What Are Whole Foods vs Processed Foods, Nutrition, Wellness, Weight Loss

What Are Entire Meals vs Processed Foods, Nutrition, Wellness, Weight Loss What are variances among entire food items and processed food items? What are total meals? How can total food items aid with fat loss? Do processed foods, refined food items or rapidly foods lead to weight problems and fat achieve? How can you shop for whole meals? Right here are some tips for ingesting a lot more whole food items. This video clip was produced by Psychetruth www.youtube.com twitter.com www.facebook.com www.myspace.com New music By Scotty B © Copyright 2011 Target Public Media LLC. All Rights Reserved. Complete food what are vs processed diet wellness bodyweight reduction acquire being overweight refined rapidly ideas psychetruth

Understanding the function of foods labeling and advertising
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  • ilow20:

    Many of the points are fair but off the point. You should point out some good processed food that is long lasting like white rice or rice, some low sugar cereal, oats, porridge which is the one cereal with less than the 10g/0.3 oz per 100g/3.5 oz that you need otherwise it is too high in sugar.

    The ingredients are there 2 make it last long enough, if you want real food buy it from a farmers, market, online from a farmer. A major store like Walmart, I think is not going 2 be the same/as cheap

  • ilow20:

    I know processed foods can be more unhealthy as they contain lots of ‘e numbers’, long list of stuff in it. But they exists because people are busy and want their food to last more than 1-2 days and you can keep it and it not go off and rot quickly.
    The industry is filling a need to have stuff last longer as people don’t spend time going to the market every day.
    Some of the better processed food could be store veg as chemicals I think are added to keep it looking green and fresh too…

  • CorrinaLovesJazz:

    @NiceAznBoy You can find me on facebook: Corrina Rachel Glad you liked it!

  • CorrinaLovesJazz:

    @queenfrostine97 Ohh… you’re right!! It’s a general rule of thumb, but once in a while there are whole foods with some advertising. :D

  • queenfrostine97:

    what about bananas? hahaha i see the chaqita banana commercial all the time and those are whole foods

  • wilatemodel:

    ..great rack…

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  • NiceAznBoy:

    thanks Karina! ^_^ ♥♥♥
    do you have a website or a twitter account?

  • bqeelite24:

    I like your definition of what is a processed foods and what is a whole foods and how you explain between the 2,great video.

  • StMaule:

    @MrAtheist1984 No question is a stupid question. I want the facts. In psychetruth style/ point format. Thats better than some guy comming on TV who wants you to spend money on his product saying “Duh, diets don’t work” with out giving any cridible info. (and the girls are cute too ;p)

  • MrAtheist1984:

    @StMaule Thats a stupid question you could have just as asked does diet coke or pepsi.

  • KommenSieSpielster:

    I really like this video, you were great at conveying the differences between whole and processed foods, but didn’t Natalie already make a video similar to this?
    You both mention alot of the same points, but obviously, you’re speaking on the same subject, lol. Nevertheless, you mention alot of noteworthy facts. Thank you!

  • happosai27:

    @H0tkebab ah yes. i couldn’t remember the name. but thats not really an excuse if google is just a click away i guess

  • H0tkebab:


    Jack Lalanne said that. Hes a legend.

  • H0tkebab:

    Jack Lalanne would be proud of this video. =)

  • ArjunaTulasi:

    @happosai27 they are not humans they eat humans and make fake poisonfood to us so we dont see whats going on.

  • MrMaryJanes:

    I can’t stand how cute she is.

  • StMaule:

    Do diets work? Do a video on that

  • BookWormArielle:

    Love your videos! always good stuff!

  • wingzero8919:

    Your videos are amazing, your unbelievably intelligent and I fully support you and psychetruth. I am really glad there is something worth watching online.

  • ArtRoom:

    Thank you for promoting healthy food.!

  • Mowglibaloo2:

    What is better 2% milk or homogenized?Thanks

  • mrjo0e1:

    @sychkid starving people should eat the fat people

  • mrjo0e1:

    @cryingflower gym in school is shit now…banned dodgeball, tag any sport that involves contact…now we have cup stacking

  • TheIrocube:

    im a overweight 15 year old my self.. 5 feet 11 inches tall 247 pounds.. and i think food is the main problem the fatty unhealthy foods and the games children play.. like right now people play on computers and xbox and stuff just sitting around plus the eating. and its also genes tbh. im overweight but im not huge..

  • SlumberCloud:

    @sychkid “suffer” from obesity?

  • gamer1337omg:

    @MondoBeno dont belive annything you are told and just half of what you see.

  • MondoBeno:

    @gamer1337omg Do you work with kids as part of your job? Do you have to make accommodations for overweight kids?

    As for your comments, why are you so offended? I’m welcome to write my opinions, and if you don’t like it, too bad. Since you live outside the USA, it’s none of your business anyway.

  • gamer1337omg:

    1. okay
    2. do some more resreach
    3. okay
    4. are you stupid?
    5 why?

    this would not effect me in anny way norway ftw

  • gamer1337omg:

    on my school there are 3ppl that are overweigth and we are 400 in the school :3

  • PipweedTheGreat:

    haha listen to this silly gay white guy talking shit, u can tell by his voice and the way hes sitting that hes gay. only faggots talk like him

  • bparker65:

    Rock on aslara!

  • MondoBeno:

    Here’s some ideas:

    1. Stop serving processed foods in school lunches.
    2. Ban soda machines from schools.
    3. Ban processed-food advertisements from targeting children.
    4. Put a tax on video games.
    5. Allow individual states and cummunities to tax soda and sweets.

  • 2010golakers:

    is sasa bad for you

  • geir44:


    You are fat. I can feel it.

  • frogger1017:

    oj is just as bad as soda

  • Aurra994:

    This crap about vending machines needs to stop. If they want kids to choose OJ over soda, then make the cost help them choose. When I was still in high school, OJ was 50 cents more than a soda. OJ was $1.50. Coming from a low income family, I had to get the pop because it cost less (got $2.00 a day for lunch and school lunch was $5.00). It was vending machines or nothing. I’d rather eat from the machines than go hungry.

    Just as a side note, I currently weigh 121 lbs and I’m 22 yrs old. Not fat.

  • Aslara:

    To all of you, who are ranting how cruel is to insult obese people-please, stop thinking, that is always with the purpose to make them feel bad.No, it is not.But what do you expect-to say bravo to them for being fat?Most obese people are obese because if their unhealthy habits.Maybe they should not being insulted but we must not lie to them either.To lie to them that everything is fine would be hypocricity.Being fat is not good for health.So please don rant how cruel we are to them.

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  • somewhatunder:

    childhood obesity should not be the problem of the government. If parents would actually take a initiative in their children’s lives then they could fix the problem.

  • thomasinnorway:


    European food has little to no sugar in it? They sell the same sweets, coka cola and other drinks, redbull…you name it. They also eat tonn of pasta, rice….potatochips etc etc.
    People in europe are getting fatter and fatter, and its all due to lazy people and fast food.

  • Villies21:

    @Ambidextrous224 Precisely. There’s a whole bunch of fight with FAT, but sugar is as much a culprit. Sugar is added everywhere and is the spearhead of reduced activity as it reduces the metabolism, processed sugars being easy to digest and absorb. Then healthy good foods without processed sugars cause sugar craves and lowers energy! Vile thing.

  • Ambidextrous224:

    I agree with oslo123123. Americans are so obsessed with sugar that everything you eat has more than 20grams of it in EVERYTHING. Japanese food, and European food have little to no sugar at all. We also advertise food up the butt it is awful. Instead of advertising food so much we should advertise weight loss more like Japan. It is sad, sick, and just horrible.

  • oslo123123:

    Its so fucking digusting looking at obese people that for sure had a choise to be fat or “fit”. Nr1. problem in America is ALL THE god damn sugar that is being served. Everything that America makes has a lot more sugar that average Europeen food(a cake for ex.) Nr2. Not enough activity on the school,, as well as the food being served there is SHIT. Come to Norway where we eat bread and drink milk. = AMERICA is getting overall obese…. DISGUSTING

  • rtntb:

    Well, the solution for this big fat problem is to lower the prices of healthy foods, like fruits, lettuce and rise the prices of junkie(shit) foods.
    And spread this word: Exercise fatties!!!

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