How to Choose Arginine Heart Nutrition — Arginine Health supplements are not all the same. It ought to be liquid, have Vitamin D, Omegas, fulvic minerals, and strong antioxidants to quench the oxidation method of nitric oxide creation. nitric oxide heart failure heart condition coronary heart disorder…
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  • eMediaNow:

    WRONG…You don’t have to have it in the liquid form. As long as you take pure Arginine and Citrulline along with an antioxidant it works perfect…I’m living proof….Don’t be suckered by overpriced pre made solutions

  • soulmambo:

    Fruit sugar or any sugar inhibits the action of arginine. I wouldn’t be so sure this was a good product. I am using Larginine plus and so far am happy.I will see.proarginine is another or you can buy bulk but you’d better know your mixing ratios. Be well all

  • angelo212:

    I wonder why this guppy never answered you.

  • litebug12345:

    When I found out I had high cholesterol & my doctor discussed the option of prescription meds, I thought, NO WAY. I know too much about the mass-marketed, poorly regulated greed mongering of Big Pharma. I have known people who have experienced numbness in their limbs, liver damage, even permanent memory loss. I have always believed in nature and in natural solutions, and I still do. Sterolyn is working for me, in a safe way that I trust.

  • legros11:

    Dr. Louis Ignarro, Author, noble peace prize that you mention stated a combination of “citrulline, Taurine, L-arginine, and antioxidants” for his Nitric oxide therapy, and your endorsing Cardio-klenze which seems to mimic his scientific research, yet no citrulline in your ingredients ? Can you explain the ommitance ? An answer would be greatly appreciated ! Thank You….

  • pinklavigne231:

    OMG, the blonde kid looks like my boyfriend’s brother!!!

  • Care1290:

    At 1:12 he looks like a hot dr

  • onkeymaytree:

    I want to hear his heart too

  • CongDanhVip:

    They’re 7 years old and they aren’t know anything about heart beat!

  • HISServant68:

    I think they need stethoscope lessons

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