Healthy Weight Loss Tips – Nutrition by Natalie

Be My Pal – Healthful Weight Loss Guidelines – Diet by Natalie eleven simple adjustments you can make to your diet and daily life fashion to loss fat and increase your Wellness. Some just diet alterations can make a large difference.

Meet’s Excess weight Reduction Showcased Challenger Ilana. View her individual videos as she fights to eliminate the final 25 pounds soon after she as soon as obtained eighty. We place her on the nutrisystem diet program and gave her a workout regimen. Watch her struggle, rejoice, have fun, work out and best of all lose excess weight. This is a actuality video weblog. There are no actors concerned.
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  • ahsan56716:

    Hi, awesome video. You will have better results with Intellectus 424 diet (Search google) You can probably download it for free. The results are outstanding! I quickly lost all unwanted weight.

  • wisesakura:

    It’s just food…. Once you conquer your food addictions, you discover there is so much joy in other activities as well as in healthy foods. Your taste buds actually awaken and everything starts to taste so good! I’m now 90% raw and it’s awesome! My mind is so clear, I feel much more intelligent and sharp. My memory has improved!!!

  • aefb16:

    type in “give me 4 week abs” in the search box and click on the video with hearts in the title to learn how to get a 6 pack in 4 weeks.

  • noahmendoza9:

    @Gastaroll Everybodies body is different. Biggest tip! “Stay away from the sugar! “Soda, number one. Any fried foods, hamburgers and french fries. “McDonalds!” Stay under 2000 calories a day. Exercise,dont eat at night.

  • Gastaroll:

    I am not an American and I don’t eat GMO’s. I am not even overweight. I just wanna know what’s good for me ;)

  • s0mar25:

    HI, could any one please tell me is SUBWAY good for health? or is it just another junck food item

  • TheCubanassasin:

    OMG!!! as soon as she said to stop eating after eight i dropped my pizza to the floor, god damn it

  • tnguyen318:

    Cooking is what Chefs do. You go out to eat. There is what we call McDonald’s and Taco Bell. Healthy Vegetarian and Subway For everyday.

    Family of 6 every meal.
    $200.00 for a weeks Dinner (7 days).
    $200.00 for a weeks Breakfast (7days).
    $200.00 for a weeks Lunch (7 days).
    Add dish-washing = $625.00

    Compared to 6 people eating $6.00 Fast Food meal.
    3 meals a day = $18.00 x 6 = $108.00
    $108 A Day x 7 = $756 dollars a week.
    Feeds 6 people without needing to wash dishes and clean up.

  • PlainSeason:

    Well,i’m NOT from america. I’m from europe ^^

  • hashimotto:

    Somebody tell Natalie that my cum also has very few calories, so I would like her to slurp on my wet cum glazed penis while making gag noises.

  • hallowedbeeddie:

    best video in youtube. She is an angel

  • YunqHunniie0654:

    I’m not overweight. Actually, i’m average. All my friends tell me i’m skinny. I’m not skinny. Like i said, i’m average. Average isnt good enough. I want to be super-model thin. I’m 13 so yeah…I’m influenced easily by the media. Now they cover it up and say “Be yourself”, but those same people are PERFECT so its contradicting. It’s also sending miced messages like “be yourself (when you know you look good)”. Anyway (i’m gettin off track), i’m watching this cause i can, not cause im overweight!

  • trustinher:


    I think you misunderstand the term Organic Food.
    It refers to foods that are free of modern synthetic inputs such as pesticides and chemical fertilizers.
    It is natural food.
    What you refer to as “less expensive, natural good” are the chemically contaminated foods that are sold at most stores
    Natural, Organic foods now cost more because it takes more time and effort to harvest crop naturally, without the use of modern and destructive technology
    Im sorry if I come off rude.

  • Hulkamaniac418:

    What about sports drinks? I always hear about the electrolytes and such, but don’t they have high fructose corn syrup?

  • Emoshons:

    omg :C these were my favorite videos to watch back in 2007 :)

  • SilverSalvatore:

    i love her

  • fitnesslossweight:

    Great video! I need to try this out.

  • roytheboy3:

    @RavenSpiritChild organic = natural -.-

  • chamer1:

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  • FatReleaseSystem:

    Nice job on the video looks good. When you have time come visit my channel!

  • RavenSpiritChild:

    I am sorry but I really think the Organic Food is a hoax. There is absolutely nothing wrong with Natural Food. Natural vegetables are just as healthy….I think we all need to go back to the land and take care of our own foods, that way we are aware of what goes into them. The hype about all this health food is nothing more than a way to get us to spend more money on something we really don’t need!

  • iggam0306:

    Wow! Thanks for the great ideas. I think they will go very well with the program I’m using through the reallifeforhealth website. Their system is really easy to use and it does everything. They have 1000′s of different recipes to choose from and they help you build a fitness and nutrition plan that suits your goals. I’m happy that there’s no fad diets, pills, or required supplements. I’m really impressed with it, especially since they offer a free trial.

  • MzBarbiiebella:

    @changingmyself that so truueee !

  • gitiyup:

    2 Day Detox Diet

  • naminegirl21:

    whenever i want a sweet, i go after a kiwi…those are super sweet and tart!

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  • abusharif:

    i wonder wat happened then,i’m sure she got her goal weight but i hope she posts an update a year later, she’s so cute.

  • sombergreg:

    Good . But I lost over 30 lb in one month using weight loss plan from LSWEIGHT(.)INFO

    what a load of $hit

  • ap0307:

    Watch my top ten pump up songs on my channel.

  • gunmaster1981:

    marry me ;0)

  • TonyaTko:

    This was very inspirational and uplifting, I may incorporate some of this into my fitness competion

    Thanks for this

  • kdmb:

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    ___ ___ my username there is Emma-tkcgbeovis chat soon ;)

  • 54spiritedwill54:

    keep up the good work. I think it is great what you are doing. You can do it!

  • allineva12:

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  • jklfds85:

    Yeah, it’s sad that bigger people don’t get as much attention, and I noticed that in my own life, but a very inspiring person/nutritionist once said: “TELL ME IT CAN’T BE DONE, AND WATCH ME DO IT !!”

  • RocketCrockett:

    You are an inspiration to others. You are doing a very good job, keep it up. Also, you are very pretty.

  • choppermfg:

    loose weight and get one at the same time do a seach on you tube for 3g stepper . com

  • muritkayungan:

    me too….. always infront of the computer.. =)

  • sekseemindee:

    i know i’m like 2 months late from this post, but i still support you.. cuz you can’t ever be too healthy!! shoo i wish i was as active as you cuz i usually don’t leave my computer all day anymore lol. well not lol…grr.

  • penguinhui:

    hey i’m 106 and 5’2 and i don’t feel fat so whoever said that 93 on a 5’0 is obese is totally off. You must be anorexic or something.

  • 12345678abcdefg:

    Nasty side effects with Alli (they call them “Treatment Effects”!! For something healthy and FAST, consider nutritional cleansing! Find out more at CleanseTechnology(DOT)com. It REALLY works.

  • jabjab1234:

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  • carolcurtinccc:

    Wishing you success!!

  • toki211:

    yeah i know. 93 is even a bit underweight for a 5’0 girl.

  • istanbulbogazi77:

    hey! i try to lose weight,too. i gained like 15 kilos which is a lot because i had a back problem so i took a lot freaking medecines and i couln’t move a lot. but your video is encouraging for me also:)

  • hollypear:

    Well you are being a jerk. 93 lbs on this girl’s build???? Are you crazy, she would have to be anorexic.

  • billford2593:

    your so inspiering

  • carmellawilliams:

    You are doing a Wonderful Job! Keep up the Good Work!:):):):)

  • badderthanyou:

    Not trying to be a jerk, but shouldn’t the goal be to lose 70 pounds? 163lbs on a 5’6″ frame is still obese and not healthy at all.

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