Hope For a Cure – Type 1 Diabetes – Omnipod User

thisiscaleb.wordpress.com Caleb has Kind one diabetes. He was diagnosed shortly prior to turning 4. He at the moment utilizes an insulin pump – the Omnipod (very same as his hero Nick Jonas). We are hopeful that Denise Faustman and her staff and/or the JDRF will be in a position to treatment this disease in the close to foreseeable future. But they are still in will need of funding to do so.
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  • cemilyw:

    He’s such a brave little boy, i’ve been watching a lot of your videos latley and he is so funny :) you take such good care of him he’s so lucky to have parnts like you!! xx

  • lace0mafia:

    @waytohell2 support your niece and dont treat her differently there sweet kids everything is going to be fine with proper training

  • lace0mafia:

    @hypedpotential have you gone into ketoacidoses

  • BandNerd2813:

    @foxmx526 Oh yeah? And what is it?

  • foxmx526:

    I have one thing to say there’s a cure out for diabetes 1 aready

  • CallaNicole:

    great video. im a type one diabetic too caleb… going on 11 years now. check out the video on my page that i just made :)

  • Parkouroujdaw5:

    @rhhd3 chapeaauu pouur toi tu ma renduu lespoire vraiment

  • lsisto1:


    Thank you!

  • fritzthehammer:

    Great video dont stop fighting!!!

  • hypedpotential:

    wow..I don’t mean any disrespect to my parents but I wish you guys could have been there to take care of me when I became diabetic. Now I just don’t know what to do or what to eat or how to treat myself because I was not instructed properly at the age of 11. I remember having burgers and chips and coke and a chocolate bar to top it off during school lunch. This kid is lucky to have such caring people to look after him.

  • waytohell2:

    any tips on how to cure or keep a balanced life for a child who had just been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes? my brothers daughter just got diagnosed with it :( I’m trying my best to figure out a balanced system that i can use to help her get the best life she can while having it ! any tips will be much appreciated :)

  • sompopthailand:

    Hi… Caleb, Hope to see you someday in Thailand or in your country.

  • xdreamseyx:

    Great video! I just made my very first one for my type1 Niece! Together we can beat this. Keep up the fight! Much love… Heidi

  • techluvr1234:

    “Life was simpler.” I’ll say! My life was so much easier before another elephant stepped into the room back in August of ’09. Keep on going, Caleb!

  • zbibful:

    I got Type 1 diabetes last year and I am in a diabetes study (Type 1 only) to help preserve Beta Cells and the doctor said that my control is so amazing that you could say I am in remission (taking insulin still). Not bragging, but my A1c iss 5.3.

  • rhhd3:


  • Krazy2rk:

    i was diagnosed with it when i was 8 months old, and now im almost 16.

  • 333pixiegirl:

    hi, your little boy is so brave, i cried the whole way through the video, my 3 year old boy was diagnosed 4 months ago, its been very hard… i hope your little boy is doing well… x

  • kewliokid2008:

    A suggestion I have for Caleb is going to Camp. There is a diabetes camp called Camp Kudzu. Its a sleepaway camp at Camp Barney for a week. In my opinion, I finally felt like I fit in. Everyone there has diabetes, even the counselers. When you go there, you KNOW you are not the only one out there with diabetes

  • kewliokid2008:

    When I first got diabetes, 5 years ago, I was 8. I was scared and lonely. I didnt know what was going on. Now I still don’t fully understand it, but I know that I wasn’t as unfortunate as some others. Others like Caleb who were very very young when they were diagnosed. Not only is it had for the child, but also for the parent. I am so glad that Caleb still looks at life with a positive attitude. Keep it up Caleb.

  • Chantale35:

    i…honestly sat here , crying while watching your brave boy.
    It reached me so much when you said..that he never ever complains. What can i say ..

    I am 37 and i just have type 2, on januvia. I complain all the time, to everyone, about my diabetes because life is no fun since i have it. I think i am depressed because of all the hypos i had, i became scared, i became isolated. I feel oppressed, alone.
    I feel so ashamed of myself, when i see your boy.
    I salute his strength .
    Thank you..

  • zigzagrolla:

    because we have no other choice? Damn, it pains me to admit it (being a 20 year old diabetic of 16 years, myself), but the truth is, it won’t happen in our lifetime, if in anybodys lifetime. Best of luck to you diabetics, and keep your heads up. And best of luck to you, Caleb. I feel your pain (that your 4 year old mind can’t comprehend, yet), but you’re not alone, buddy.

  • zigzagrolla:

    I don’t mean to put any of you type one diabetics down, but the odds of a cure being released to the public is 1:Infinity. BD and other major medical companies rely on us to buy thier medications ( glucose meters, insulin, needles, ect.), and these companies hunger for our money is far more important than our health. I mean, even if a cure has been found, or will be found, why would these medical companies want us to pay once for a cure when they have us trapped, filling their pockets for life

  • ReverseShadows:

    some of you are saying it will never be the same enymore but there well be a cure in the futere

  • xIGExVideos:

    Hi I have diabetes Type 1 with the Pump im only 13 it really is UPSETTING i was Also going to follow my dad and be a lorry driver But now i cannot its upsetting But its a shame really is very unfair

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