Michael Phelps ‘ diet (12000 calories a day)

Michael Phelps’ recent tabulation of his daily meals conjured up an image of reckless abandon: 2 pounds of pasta, an entire pizza, energy drinks, two cups of coffee, a five-egg omelet, a bowl of grits, three slices of French toast with powdered sugar, three fried-egg sandwiches with cheese and chocolate chip pancakes. The account left many asking, what do Olympians really eat?
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25 Responses to “Michael Phelps ‘ diet (12000 calories a day)”

  • zelobinksy:

    Some of the responses to this video are pretty amusing…

    Some people seem to believe he’ll eat 12,000 calories per day everyday… (theres a thing called carb loading)
    And theres people comparing him to top bodybuilders…(i just wont comment on the lack of intelligence here…lmao)

  • apestasguey:

    A box of beacon sounds good for bed time snack

  • themesiasinrs:

    @nolanlott56 good question

  • italiacampione1991:

    I think he released details about his diet which were exaggerated so his rivals would copy it but wouldn’t be able to burn it off with the intense training he does, resulting in them getting fat and essentially ridding Phelps of any real competition. true tactician.

  • italiacampione1991:

    @DanReborn you are the biggest knob on this planet.

  • Awcbhoy:

    That’s damn impressive with the physique of the man, total legend! And the foods not as healthy as I thought it might be….interesting

  • juliannevillecorrea:

    im going to the kitchen now , im hungry ….

  • lionelmtb88:

    @DanReborn I’ve seen them here in the UK you cunt, come call me a twat to my face and i’ll end you.

  • the99drill:

    @janglots yea that’s amazing…the dude can do it because he is a successful olympic swimmer. That’s sets him apart from an average person who is only exercising for fun…

  • jumar1281:


    top bodybuilders are not olympic swimmers. swimming is an endurance sport and their bodies function much differently than a bodybuilder.

  • DutchX5:

    cam you imagine the munchies this guy gets after hitting the bong?

  • jadedlovely818:

    That man must take gargantuan dumps like a Rhino.

  • abcjc1:

    @janglots Ganja!!!!

  • inbarshema:

    holy shit, looking at that amount makes me hate food :P

  • bce5150:

    @KanohiKaukau Yes I absolutely acknowledge

  • janglots:

    there is no way i could eat all that even if i was that physically active dam how can that dude do it

  • KanohiKaukau:

    @bce5150 Well, not necessarily. Yes, for most people, he eats a lot of calories, but you also need to consider how much exercise he does each day. For crying out loud, he does 200 meter butterflies! I’m in the swim team in my town, and that’s enough to make me vomit blood!

  • prakashwicked:

    i just can’t get it, thats way too much, top bodybuilders like jay cutler, ronnie coleman…consume off season around 7000 calories..

  • thrillhouses:

    Yeh… this whole segment just isn’t true, he does not eat 12,000 calories a day. Not a chance in hell

  • bce5150:

    He might look like a fitness model but mark my words – He’s gonna lose his health earlier than normal thin and fit people who eat 3,000 calories or whatever.

  • rickhxc:

    he must shit like a fucking gorilla after eating a #3 and #4 from del taco extra pico de gallo sauce

  • DanReborn:

    @lionelmtb88 i think youll find that actually its only stupid ameriKKKans that play stupid video games, and only ameriKKKans that actually RIOT outside stores when they go on sale hahaha. you fucking twat LOL

  • lionelmtb88:

    @DanReborn I think you’ll find people all over the world play world of warcraft. Oh and it’s spelt “American” you ignorant hyprocrital prick.

  • DrAGMagma:

    @DanReborn Im sorry about that comment, i just was in a really bad mood. You just shouldn’t be hating on Michael Phelps, because you probably don’t comprehend how much work and effort it takes to be a multi-gold Olympian. I am a swimmer myself, knowing how hard training for swimming is. If you just don’t like Michael Phelps, then don’t hate on him and don’t go on his videos just to post comments like that. And by the way, sorry bout’ the comment.

  • DanReborn:

    @DrAGMagma LOL. typical response from a typical ignorant amerikkkan. An american calling ME a fatass?? HAHAHAH lol lol lol. We british people dont plat shitty games like world of warcraft. we arnt obsessed with war lol. Only you dumb americans get addicted to games about caves and dragons or whatever the fuck its about, Grow up you stupid cunt. haha

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