Coronary Artery Disease Prevention Strategies Part 1

This video clip is a chat by Dr.Mana Rao at Aid on 2nd Nov, 09. Matter “Coronary artery condition — Prevention Methods.” Dr.Mana Rao can be contacted at 9821058114/26287685. This is component of the Support Speak series at Help, Wellbeing Training Library for Individuals, the worlds biggest totally free affected individual training library
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One Response to “Coronary Artery Disease Prevention Strategies Part 1”

  • TheShreetanu:

    it is good that people here to aware others …
    but to present something u need to have a good presentation….
    i am not against others …
    coronary artery diseases
    or also called coronary heart diseases could have been explained with much more ease and diagrams…..
    most of the terms are what we doctors use and a common man should be said in a much more easier way….

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