Diabetes Education – 3D Medical Animation

For much more info about 3D medical animations, visit www.amerra.com. This health care animation is aimed at educating patients about diabetes and the significance of heath factors involved with it.
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Calculating how much insulin diabetics require is a difficult and day lengthy approach. Shortly, an artificial pancreas could be all set to do the job for them. Harry Smith reports.
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  • 7824jq:

    Please if you can get a one touch basic. it uses photometric testing and is the most accurate. They are no longer available but you can get them on e-bay. I was taken by ambulance because I had passed out from low blood sugar 32 but the ultra meter said 300 . I wear a medical alter bracelet to only test with serum blood no ultra meters!
    If you have blood disorders ALL ultra meters will read false high!This is as per makers of one touch .
    Write to congress to bring back photometric meter

  • xlisdoonxchickx:

    @StoryboardOptics People with type 1 diabetes, there pancreas does not produce any insulin, whereas people with type 2 diabetes, there pancreas produces less insulin or not enough so therefore they would not need insulin injections as much. I’ve been a type 1 diabetic for 12 years now, injecting 4 times daily. I am currently trying to get an insulin pump, but because the Irish health system is, lets say not so good, its taking longer than it should! Take care :)

  • mom22many09:

    It should say Diabetes Mellitus as there is another diabetes, Diabetes Insipidus

  • StoryboardOptics:

    Why do type 2 diabetes patients not recieve insulin injections ?Is it a case of second class system with preference to type I .Why is there a distinction between racial types in systemizing treatments is there really a diff between white diabetes and black diabetes ?

  • bilalbasit:


  • foxmx526:

    5 to 10 years that’s easy for u to say

  • Hayesy15:

    i could get this but its pretty expensive
    like$300au /month for the thingys

    i only test like 3 times a day
    my Hbo1c thingy(or what ever its called) is 8.5% and dropping slowly
    and the doctors say that is one of the best in my clinic

    and i can go without testing for days and be fine
    and when the doctors are like u never test that meant ur levels are going his all the time

    and im like not really how come i got the best levels in this place
    and i can feel weather my levels are hi or lo

  • dejahthoris:

    so when are they gonna cure this shit

  • extremeconviction23:

    @DesireeandDiabetes my boyfriend used my account and is an idiot so just ignoe him.

  • DesireeandDiabetes:

    @extremeconviction23 unfortunately diabetes is considered a disease :(

  • pancakeessss:


  • Ditre:

    @vEtOnTeC wrong, Dr Faustman has already completed the first phase of clinical testing to cure type 1 diabetes, and is now researching the best dosage for patients, using a drug that is already FDA approved

  • vEtOnTeC:

    @Ditre there is no cure for diabetes ! there is just technology helping us :)

  • Ditre:

    i’ve heard more about an actual cure for type 1 diabetes then i’ve heard about this

  • bReNtOs1236:

    @shuard79 and lets not forget our horrendous price for the sensors and lack of insurance coverage due to it not being “necessary”

  • shuard79:

    wireless cgm, plus pump will set you back 9 grand (AU)

  • shuard79:

    diabetes is a disease. you should do your research!

  • extremeconviction23:

    Im a diabetic and I would like to say that you should stfu its not a damn disease you prick, a disease is spread though people, diabetics cant spread it to other people…thats affensive to me

  • TheGodoia:

    I am TheGodoia’s son and I AM diabetic! Don’t say that!

  • BlueEyesShine96:

    yeah, im type one :(

  • HadesOnEarth:

    And what a stupid question.

    How much would diabetics love it?


  • HadesOnEarth:

    The video makes it seem like something like this would be easy to obtain.

    An artificial pancreas I am sure would be as similar as the pump, cept on your inside.

    And who would be filling it with insulin? Us of course.

    I don’t see how it would be much different, and would this be covered? Doubtful.

    Doesn’t sound that much more convenient.

  • HadesOnEarth:



    Constant monitoring of your BG is necessary if you want to maintain ideal control and good numbers.

    Are you Type 1?

  • HadesOnEarth:

    Artificial pancreas? Wow… You mean like a pump?

    This isn’t news.

    Diabetes and needles rock!

  • whatever1210:

    this isn’t all that new. i mean they have been studying this thing for at least 15 years.

  • theDIABETIChelper:

    I know they make it sound like you have to do nothing but you still have to too!!

  • DiabetesGirl3145:

    This video is not about cgm devices, it is an artificial pancreas. They probobly made the blood sugar senser more accureate then normal cgm devices.

  • BlueEyesShine96:

    OMF! EVERYONE SAYS NO FINGER PRICKS BECAUSE THEY DONT HAVE TO GO THROUGH THE DAMN DISEASE!! YOU STILL HAFTA PRICK YOUR FINGER! IVE USED IT! its accurate, but i still prick my fingers before meals and snacks. i only use the cgm for daily reports. everyone is giving this fake hope. its all dumb. IF YOU DONT HAVE OR ACTUALLY UNDERSTAND THE DISEASE THEN STFU!

  • Gaarafangirl10172:

    No, I am testing the exact same thing -.-

  • toranacar:

    5 – 10 years
    Give me a break. Great effort but give me the cure any day over a gizmo pump, clever stuff but more effort towards a cure would be nice.

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