Liver, Cholesterol, Cleansing and More!

Liver Cleansing (A. Moritz): More details on the liver: Far more liver cleansing and help:
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  • joshrubineastwest:

    Anytime! Spread them for us..thanks!

  • MsTexasOne:

    Josh I just love your videos they are SO informative. Thank you thank you thank you!

  • BeeRich33:

    @bar95900 Or, I actually have studied this and you haven’t. You have no clue about these things and you make pointed accusations on people that provide solutions. They are smart, dedicated and informed. You, are just a bitter fool with zero education. You get your opinions and attitude from Oprah.

    Like I said some time ago, go away.

  • bar95900:

    @BeeRich33 You know what? I think your are suffering from the Know it all Syndrome and unfortunately your disease is untreatable nor preventable, so there is nothing doctors can prescribe for you to suck on. Sorry for wasting you time and have a great life.

  • BeeRich33:

    @bar95900 So it IS you that’s ignorant. I have studied biochemistry, genetics, pharmacology, and health care, amongst other things you haven’t a clue about. How do you prevent HIV? What about Influenza or Malaria? What about Polio?

    You really are ignorant.

  • bar95900:

    @BeeRich33 Do you know the side-effects of an aspirin? Do you know that there are other natural alternatives to pharmaceutical medications that have been used for thousands of years. Like my grandfather once said: “Prevention is the best treatment” and that’s why I don’t smoke.

  • BeeRich33:

    @bar95900 If you only knew. The next time you get sick, go smoke something. Stay away from hospitals and doctors.

  • bar95900:

    @BeeRich33 A hippie lol @ you for being so fundamentally ignorant.

  • BeeRich33:

    @bar95900 You’re probably a hippie. Go away, hippie.

  • bookskamaki:

    excellent videos. love them very much

  • bar95900:

    Doctors are drug dealers.

  • TracyM1974:

    Hey Josh – you always talk about getting a gut test to see what’s really going on inside so I ordered a MetaMetrix GI Effects test. I was taking probiotics for Candida and stopped taking them on Saturday. How long should I wait to get a good baseline test level? Is 14 days long enough?

    Thanks for your videos. I always enjoy learning from you.

  • EishinRyu:

    hey man i really dig your vids but just one thing. maybe you could get a clip-on mic or an off camera mike cause we can hardly hear you.

  • sdpgposd:

    great info thx, looking good josh :)

  • IChoseTheRedPill:

    outstanding! solid information…

  • believeinfidelity:

    thank you

  • sandhedomsundhed:

    Josh, have you heard about a connection between high blood pressure liver-kidney disease, i beleive the hypothesis says that if the liver gets overworked the kidneys have to take over some of the livers work to filter toxins, and if you damage the livers filters, in order to push the same amount of blood thought the “smaller amount” of little filters, the body has to increase pressure to keep up with demands?

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