CNBC Host Recommends Statins be Put in the Water Supply

Makers of Crestor now declare that people with normal cholesterol are also at threat for heart attack. Their research shows that if this group has a large stage of hsCRP they decrease their threat for heart attacks and arterial condition. This even even though hsCRP signifies generalized inflammation not just arterial and heart. Of training course they didnt deal with the unfavorable side results of decreasing your cholesterol beneath standard ranges. Dr. Nissan of the Cleveland Clinic admits they will now get to treat a lot a lot more individuals (Oh boy!). One particular CNBC host asked no joke why statins are not place in the drinking water provide. The reaction: That would be a Communist plot just like fluoride.
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18 Responses to “CNBC Host Recommends Statins be Put in the Water Supply”

  • Furbelongstoanimals:

    What a load of RUBBISH, all LIES, fat cat pharmacuticals getting RICH.I know people who have been on statins for years and they have taken heart attacks, strokes and one friend has muscle waste.
    They don’t tell you that co Q 10 is depleted from the body when statins are taken.
    I am highly sensitive to any drugs so if they put it into the water!!!! well it means i either die of thirst or die of statins. Get ready to be sued pharmacutical companies if you put it in the water.

  • jwr3281:

    junk science!

    lipids have never been proven to be the cause of heart attacks. and if statins’ mechanism of action is now unrelated toi ts effects on lipids, then that only proves scientists have had it wrong.

    great idea: turn healthy people into patients just to sell yet another drug. i don’t buy it for a nanosecond!

  • 2trey4five:

    @litebug12345 The diet-heart hypothesis is flawed science from Ancel Keys. You need more omega 3 fats, more medium chain saturated fats, omega 9 fats, and omega 6 in moderation (it’s in everything so don’t bother worrying about omega6). Eat more meat and vegetables. Cut out grains and sugar. They increase small dense LDL. They cause inflammation which causes the damaged arteries in the first place. No artery damage, no plaque.

  • 2trey4five:

    HDL and LDL are not cholesterol. They are lipoproteins. Cholesterol is only good. Without it you don’t have hormones, no vitamin D, no nervous system.

    Heart attacks are caused by inflamed arteries with oxidized small, dense LDL. Sugar, grains, smoking, ethanol, and general poor nutrition are causes. If any dietary fats can be blamed, it is too much omega6 and transfats.

    If you’re a doctor and you believe in this nonsense, go back to med school and tell them to go back to med school.

  • geeleegoat:

    Did everyone hear what that pharmaceutical prostitute said about statins at 4:25? He is being serious while the others blindly ignore and laugh off the issue. He is a minion of the industry and is telling the sheeple that they are poisoning our water supplies for our own good. All the time watching that video I was expecting him to transform into the snake he is and devour his colleagues on air.

  • litebug12345:

    Going on a restricted diet or taking medications is really not fun. I’m 58, and still consider myself too young to be popping pills for my cholesterol. I exercised, ate my fiber, cut out fatty foods, all that, and still had high LDL. Some sort of pill was the only option but I REFUSED to go on Rx meds. I knew there had to be a natural solution somewhere and was absolutely thrilled to find Sterolyn. I don’t mind taking this, ’cause I know it’s preventing further harm, not causing it.

  • rod1bmf:

    with a name like statins its got 2 b good LOL

  • triFeral:

    We aren’t even breathing Pure Air.

  • voiceliberty:

    they are killing us, people. KILLING us slowly… overtime. they already medicate the water supply through fluoridation. There is already antidepressants in the water. they hook half the population on ssri inhibitors and people excrete them into our drinking water. We are in a drugged trance. They poison the food. The plastics they use are synthetic estrogen, and feminizing men. male fertility has decreased by like 75% since 1950. Look this stuff up. They are KILLING YOU. They knew since 1930.

  • voiceliberty:

    Thank God someone is awake and has a brain. Cholesterol is a protein, too but people are so dumbed down by this “good” and “bad” infantile bullshit they have no clue. Does that sound like science to you fluoridated morons out there? We should be laughing at people who talk like they are 3 years old, not calling them “experts” or “doctor” (a word which means “teacher”). They are lying to us and poisoning us. They want you to think mercury raises intelligence in children. These people are EVIL.

  • Kujabie:

    “Hahaha, fluoride in the water, communist plots!”

    It’s sad how the stuff that should be discussed in-depth (like fluoride in the water) is mentioned in passing and laughed off. Kudos to the guy who brought it up at least.

  • luxeden:

    How come crestor is dangerous and lipitor is not?

  • 5starrater1:

    1:45 – man looks like a robot!

  • 5starrater1:

    Sane agenda in the UK this week – giving it to all the population. When will people work out that un-natural stuff isn’t any good for us?

  • kiaora12:

    There is no ‘Good’ and ‘Bad’ cholesterol. Cholesterol is created by the body as a healing mechanism to chronic inflammation — reducing it does absolutely NOTHING to prevent or cure heart disease. If it did, heart disease would be essentially eliminated.

    It’s another profit-making scam. Take your mercury and aluminum filled shots and drink your flouride and be a good little brain-dead American.

  • idasputem:

    yeah baby

  • motiongraphics81:

    Fuck ‘em, I filter my water.

  • euro944t:

    That guy always comes up with the best plot lines,knowing the other will laugh it silly. He also said “Rockefeller has DNA code recently cracked & now hidden, and plans to depopulate earth and start over from the test tube”….chuckles follow as usual.

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