Blake’s Battle JDRF Type 1 Diabetes

This is Blake, the encounter of 1 of the kids fighting this disorder.
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  • tiggirl27:

    Please see Dr Faustman’s video on a cure for Type 1 Diabetes. Search for Dr. Faustman’s BCG Trial info movie on you tube

  • melrobin09:

    first this isn’t suppose to be sad I am sure. Many of us cry or feel sad because we think of our own children and what we have to make them do. Have you ever held down a screaming 4 yr. old while he screamed ” don’t hurt me mommy” . Have you ever had to explain that you are not trying to hurt them you are saving their life. How do explain death to small child. And yes diabetes does and can kill. And trust me an 8 yr old might know what he is suppose to do but do they do it ?

  • TheSkeeter53:

    We all need to stand up and fight this disease. I was lucky to not have been diagnosed when I was a kid. I was diagnosed when I was 13. I had a childhood, i feel so horrible knowning that many don’t ever get to experence that. That is why my family holds a diabetes fundraiser every years to raise funds. This year we raised 20,000 toward a cure. knowing that we might one day cure this disease, so that every child will have the chance to experence a once in a lifetime childhood.

  • melrobin09:

    Moving video. It speaks for all of our children.

  • Zofiashakti:

    this video made me sob! i have had diabetes for 16 years, since i was 4 years old. like u said, there are no vacations from diabetese. Even when i sleep, i hav dreams where im taking shots and stranded in places without medicine. it get harder as i get older, to distinguish the high bloddsugars from lows. When i was young i could feel when something was wrong. i someimes check my blood 15 times a day, bcuz i can never tell wut it is. I wish i could hav just one day without it.

  • TheHornswoggle10:

    this is a really sad video that makes me cry 2.

    i was diagnosed a day rate after my birthday. it is heartfelt and it does change your life, it changed my life big time. what a 13th B-day gift i get. i only would wish that it would just go way. i got to take 5 plus shots a day to make me be alive. some days i would have highs some days that i would have a low. but nothing will could hold me apart. i am always a hero. <3

  • qwertyuiop900100:

    I have Type 1 Diabetes Blake is a hero. I have included this video on my website hoping to inspire people to donate to the JDRF. Check it out.


  • qwertyuiop900100:

    I have Type 1 Diabetes Blake is a hero. I have included this video on my website hoping to inspire people to donate to the JDRF. Check it out.


  • qwertyuiop900100:

    I have Type 1 Diabetes Blake is a hero. I have included this video on my website hoping to inspire people to donate to the JDRF. Check it out.

  • gdud102:

    i got diagnose with type 1diabetes when i was 8 years old. im 17 and i have had it for 9 years and i know having diabetes is not something that we can choose to get it or not.but when i c kids with diabetes it makes me really sad a even cry sometimes because its not something that we can cure just like you said on the video.. and i know that the insulin needles are little and everything bt every time you have to inject insulin you can still feel the needle and sometimes they do cause pain….

  • Ilovejonas312:

    aww he is so adorable he is strong and it is a hard thing i have type one diabetes since i was 7 so he is strong he is so adorable too!

  • carterridge:

    My son is going to be 11 in July and was diagnosed in Aug 2009 with Type 1. This video has me in tears what a great job you did on it …I am always praying for a cure.

  • kitainky:

    Please use his top side of his for arm for testing ,I am type one I was diagnosed march 3rd 1982 so i know no difference that this life > My fingers have so much attrafee that i have to take a raw lancet to them to get it to bleed …Blake man you are in my thoughts and prayers ..Matt in Ky…

  • kimmykimster08:

    Awesome job! I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes when i was 3 and am now 20. You really showed people without the disease what life would be like in our shoes. Thank you, I think we get overlooked a lot! Stay strong :)

  • bajramidaut:

    am from Bosnia and Hercegovina and my son was diagnosed with type 1 few days ago he is 2 years old my hart is breaking because i must watch him taking shots of insulin everyday i can only say GOD HELP US ALL WITH SICK CHILDREN all around the world

  • sarahnfamily09:

    Everytime i see videos like this i cry… I hate seeing children being diagnosed with this disease it sucks…as we all know…Im so afraid damian will get it..

  • Laughaholic08:

    While I don’t have diabetes, a friend of mine made two videos on her account. It won’t let me post the links, but I think you will enjoy them. Her username is @HeartCOOP. Through her, and another friend, who sadly, passed away of unrelated causes, I have learned about the disease and I an watching random youtube videos to get more of a sence of everyday life.

  • upyourscracker:

    im 14 and was diagnosed with type one 4 days ago :)

  • TheBeatles193:

    This made me want to cry, and I have type 1 diabetes too! Hang in there Blake, we can get through this until there’s a cure. :)

  • ideli94:

    I think they turned it everyday into a positive way . Why aren’t they allowed to show others what goes on into a human with this ilness ? I think this vid shows only a part of the live of an child with diabetes .

  • HadesOnEarth:


    Don’t consider it unlucky.

    Turn it into a positive, and in an odd way, diabetes will better your life.

  • rcsparks01:

    I have type 1 Diabetes

  • sitttler27:

    Very touching. Our son Blake has Type 1. We are working on our video and you gave us some great ideas. God Bless

  • EmilyA1984:

    Wow, what a great kid……and so smart too. I couldn’t print that legibly when I was only six, lol.

  • Reneeshero:

    I cried when I watched this clip. My 3 year old boy was diagnosed when he was only 18 months old. All kids with diabetes are brave and we hope that there will one day be a cure.

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