Low Carb Diet-Why Low Carb Diets Work

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21 Responses to “Low Carb Diet-Why Low Carb Diets Work”

  • jadeisback:

    So oatmeal is cool on low carb diets?
    What about induction phase ?

  • MikroBadass:

    @PistonHonda319 yeah….that’s incorrect…what happens is that the carbs go through a process where they engage insulin receptors because white rice and breads (and potatoes) have a lot of GI (glycemic index) so basically your body takes a bit longer to store it and process it; it can be turned into energy but people are so sedentary it turns into fat thats why people get so big eating potato chips, fries, rice, and bread.

    cavemen didn’t have french fries prehistorically, thus more lean

  • PairoftheSocks:

    needing carbs to build muscle is a misconception. Insulin levels spiking from carbohydrates are to rebuild the glycogen stores and store fat. The bigger mucles are from an increase in water weight to store the glycogen and a resultant inflammation.

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  • trulyheaven777:

    @sakoking Whole wheat bread has a GI in the upper 80′s. White bread is only a few points higher.

  • PistonHonda319:

    “Carbohydrates release insulin” oh really? pfft.

  • Glefit:

    Just eat fruit and veg, and workout daily. simple. we are just too lazy to keep up a good workout.

  • sakoking:

    I have been frustrated by stopped seeing results, I tried for 2 months to get a 6-pack, i workout 6x a week and why my body fat does not drop? IS BECAUSE OF CARBS?, whole wheat bread thats bad?

  • jimmysmithtraining:

    @eminemdude234 If your intention is to get lean then skip the pizza. It does nothing good for the body!

  • eminemdude234:

    hey jimmy, is it okay to have 2 pieces of pizza but then workout afterwards…..and how do i let my packs show

  • TheRealDirtyScary:

    why can’t people just meet their natural level of homeostasis, stop trying to defy nature over six tiny muscles. Why do you all want a six pack anyway?

  • TheRealDirtyScary:

    your an idiot!

  • etheromlet:

    huh? I cant understand what youre saying. it doesnt even look like you work out.

  • TheWayForward:

    Its so hard to follow these videos. Jimmy needs to chill out and talk slower and clearer.

  • YoelfromNL:

    Hey jimmy, I thought you preferred carb-cycling diets?

  • yourroaddog:

    this just confused me, ill have to come back and listen a few times

  • wcutrumpat:

    you wanna get your high fiber carbs from low glycemic sources, such as whole wheat bread, brown rice, whole wheat pasta, that sort of thing. however, a lot of those whole grain products, like the bread and pasta, have sugar added, so check the label. the first ingredient should say whole grain, or whole wheat. vegetables are great sources of fiber, and are low in carbs, so you can eat a bunch and still make your carb goal. also, you want to buy high quality shakes (optimum nutrition, isopure)

  • Joostbeers:

    About the shakes,

    Just watch the back of the package ;)

  • kungura:

    some good info right there. what source OTHER than oatmeal can one get these 100-200g of carbs? wheat bread? organic pasta? don’t forget that almost all protein shakes now also have about 10-30g of carbs per serving as well…
    another question – if you’ve been on a low carb diet, and need to do a long, endurance type sport, then surely your body would be at a disadvantage, so would you ‘stock up’ the day of with carbs to prevent muscle break down during said sport?
    keep up the great work!

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