Eddie Guerrero Tribute – Never Forget

Tribute to Eddie Guerrero with the song Hymn to the sea. RIP Eduardo Gory Guerrero Llanes. On November 13, 2005, Guerrero was discovered unconscious in his hotel space (The Marriott Town Middle) in Minneapolis, Minnesota, by his nephew, Chavo. Chavo tried CPR, but Guerrero was pronounced dead when paramedics arrived on the scene. An autopsy exposed that Guerrero died as a end result of acute heart failure, brought on by undiagnosed arteriosclerotic cardiovascular disease. Despite the fact that Guerrero had not used alcohol or illicit medication for almost four decades, his prior excesses contributed to his heart failure. Guerrero’s spouse Vickie claimed that he had been unwell in the week preceding his loss of life, but had attributed it to the stress of continuously traveling and executing. She extra that the medical doctors had told her that Guerrero’s blood vessels had shriveled and weakened as a consequence of an undiagnosed heart disorder, and that he had simply dropped into a deep rest. On the November thirty edition of WWE Byte This!, Chavo said that Guerrero had been doing work tough and was at peak bodily fitness as a result, undertaking cardiovascular and fat training exercises every single day. There had been no signs or lead to for problem. Chavo noted that, although numerous men and women abuse medications for over ten years with no ill effects, Guerrero had suffered heart problems that had been not detected in time to avert his death, even even though he had ceased his drug abuse some four decades earlier. Guerrero was set to confront Batista and
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30 Responses to “Eddie Guerrero Tribute – Never Forget”

  • rebekahsesma:

    this made mee cry n the day hee died i coodnt stop crying i cried 4 days he is an insperation to peeple everywer n wen i hav kids i will tell them about the greatest wrestler whoo ever lived

  • RatedRInc1000:


  • Wrestlelesson:

    In WCW Eddie Guerrero was good verry good. When he step in the WWE he became to overrated and that’s what get him killed.

  • redanimal38:

    great tribute video for a great man and one hell of a wrestler he was and alway will be my favourite wrestler

  • 123MURAT619:

    @pellegrinidude no that is so! but i love eddie too!

  • pellegrinidude:

    @123MURAT619 fuck you!

  • pellegrinidude:

    @cheezey344 what the fuck is the matter with you?! one of the greatest wrestlers to ever walk on this planet died, and you’re insulting him?! you have some serious fucking problems dude. Eddie was a better person then you could ever dream of becoming. you piece of shit i hope you rot in hell. R.I.P. Eddie.

  • dreamer110480:

    Such a perfect track for such a sad occasion. He was another one that was gone too soon.

  • zanzzy8:

    @cheezey344 asshole…..

  • zanzzy8:

    @cheezey344 asshole…..

  • Ralv988:

    Damn it dude, you made me cry…

  • jas0n4eva:

    Eddie died because he had cardio problems, he peaked at his trainings. He died because he wanted to be fit to perform for us. RIP Latino Heat Lives on Forver – Viva La Raza (Rasa)!

  • ThaSpiderInternetsho:

    Good Tribute Miss u EDDIE!!!!!!!!!! REST IN PEACE

  • atlboy2009:

    @cheezey344 your a dumb bitch i will kick your ass, viva la raza R.I.P Eddie

  • TheCmpunksgirl:


  • n64central:

    the music and the video you have to feel sad about him

  • cheezey344:

    u deserved 2 die u mexicanto piece of freakin JUNK

  • yallboi908:

    Fuckk everybody eddy beat brook….rest in.peace eddy n then cain beat brook… Viva mexico putos

  • AliveInMyCrypt:

    wwe is all bullshit they don’t really miss eddie, is there a tribute of him when he was in the indys, the indys is where eddie is most missed

  • 123MURAT619:

    @609scarface fuck you! i love eddie and is say only he’s drinking drugs and i hate eddie not! i love him too

  • 609scarface:

    @123MURAT619 u wanna tlk shit get the fuck outta here homie u fuckin loser take ur shit somewhere else this aint about eddies demons this is about wat he did for the fans and wwe and pro wrestling world get the fuck off here

  • 123MURAT619:

    eddie drinks drugs! check to wikipedia!

  • jbminekk:

    Eddie guerrero me and ma family are mexicans to when my dad told me and ma brother my started crying my brother ran to his room and locked it and he had lik 4 posters if u eddie he got his little championchip and he said ( why!!!! eddie why!!?!?) i went into his room and he was on his computer crying becuse he was looking at some of ur pictures and he wrote on one U WILL ALWAYS BE IN MY HEART EDDIE ALWAYS and i also said yes u will

  • 123MURAT619:

    R.I.P eddie him coach is or trainer is chavo guerrero and gory guerrero!

  • 123MURAT619:

    R.I.P eddie him coach is or trainer is chavo guerrero and gory guerrero!

  • Indul1:

    @farstarfilms sorry to hear that my friend….that’s tragic…

  • farstarfilms:

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  • angelo212:

    I thought I was getting good info here then realized it’s just another site to sell there supplements. Pathetic.

  • phunsumtso:

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  • dinamore2005:

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