Low Carb Diets – Ketogenic Diets

www.warpspeedfatlossdiet.com Want to Shed 15lbs quickly? Check out Out the Comprehensive Done four You Warp Speed Fat Reduction Diet regime. One variety of a reduced carb diet plan is a ketogenic diet regime. Ketogenic diet programs are extremely quite reduced carb.
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13 Responses to “Low Carb Diets – Ketogenic Diets”

  • ItalianWarrior777:

    to get cut, I’m doing the atkins diet(low carb) this month, to get shredded

  • LilyBladgfc:

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  • Psychologizer:

    @tdr124 anything over 20 carbs might kick you out of ketosis, well my weight loss clinic physician says

  • tdr124:

    Ketogenic diets are brutal to me. I prefer calorie counting ,also I can’t think about eating 150grams of fat a day without puking in my mouth. however, my diet is still high in protein and low in carbohydrates, maybe 50-75 a day, an occasional 100 but i try not to go that high. my diet usually breaks down to 200 grams of protein, 50-75 grams of fat and 50-75 grams of carbohydrates. at about 2400 calories a day.

  • Freedish911:

    calories don’t matter. read gary taubes good calories bad calories.

  • oliviaolas:

    I want to try this diet to burn fat for fuel and to feel clean and light. I believe we should not eat carbs and truly I have an addiction. I am all about education myself and making changes for life.

  • tickyul:

    Some of things I have observed while following a high fat/low carb diet: The higher the ketosis (within reason, I am non diabetic so dka is not a problem)=the better I feel, less hunger, better sense of well being, more energy, less cravings, to name a few. I have heard people say that if they are in ketosis, the level does not matter, that is definitely NOT the case for me. The ketogenic diet for me is hard at first, it takes me about 3 weeks just to feel normal. I also limit water & protein.

  • babetteq:

    keto has been amazing for me. Meat, fat & water. So easy

  • stevebeisheim:

    cyclic is not the way to go….just stay low carb/no carb consistently….cycling is hard on the body…

  • adamscott:

    The problem I have with cyclic ketogenic dieting is once the carb up phase is over, it takes a lot of determination to go back to eating low carb unpallatable food again for 6 days.

  • dylans96:

    ur supposed to have less than 20

  • 43Steelerss:

    right now thats the diet i use to drop the bodyfats % and i wanna know .. some people saying that you should carb up a day every 7 days .. some other people saying that they carb up just a meal every 7 days .. how you would recommend that ??

  • orasis:

    Keto eating is the best thing i’ve ever done .. I was 225 and dropped to 145 in about 3 months!

    I’ve never felt better and I’ve kept the weight off for three years :) Just cut out the crap! Eat natural unprocessed foods.
    It’s too bad he’s dead I would have loved to have sent Dr Atkins a thank you letter.

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