Lapband Week 35 Post op

week 35 submit op. OMG, I will need that breast reduction now…
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  • ppalmer35:

    @bandadventure Guy those hiccups can be brutal sometimes…You know the saying “what you resist will persist”. I had to give up and let Matilda have her way….lol Patty

  • bandadventure:

    Okay, I can truly relate now regarding the soft stop…

  • ppalmer35:

    @bandadventure My soft stop is when I get the hiccups while eating. This tells me to back up from the plate and evaluate how I am feling. Do I really need to eat more food or do I just WANT to eat more food…I try not to go past this point or I will be miserable…..Maybe someone else will post about their soft stop….Patty

  • ppalmer35:

    @redqtpie77 Thanks for commenting. I didn’t know how else to convey what I went through….lol Patty

  • ppalmer35:

    @whinsong Thanks Patience..I’m just so glad to be past that period…

  • bandadventure:

    Congrats on your 9 lb weight loss. My sister you are so funny although I know you are serious regarding the reflux. Tell me, what is soft stop? It is wonderful to hear that you are feeling better and that you and Matilda are learning how to work together.

  • redqtpie77:

    OMG hun you are so funny. I”ve been there girl.

  • ppalmer35:

    @moviestartaal be thankfful that you have not experienced the Big PB….Thanks for commenting…Patty

  • moviestartaal:

    LOL..i never had a pb. and i love picking out the sexy panties!! You are too funny!

  • whinsong:

    Palmer you are so funny…this video is hilarious

  • ppalmer35:

    @blakkandi Thanks for the talk Diana….I really appreciate your wisdom and kindness..

  • ppalmer35:

    @Waiting2Exxhale Thanks…Girl P.I.T.A is right but she and I are understanding each other more and more…I am already a subbie and friends with ya…..Prayers are going up for an uneventful surgery for you. Feel free to email me anytime….Patty

  • Waiting2Exxhale:



  • blakkandi:

    Patty I love this video and I’m here to tell ya I experience the very same thing. Call me we can talk.

  • romina9983:

    @ppalmer35 glad to hear it has gotten a lot better. i know that i hate when people tell me to have fill removed. you know your body better than anyone else and i’m sure you’ll know if its too much. i have 6cc and i refuse to have any out, i think its perfect so i know what you mean. i wish the surgeon told me more about that patient, and i can’t remember what he did tell me, but i know his point was to scare me lol and it did. it did take me over 4 weeks before i felt okay after my last fill.

  • ppalmer35:

    @msdeev1 I agree that the fill may have been a little too much, but it has loosened up some and I changed some habits to alleviate those discomforts. It was a bumpy ride…..Thanks for commenting………Patty

  • ppalmer35:

    @ctrygirl555 Thanks Tina, I watched a lot of videos too. It helps to have some insight……..Patty

  • ppalmer35:

    @romina9983 I was concerned at first too, Romina. Things loosened up a bit and I had to change some old habits. Matilda is very tempermental and I am treating her with kid gloves. I do believe that this fill has me at the “sweet spot” it’s been a little while coming. Email me the story, I could use a good dose of the reality of my actions…Thanks for commenting…..Patty

  • romina9983:

    patti, your video concerned me! i’m glad you are happy and losing weight but i think you have too much fill. you shouldn’t be throwing up water like that at night especially after a few weeks after a fill. sounds like textbook definition of overfill. be careful! my surgeon scared me and told me a story about the only bariatric patient he had being a lapband patient with an overfill.

  • ctrygirl555:

    LOL P I love you , lol girl you keep it real, and I love that. Thanks for everything you share, Being Pre Lap Band I am constant in viewing video’s to Learn everything that I can. i take all the information and store it for when I get My WLS date. Take care I hope you feel great and keep fighting the fight. Take care Love Tina

  • msdeev1:

    Good on you for losing the weight. You are working it. I need to get on that C25K.
    My loss has been at a standstill for over a month now. I’m getting my 2nd fill on Dec.1. I’m hoping it picks up after the fill.
    I tried some turkey wings too after seeing Blakkandi’s recipe that gave me my first PB episode. Ugggghhh!!! I threw the rest out.
    I’m no expert but it sounds to me like you may be just a little over filled with all the PB’ing and water mishap.

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