Cholesterol 3D Medical Animation

For much more information about customized 3D animations, pay a visit to animation reveals how cholesterol is a lipidic, waxy alcohol located in the cell membranes and transported in the blood plasma of all animals. It is an important component of mammalian cell membranes exactly where it is needed to establish proper membrane permeability and fluidity.
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This is my “review” of Lekair Cholesterol Plus. It was a kind of request from barbeeluv1. Lekair is labeled as a deep conditioner. It strengthens, deep situations and rejuvenates the hair. (thats what the jar says LOL)

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  • freedomwon:

    The most important question to ask yourself is does my doctor know about this product and if not why?
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  • danstaz28:

    good and bad cholestelor

  • missthis897:

    @silverflowers1 Hey lady! The lekair is a thick consistency, the color of mine was almost a neon bright orange/peach. I actually liked the thick consistency to me it did a great job.

  • silverflowers1:

    heya. pleaseeee reply to this. i bought the conditioner yesterday looked inside and felt it and it felt very weird- very thick and not smooth or runny-sort of like most other conditioners. is it supposed to feel like this? also teh colour was kinda blotchy. very worrired :-(

  • missthis897:

    @eurasianchica Thank you so much for the information. I use products that contain mineral oil but I use them in moderation. Im trying to switch to more natural products but that can get pricey LOL. Knowledge is power. Thanks again for the information on the mineral oil.

  • eurasianchica:

    Contrary to popular belief, mineral oil is NOT bad for most people’s hair. It is extremely hypoallergenic which is why it is included in many cosmetics. Just because it is not as “natural” as coconut oil doesn’t mean it’s bad- after all, anti biotics that save your life are not “natural”. Mineral oil isn’t manmade, either, it’s derived from crude oil (which is made of organic hydrocarbons).

  • eurasianchica:

    @Avalita07 Well, IMO if it works on your hair, that proves that mineral oil works for your hair. I wouldn’t get too concerned about a specific ingredient, because every person’s hair is individual and no rule applies to all hair.

  • missthis897:

    @Avalita07 I totally agree this is a great product and it was shocked to see mineral oil as an indgredient. Im TRYING to weed out mineral oil and other harsh ing from my regimin but its hard bcuz it seems alot of the products have it.

  • Avalita07:

    I like this conditioner as well BUT I just read the incredients & it contains MINERAL OIL which is bad/drying for African American hair………

  • missthis897:

    @tamoniva12 Thanks girl. I still love this product. =)

  • tamoniva12:

    Very good review.

  • missthis897:

    @kbella007 I totally agree! I especially like to use it on my NG! It makes it very managable.

  • kbella007:

    yes this is for sure my favorite conditioner. my hair feels so soft and looks so shiny after. u can tell it adds a ton of moisture.

  • missthis897:

    @darkdonatellah7 Hmmm I may have to look into that one. Shea butter is a really good product I have some of the pure shea butter and its an excellent all over mositurizer.

  • darkdonatellah7:

    I use the 1 made with shea butter and I swear by it. I t made my hair VERY strong.

  • missthis897:

    @MisSzElegant It really does. It makes my hair so soft and managable and its cheap LOL. Sometimes I will add some oil to it as well. Thanks for watching.

  • MisSzElegant:

    This stuff really works!!! It made my hair really soft. I have extremely curly hair and I never straighten my hair but I did after using this procduct and I love it!! :)

  • missthis897:

    @aubreyassasination Yeah the smell could be improved but overall its a great product. It does a great job and its inexpensive too. Im glad its working for you.

  • aubreyassasination:

    i LOVE this stuff. i use it everyday.
    im hella into dying my hair and burning it between 2 hot plates ( straightening)
    and it was fried and completely dead.
    i couldnt brush it without some breaking off.
    i used this and its helthier stronger softer and more amazing.
    smells like foot cream though,

  • missthis897:

    Hey there! When you add the cholesterol you dont have to condition again. Its like a deep conditioner.

  • missthis897:

    I love it too. Its so cheap and it gets the job done!

  • bankky247:

    is this like moisture treatment or you have to use another condition after you wash out.great video,thanks.

  • LongHairDontCareLLC:

    this has been a staple of mine since the beginning…i LOVE this stuff!


  • naty86able:

    thank you so much! I bought the lekair. I am going to try it.

  • missthis897:

    Hey naty86able! I think this product would work on your hair. Just like conditioners anyhair type can benefit from a products quality. There are several products that work for any type hair and I think this would be one of them. The lekair works for be because it softens and tames my hair and I think it would do the same for you. You dont have to get the lekair there are several brands of cholesterol Dollar Tree even sells some. You may want to start there just to test it out. Keep me posted.

  • missthis897:

    I agree. Its a great product.

  • naty86able:

    Please someone help me out!!!

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