Glucose Insulin and Diabetes

The fundamentals of Form I and Kind II diabetes
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    thanks man

  • 212jbh:

    It’s actually not the ‘great majority’ of cells: brain, smooth muscle (stomach, colon etc), kidney, spleen, all DON’T need insulin to absorb glucose.
    Skeletal muscle is the only one that needs insulin (it uses GLUT4 channels)

  • WerewolfSlayer91:

    Kahn academy has some mind opening videos. This simple video unlocked alot of question and my previous facts i had in my head, but couldn’t just fit tm into the right picture. This video elegant and simple. And the funny thing is – i went to a tripp to neightbouring country and i bought cheap candy- and the only thing i have eaten today- and he says, you donbt want to much sugar in ur blood because its dammageing ^^. well ill get myshelf some real food really quick.

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    Sal, you are the man! Thanks to you and and your team, from NYC.

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    …..the Wrath of Khan… =D

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    @3aDaNy21 I agree. Sal makes it so clear and simple. He is AMAZING!

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    i want to study organic chemistry but its so dam compllicated

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    @SpoiledLogic Well my friend, there are HUNDREDS of sources that you could look up. Rick Simpsons documentary for example. heres a clip of what it can cure watch?v=qfJGsuxZN_s&feature=related You should also watch ‘The union’ Both are free on youtube. You can go to google and look up thc and diabetes or cancer. There are studies that say that it creates new brain cells /watch?v=Y74OeLxUL9Y good luck and SMOKE UP!

  • balajimalpani:

    So excess sugar leads to the insulin receptors being desensitised?

  • Pimpmastahanhduece:

    good pointing out something most dont get about diabetes who dont have it themselves, theres almost never people who cant uptake glucose. were aerobic, and glucose is the simplest energy source and every aerobic and photosynthetic organism on the planet is compatible with it. the receptors can only be desensitized unless you are suffering a chronic episode. but even then, youll more likely enter a coma rather than just have all your cells die of fuel end suffocation.

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    amazing God bless you. You really are working to serve a cause kudos to you Sir
    no, orof. can even explain like the way you do.

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    what do you do to know all???

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    I came on youtube (guiltily procrastinating) and your videos saved that! They’re exellent, thank you kindly.

  • Pen2AndyP:

    Reducing the amount of carbohydrates you eat can reduce the amount of insulin your body will produce, effectively helping the body become more sensitized to insulin again. It’s a much better solution than to inject more insulin to your body, which would just make your body more greedy for it in the long run, but of course, this would mean a high-fat, protein and low carb diet. It’d make us have less glucose in our body overall, especially since all carbs turn to glucose starting in the mouth.

  • staticbb:

    @Vaylemn no evidence to support that….

    Heath, R.G., et al. “Cannabis Sativa: Effects on Brain Function and Ultrastructure in Rhesus Monkeys.” Biological Psychiatry 15 (1980): 657-690.


    Ali, S.F., et al. “Chronic Marijuana Smoke Exposure in the Rhesus Monkey IV: Neurochemical Effects and Comparison to Acute and Chronic Exposure to Delta-9-Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) in Rats.” Pharmacology Biochemistry and Behavior 40 (1991): 677-82.

  • SpoiledLogic:

    @127miles how?

  • 127miles:

    @Vaylemn LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLLOLOLOLOLOLOLL. HAHAHAHAHA ‘kills brain cells’ I shall recommend you take a dose of this vid /watch?v=hoK6NztH3eQ Don’t let lies poison your mind my friend. I hope you thank me when your convinced. Oh and if that doesn’t cure your ignorance watch Rick Simpson or the vid on my channel :) good luck and smoke up!

  • Vaylemn:

    @127miles Smoking weed also kills brain cells.

  • 127miles:

    Smoking weed prevents this!

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    Thank you

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    Although I’m not a biology student,I do remember taking these in high school.I have to say that the way you explained it is brilliant and very clear.Thank you so much for helping spread free education for all.MAY ALLAH BLESS YOU

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    same video again?

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    First one to view and comment.

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