it’s own immune bodies it sends, leading to a snowball effects and thereby weakening the artery walls and muscles.

  • Joewillsetitright:

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    great!it gets me know more’bout atherosclerosis

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    huuuuuh Sciiiiiience 8-()

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    this is wonderful video thank you

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