Jimmy Moore Asks Carnie Wilson About Low-Carb In Her 2010 Weight Loss Efforts

Invited by producers of “The Dr. Oz Present” to participate in a conference contact with singer/truth present star Carnie Wilson, www.livinlavidalowcarb.com author Jimmy Moore was able to inquire Carnie about her latest efforts to shed the pounds in 2010 following the birth of her little one. Jimmy inquired about the role of reduced-carb nutrition in her quest to bring her weight back down again and she responded with some shocking feedback about how consuming carbohydrates negatively influence her entire body.
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14 Responses to “Jimmy Moore Asks Carnie Wilson About Low-Carb In Her 2010 Weight Loss Efforts”

  • Travisevian:

    It’s good that she’s incorporating more whole grains and complex carbohydrates like brown rice into her diet. I’m glad that she mentioned gluten and gluten-free foods but I wonder if she’s been tested for celiac disease, which is associated with obesity. She mentioned losing quick weight, feeling better and having more energy when eating less gluten. Nonetheless, I wish her the best.


  • i8beachglass:

    carnie i feel your pain , i have the same weight issues and its not easy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i wish you all the best and see yourself at the finish line and youll get there!!!!you are such an amazing energy and beautiful to look at as well- you go girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!wishing you success

  • Jibbie49:

    50% of people who have WLS gain all the weight back again after 2 years, so she’s not unusual.

  • gchance:

    “Please proceed with your question”. Carnie gained almost all her weight back post-surgery.

  • shsu97:

    I love how jimmy was not push….he just congradulated her on doing something…for just simply taking action.

    i’ve just eating 4 pecan mini mini tarts and after listening to this i know to get up and move & choose something lite for the next meal…to do something…Jimmy has done it again.

  • georgiatavira:

    Great video! I agree, you have a gift in being able to talk to people, and you do it very well!

    Thanks for sharing this video.

  • rachiebaby24:

    great! you have a talent for interview!

    i hope she is not trying to do limited carb and low fat at the same time – I sure wouldn’t be able to keep that up! best wishes to her though – we all have to find what works and roll with it!

  • kaziemae:

    I too hope you get an extended interview with her….
    I like Carnie, but I will say she isn’t listening to her body… she said she lost what 50 lbs basically eating low carb… but she couldn’t live like that forever…she should watch your videos.. doing low carb is easy..low carb bagels are available, breads,etc. it boggles my mind that someone with weightloss surgery has such struggles. eating low carb is healthy and clean guess she has to do what works for her , even if it is slow wt. loss

  • Texa41:

    My body doesn’t like dairy/sugar/flour/gluten either. When I don’t eat it, I feel WONDERFUL!

  • mzrey:

    Awesome dude!!! :D

  • TheNewChristina:

    Great interview, Jimmy! :)

  • WORRO01:

    awesome brother!! way to go@!

  • livinlowcarbman:

    Would have LOVED having an extended interview with Carnie…maybe someday. :)

  • phatpanda00:

    Great interview!!

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