low carb foods list

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Here’s yet another video fromLivinLaVidaLowCarb.com blogger Jimmy Moore and his radiant spouse and co-host Christine as they get you on a virtual tour via their cabinets, fridge and freezer in today’s episode of their common “Livin’ La Vida Very low-Carb On YouTube” video sequence. There was truly a SNAFU with the recording of this video clip employing the FLIP camera–my initial issue with it. Though it played back again perfectly on the FLIP, when I downloaded it to my desktop, the sound went kaput! Bummer! But as a substitute of whining and complaining (okay, we did a minor bit of that, too!) about it, I decided to do a voiceover with the video clip and it turned out fairly very good. Maintain in mind, this is not the ONLY food items we eat simply because on the nutritious reduced-carb life-style you can combine it up and make your menus as varied as you’d like. But this is in fact a excellent representation of the foods we like to try to eat as portion of our very low-carb way of life. The only key foods I didn’t indicate on the video that’s a aspect of my diet plan is green leafy veggies like spinach. Adore IT!!! Appreciate this tiny peek in my very low-carb cabinets. Keep watching “Livin’ La Vida Lower-Carb On YouTube” and deliver us your remarks and questions at livinlowcarbman@charter.web whenever. Check out Jimmy Moore at his www.LivinLaVidaLowCarb.com blog, http podcast, and his discussion forum at www.LivinLowCarbDiscussion.com for even far more education, encouragement, and inspiration about the surprisingly healthful lower-carb way of life!

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  • 79siggy:

    try siesta carob bars, no chocolate, no sugar, no sweetener and they taste just like chocolate, for those that cant buy choco perfection in the uk a little high in carbs though 7 net per bar

  • livinlowcarbman:

    WOO HOO!

  • kim24may:

    @livinlowcarbman Yayyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!! I found it!!!!!!!!!!

  • livinlowcarbman:

    Ask your store manager about it…it’s still available.

  • kim24may:

    I can’t find the Calorie Countdown Milk anywhere ughhhhh!!!!!!

  • livinlowcarbman:

    Go to my blog along the left-hand side you’ll see a picture of a jar of coconut oil by Nutiva. Click on it and that will take you directly to how you can buy the 1 gallon bucket for about $50. TOTALLY worth it!

  • mikktigger:

    I would like to know where you got that huge tub of coconut oil…I can only find the smaller jars for the exorbitant price.

  • livinlowcarbman:

    I love Truvia for sweetener now made with stevia and erythritol. We don’t have any children, but I eat two dozen eggs by myself a week. LOVE ‘EM!

  • Tamar1973:

    The Atkins bars and shakes are pretty good. La Tortilla factory rocks! I love Dreamfields pasta. As far as sweeteners are concerned, I usually use stevia now. You certainly have lots of eggs. Do you have children? That’s a lot of eggs for 2 people.
    I usually use oil and vinegar for my salads though.
    I just have meat and frozen veggies in my fridge with carb smart ice cream!
    Thanks for the tutorial.

  • livinlowcarbman:

    I eat a lot…just keep the carbs low. Check out my menus at lowcarbmenus dote blogspot dote come.

  • UlyssesBreckenridge:

    How much do you eat? You have a lot of food.

  • livinlowcarbman:

    I try to consume around 30g carbs a day when I’m losing weight. It’s a good goal.

  • redneck500:

    Hey Jimmy, I was just curious, I know that your number would be different than other peoples number, but what is your daily carb number? I mean how many carbs can you eat on a daily basis and still loose weight? O and nice cubbards and fridge stock BTW! Heck, I didnt know you could even eat that type of stuff on atkins :D I sure am glad I ran into you guys thanks again. Your buddy -R5

  • livinlowcarbman:

    GREAT QUESTION! Controlled carb basically means a food that is significantly lower in carbs than the original. Hope this clears up the confusion.

  • lvmyjimena08:

    for the dream fields pasta what does controlled carbs mean??? confused!

  • livinlowcarbman:

    Well, THANK YOU! :)

  • grooveshon:

    Jimmy, you rock!

  • livinlowcarbman:

    Never heard of it, but I’ll look for it.

  • BlackBeltBrian:

    There is ONE more ranch you guys should try. I think it tastes way better then Hidden Valley. It’s Toby’s ranch, with just 1.5g of carbs per 2T serving. It doesnt have a sweet taste like most ranch dressings. Give it a try!

  • livinlowcarbman:

    Go to CarbSmart dote come and you can find all sorts of GREAT low-carb stuff! :)

  • TheGuitarManSong:

    I would love to know what kind and where? I make this killer desert with sugar free jello or pudding, heavy whipping cream and cream cheese.

  • livinlowcarbman:

    There are some made with Splenda, but sometimes it’s hard to avoid getting NASTY-tame stuff. I avoid it for the most part, but it does end up in my food sometimes.

  • TheGuitarManSong:

    I thought that you didn’t eat AsparLame? What’s with the sugar free jello? Sweetened with what?

  • livinlowcarbman:

    Oh, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet! Check out our other videos for more funky Jimmyisms! :P

  • kali17:

    I just found your blog and this is the first video I watch. It was helpful to see some new products and it was well done, but (I’m so sorry to say this), I can’t stand hearing you say “yummy”. If it was your wife saying it, it would be more palatable, but a man…I don’t know about that. Thanks.

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