Type Two Diabetes Cases Expected to Explode

THE Stating GOES — Everything IS Alright IN MODERATION. BUT IT Appears SOME OF US — ARE REACHING FOR OUR SUGARY DRINKS Much Also Frequently — AND ITS Influencing OUR Health — AND OUR Economy. NOVEMBER IS DIABETES Recognition Thirty day period — AND Medical doctors AND Scientists ARE Employing THE TIME — TO Situation A WARNING. Sort TWO DIABETES IS Predicted TO EXPLODE Over THE Next DECADE — IF WE Never Change OUR Techniques. A-Information REPORTER ERIN GLAZIER HAS THE Tale.

Novice movie captures the power of the tsunami’s arrival in Japan. The waves devastate entire blocks in Miyagi Prefecture, with some residents narrowly escaping, as captured by this photographer. (March 14)

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  • jtking2504:

    I’m v concerned about ppl using any kinds of drugs for diabetes 2. Diabetes has been shown to be curable, i it is a lifestyle disease & can only be cured with lifestyle change. Drugs simply mask symptoms & do nothing to treat actual cause, they are useless at best & have been shown in studies to be linked to heart attacks/failure. My father had Type 2 diabetes & he died of a heart attack a few years ago. I remember being v concerned seeing him taking diabetes drugs, I never believed in drugs

  • lowaces:

    they should criminalze obesity and throw the fat pigs in a prison / hospital camp until they can reintegrate themselves into proper society

  • SunPuppet:

    Tax us for consuming “bad food?” Wouldn’t it be cheaper and unpredictably more beneficial to; educate us what is bad. I mean; if they know so much better, right?
    I do not mean this type of education. (this “news”)
    I mean: we do wrong as a result of ignorance, if we ‘knew’ better we would most likely chose not to ‘consume it.’
    Tax this, tax that, tax tax.
    Lazy humans.

  • SunPuppet:

    I am not an expert, tough I found this a little misleading. (boy talking about type 1 Diabetes, for fear?)
    Diabetes mellitus type 2 – formerly non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus (NIDDM) or adult-onset diabetes – is a metabolic disorder that is characterized by high blood glucose in the context of insulin resistance and relative insulin deficiency.[2] Diabetes is often initially managed by increasing exercise and dietary modification. As the condition progresses, medications may be needed.

  • LulzCrafter:

    @LulzCrafter Lmao it was funny =P I mean all those houses washed away and people r like WTF!! :O

  • sub07100:

    @LulzCrafter fuck u!!!!!!!! this shit aint funny fuck n fag -_-

  • Lbenjammin:

    @StretchinBack I agree. God wouldn’t punish like this.

  • LulzCrafter:

    To be honest I think it was kinda funny! =P

  • TheXiantruth:

    @rg0057 Are you still at it fool? Damn! Your momma REALLY didn’t love you did she?

  • GTKJNow:

    @TheXiantruth Thank you for your comments. I will now have a great ETERNAL reward in heaven and you will have a great eternal reward in HELL and in THELAKE OF FIRE. As they had done to the prophets before me so have you done to me :-) Whooopeee!!!!

  • password181189:

    8 people are justin bieber fans who just want to see him scream baby baby bay ohh!

  • mindsmirror:

    @285507 What’s sad is the fact that you’re actually telling me that something is a fact when you have no evidence for it being a fact. The reason it “fits” so well in your opinion is because of something called confirmation bias. If you bought into a different ideology you’d be telling me how well it fits that other ideology. Until you can demonstrate that I should believe you using a source other than the one you’re trying to prove, you’ll have to understand that I’m going to laugh at you.

  • mindsmirror:

    @285507 I’ve already read it. Please, read the Quran and prove it wrong, lol. There are a lot more gods than just your own, all of which you reject without actually disproving. Why should I believe the claims of your special book over the claims of the hundreds of other special books? If you can only answer that with a justification that comes from the book you’re trying to justify then you’re using circular logic my friend.

  • 285507:

    @mindsmirror its sad that you think that way because thats why god is testing us,
    there is a god, a verry strong powerful god, you may not see him but we can sure feel him, and god is dong this to warn us to get prepaird for his soon to come arrival, prove me wrong, read the whole chapter of revelation and compare what the book talks abut to whats going on right now,

  • mindsmirror:

    @285507 If there is a god, it allowed this to happen and knew it would. It damn well deserves to be brought into this. Fortunately for all of us, no such god exists. Because if an omnipotent being does exist, it’s a piece of shit for creating such a place.

  • 285507:

    God shouldn’t be brought in to this. It’s humans ignorance

  • soyounoat:

    Again a tragic natural disaster sparks the arguments between rational people and religious retards. It turns out that the self-proclaimed “conservative” religious people have become the evil force they claim is threatening everyone in the US. They will make damn sure the prophecies of theirs will come true. Meanwhile, earthquakes and the water they push around will happen – have been happening for billions of years, and are relatively tiny forces in the Solar system.

  • MrTheaterjunkee:

    he gave them 103 fucking years to decide you prick. why do you persist in blaming God, he is allowing that which you serve to have his way with you slowly but surely. this earthquake is just the begginning, wait until God gives the arch nemesis full access to the elements, then we will all be shitting bricks. no eyes but God has fully seen the evil done under the sun, let man reap what he has sown. hitler was once a child who eventually became a monster so spare me the women and children bs.

  • 3repeat:

    Life is sad within narrow
    Life is funny within far

  • IHateTheArmy21:

    So God saves 8 people in a boat. Wonder how many that left to die, I guarantee you it wasnt just grown men that died either. He supposedly constructed a plan to wipe out countless men, women and children. Why would he feel any differently now?

  • IHateTheArmy21:

    Before I type this, I am not agreeing or disagreeing with any of you. I have my own “jesus” beliefs that are none of your business. However, I do like debate regardless of which side I take. Now something to think about. Several say it was mans fault for the disaster, others say God. “But why would God kill babies?!” Let us say it was God, why do you think he cares if he kills babies. In 4990BC God supposedly flooded the earth (Noah’s Ark, for those of you that don’t follow.) con’t…..

  • markrod420:

    @StretchinBack holy crap look. its a voice of reason in a torrent of religious zealots. Thank you friend.

  • chris19770602:

    USA and Britian used their “Tidal Wave” Weapon to murder thousands of Japanese.

    Nuke Plants were used to cover up the bomb and the justification for the radiation as a result of the explosion under water.

    IS WHAT THEY HAVE PLANNED FOR US. SO GET READY, SERIOUSLY. What you saw below is what happened to 30,000 dead so far that they know about. A DEATH PENALTY CRIME? YOU BETCHA!

  • NeutralNegotiator:

    @endthedisease Yes it is sad, but what would be sadder is to watch your entire town AND your family being swept away by the ocean. At least I hope the guy filming this was up there with all his people, and i hope that all the screams around are only for the properties lost…
    And one reminder: since we have not yet the tech to leave this planet, may we not forget that nothing is for sure. Something tells me we wouldnt like to sit here and see for ourselves what happened to the dinosaurs

  • MightyKunibert:

    @100PETEDAHEAT its good to know how intelligent you are… . idiot

  • DesertFoX91:

    @endthedisease Yes I was in the epicenter of the Chile earthquake last year which was 8.8, roughly 2 degrees less compared to this one. the epicenter was in the ocean and the tsunami wave that entered the city was mostly similar to this one, the difference is that the whole thing happened at 3:34am so the night didn’t make recording possible. Look up for footage of the aftermath. our whole city got swept by the ocean yet my grandpa’s house stood its ground… lucky me

  • MonkeyIron:

    @StretchinBack I agree with you dude; and there are two posibilities: this people really hate, or they are unable to give their view without sounding like hate due to their somewhat social isolation.
    Christian vision is (briefly) more like, once a time earth was perfect, but mankind’s evil sickened it. Jesus propouses a way to recover the original state of perfection by the transformation of men’s heart. That’s all. Now, just calling yourself a “christian” doesn’t guarantees anything…

  • StretchinBack:

    Actually, i ran out of permitted characters for my comment so I just threw in the hate thing.
    But if you read some of the christian responses sent to me, there sure are a lot of believers who seem to have fallen from grace. Their wonderful words sound a lot like HATE.

  • StretchinBack:

    Just read some of the heretic verbiage responded to me, it sure sounds like God has abandoned us all and we’re currently living in Hell.

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