Celebrity Cookie Diets (Diet & Fitness Guru)

Cookie Diet plans depend on severe calorie restriction and bulked up portions of protein and fiber, but are any real wellness advantages to the sweet diet? Here’s all you require to know! dietfitness.healthguru.com
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www.thenaturalguide.com – I interview Morgan and Monika and ask them why they selected a vegan diet plan, wherever they get their protein, what their well being is like and why they keep vegan. They emphasize that they stay a cruelty-cost-free lifestyle. To discover how to try to eat a wellness rejuvenating, natural and organic, entire…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

11 Responses to “Celebrity Cookie Diets (Diet & Fitness Guru)”

  • elcangridemex:

    yea, but its not worth it, you cant eat cookies and lose weight tho, folllow this diet, after about 4 days you will quit, because its not possible for you to live of only 1000 calories a day, you will be hungry all day and you will be in a bad day.

  • sherrihoung:

    I like it very much!

  • sherrihoung:

    I like it very much!

  • miamigurl123:

    I feel this video makes a few solid points. First, no one should be consuming 1000 or less calories a day. It’s not only ridiculous, but unhealthy and could be potentially fatal (yes, I said it).
    Second, the fact that you can eat 4 or 5 smaller meals and still come out with around the same calories speaks loads. Eating meals would be far more satisfying than eating cookies.

  • niwanthiumara:

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  • daniellemackenzie629:

    could you just use regular cookies i you eat like 5 a day

  • stitchergary:

    Good for the both of you… I’m 99.9% vegan.. It is such a healthy lifestyle…

  • DramaDon83:

    Ohh…You two are true soulmates!…

  • neilhack10:

    Great guys…very positive, keep spreading the idea.

  • LarryCook333:

    @kimberlily1983 thank you for sharing!

  • kimberlily1983:

    Yay! I love watching these kinds of videos, seeing people make this positive change in their lives. I’ve found the same thing, that I got less sick as a vegetarian, and I’ve only been vegan for 2 and half months now, so it’s premature to make claims regarding my immune system, but I can make other claims: I have more energy, and I no longer get acne! The change from cutting out dairy has been amazing…

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