RAW FOOD DIET – How I got into raw foods! (part one)

Store.daily life-regenerator.com *Click Right here 4 NOTES! http * DONATE.existence-regenerator.com * http *This is Part One particular of a video that explains how I got into juicing and the raw food diet regime….make confident to also examine out Part TWO here! www.youtube.com .

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  • ForViewingOnly:

    Hard to know what to write in this comments box that will do this video justice, other than ‘Thank You’. Total love and respect to you, Dan the Man.

  • satellitetune:

    I liked your video very much.

  • gwk4657:

    I liked your video very much.

  • Angelwise11:

    Thanks for sharing

  • ahtnamasnworb:

    “You love the weed, but you hate what it does to your life”. That can be applied to so many life situations

  • 19ClairCognizance87:

    @TheMorningCoffee hypnosis?

  • Videodeathtyl:


  • milkmannen:

    This is the best and most touching video I’ve ever seen. Thanks a lot for sharing things like these.

  • rayray7269:


  • GunzDonovan:

    No man… you rock! Dan it takes a lot of courage to come out & be totally honest
    like u just did. You didnt have to. You dont owe anybody anything. But its awesome, I mean really awesome that you did. Your honesty & ability to be truthful to yourself & others is admirable. Im totally digging it. Never give up, & always keep up the good fight. Peace and love bro.
    We all have demons we’re working with, everyones demons are different, but we all have them in one for or another.

  • LindseyE525:

    You are ridiculous, hysterical, nuts, and awesome. Thanks for sharing this with us.

  • djnach8:

    can you recommend a good liver detox juice and how long should I do it for?…Much appreciatted…Thanks

  • Changeling2011:

    Amazing story Dan! Thanks for sharing it with us :-)

  • eojadiius:

    you are so awesome
    thanks for uploading this

  • fitlifetv:

    Love it!!

  • mchalo188:

    yeah Dan you rock man ! cool as ya like my friend i’m in a similar situation with weed i love the stuff but it slows me down from who i really am and i know this all too well, i smoke it to regularly so its abuse i’d say while at the same time i’ve always been fit trainning in boxing football and swimming. smoking weed always rumbles my routine and most occasions my day! raw foods is something new for me thanx for your videos your a true inspiration :)


    dont get too popular dan or the government are gonna get ya!

    keep on preaching bro

  • Peekingduck:

    Thanks !

  • marthanyc:

    @Peekingduck essene gospel of truth just google it.

  • leeczur:

    greetings brother. couple questions. ever since i started going raw i’ve been getting what looks like little mosquito bites or something that looks like mild chicken pox… & i don’t have bed bugs.haha. but i read that juicing can flood your body with nutrients until it is overflowing which can have negative repercussions.. including forming allergic reactions to some vegetables. plus i’ve read the body needs balance with the fibers from the vegetables. Dr Mercola suggests only juicing 3x a week

  • rogelio67:

    mexican chicken fajitas,,,,

  • misseptember:

    not sure which one is worst alcoholism or religion ahah

  • jissa683:

    I subbed , thanks worth watching

  • Yedgarian:

    I relate so much with your life!! thanks a million for sharing such personal stuff.. x

  • crizpy9119:

    Wow. Amazing story, I just gained even more respect for you, and I already had a lot. Thanks so much for sharing this. Funny enough, I just came across the Essene Gospel of Peace yesterday and have been hooked ever since. Then I came across this. Funny how that works. Now I want to read it even more. Thanks for all you do Dan. Peace

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