FAT kids life SUCKS! Childhood obesity cure

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    skinny is overrated in this day and age!! plus-size modeling is in, curves are in!! get with the 21st century ppl! its never going away EVER


    @Ivansky1 lol shugah, shugah lol. Hell suger isnt the sole thing that makes us gain weight! this along with fat from calories and saturated fats help us gain weight

  • TheHarumScarum:

    at 0:24 its the Michelin Kid.LOL

  • ytfjordan:

    cant blame anyone but the parents

  • Ivansky1:

    Oh all these Shugah.
    Americans eat too much Shugah.
    What are we going to do with all these Shugah.

  • TheFrigginAwesome:

    If your kid looks like they’re gettin chubbeh, STOP FEEDING THEM SHIT!!! It’s your fault that your kids are overweight, if you were to feed them real food, they would not be fat!

  • applesauceisgood32:


    Changing your diet is best way, eat 4-6 meals a day but only 300-400 calories each. A lot of vegetables/fruit and less carbs/sugar. If you can also walk or do other exercise each day, this should help, but always talk to your doctor or nutritionist before starting a diet and exercise program.


    #6 -Get used to eating half the amount of bread you are currently eating! Ex: peanutbutter + banana sandwhich becomes one toast with peanutbutter and banana * WITH A TEA!
    #7 – Eliminate Tv from your life! don’t throw it out, but put it in your basement, avoid getting sucked in to hours of immobility!


    #4- don’t eat later than3.5 before bed time
    #5 – try to have home-made soup for supper as often as possible.(NOT CANNED!)Soup recipes are soo easy its rediculous. water, vegetables, and stock/spices. – If you’re someone that loves the full feeling this is ACE because you can eat as much as you want! and by the time youre done, you’re full, and an hour from the time You’re done the liquid in your stomatch as already moved on!. giving you the “right amount of full feeling”


    THE BEST WAY to loose weight are as follows:
    #1 -Avoid sugar as much as you can
    #2 -Do not drink any cold bervages while eating, ALWAYs hot/luke warm. Ill tell you why.have you ever cooked bacon? notice that when the fat in the pan is cold it hardens?Well, cold drinks do the same in your stomatch/. So, keeping your stomatch warm gives your body less of a chance of obsorbing the fats.
    #3 -After every meal have a large cup of Tea or coffee with (no sugar) -to reinforce #2

  • GhislaineVoogd:

    @Courtshanaenae quit the candy, just take an apple or an other piece of fruit instead! :D don’t hunger yourself

  • PivotBeguiner:


    It’s easier if you just replace all the drinks for water and eat lees in the last two meals. Trust me, i was a litter fat and i got a slim body. It may be fast or slow, depending how much fat you have, but it works.

  • PivotBeguiner:

    Run. running about 15 to 30 minutes per day, don’t drink soda or juice, only low fat milk and water. Don’t eat after 7pm, eat 3 meals and try to eat a fruit about 1 hour after the second and third meal. Don’t eat things with much sugar. Try to not sleep more than 8 hours, but not less than 6 hours. In the meals don’t eat pork, eat chicken or any other kind of white meat. only eat red meats about two times a week. with this you will lose about 10 pounds in a month or less.

  • RandomDetritus:

    What’s the opening song?

  • murdercom998:

    Who drink more than 1 can of soda a week

  • dwink7:

    i dont want to be rude here but how do little kids get that fat is mcdonals or what plz tell me im curious dwink7

  • freakishweirdo:

    does fruit suger count though like from the banana and raisins. and can someone eat that much food in a day? am i the only person who thinks this it really stupid… arent you just ment to eat less move more if your trying to loose weight in a healthy way. why cant poeple just check food labels for better cerials and not eat fast food and stuff. its really not that hard to get healthyer and loose weight if you know how.

  • 98lolchick:

    im a weigh a great amount for my age and most everyone tells me i have alotta baby to stiilll lose but i just dnt kno nd ima be 13 this saturday

  • SkylarIsBeutiful:

    @Courtshanaenae I need 2 loose 10 2

  • FATtoSKINNYguru:

    @Courtshanaenae visit my free weightloss support forum, we’ll help you :) fattoskinny net

  • Courtshanaenae:

    i need to lose about 10 pounds , but i have no clue what to do , any tips ? it would give me a huge confidence boost
    Thanks (:

  • dopertearz4life:

    parents are SAPOSED 2b responsable for what their children eat!

  • FATtoSKINNYguru:

    @jcwilliamsmustdie5 Go all protein, fats and greens over the next 4 weeks and it will melt right off without exercise! Visit my FREE reader forum for plenty of recipes! FATtoSKINNY dot NET

  • jcwilliamsmustdie5:

    Do you know any good winter exercises to do. Because i have lost 60 lbs over 2 years and am at 175 and want to get to 169 but no matter what i do anymore i cant lose weight anymore during the summer it was easy but now i cant lose a pounds for over 4 weeks.

  • smartslikechicken:

    the trick to not making your kids fat is by controlling what they eat and and be patient/nice with them for 6 years so they dont despise u and listen to u

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