Kitchen Table Productions – Low Carb – Bakin’ Bacon

The finest way to cook bacon!
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Additional make contact with approaches: Twitter: Website: This video clip arrives out of yet another myth that gets propagated out by Atkins Diet bashers that somehow we are much more most likely to get diabetes by following reduced carb. Surely there is no shortage of misinformation on…
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  • SandraLC7:

    As always, great video. How long can you keep the cooked bacon? I, too, remember always having bacon drippings in an empty soup can in the refrigerator when I was growing up.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  • bowulf:

    @serineea That is a fantastic success story. Sometimes just health benefits of getting off medication is reason enough to start the diet. Some people have huge weight losses, but to me, it is these medical successes of disease reversal is the really cool ones.

  • serineea:

    My husband is diabetic type 2 since 3 month and the doctor told him to take 2 pills a day for keeping sugar down. But with Atkins he can keep his sugar normal with only a half pill a day and we hope that soon he will need no pills anymore!

  • bowulf:

    @drod1970 That is simply phenomenal and speaks volumes to the state of diabetes management by some doctors. I hope some begin to wise up and start waking up to potentially life saving by eliminating much of the source of the problem.

    Congratulations on being such the success story, and I hope more people follow your lead.

  • drod1970:

    My normal numbers run from 215 – 350 with the diet plan my Endocrinologist gave me to follow 65 – 70 grams of carbs per meal! On my own with low carb eating my numbers are 89 – 100 in the mornings 126 two hours after I eat!!!!!!!!! No more insulin shots for me and from 5 oral meds down to 1!!!! Low carb have saved my life!!!!! I am living proof it works. OH! and down 60 pounds!

  • bowulf:

    @gphx Thanks, and thanks for your testimony.

  • gphx:

    @bowulf That was in reference to one person’s point in your presentation that keto diets can make diabetes more tricky to manage. That’s true for many – in the short term. Lows can be scary and more immediately dangerous than highs and some people run high on purpose to avoid them risking longterm damage. Over the long haul though I fail to see how anything works better than keto diabetic or not so for the most part you’re preaching to the choir.

  • bowulf:

    @gphx I am not sure where any disagreed with you. As the body acclimates, many low carbers (diabetic and non-diabetic people) can exercise for hours without entering a hypoglycemic state. If you need to regulate your blood sugar more vigorously or need some additional glucose, talk with your doctor, and do what you have to do.

  • gphx:

    I am diabetic. I reduced my blood glucose levels to normal through a low carb diet and exercise. All good so far. Thereafter I began experiencing exercise induced hypoglycemia, low blood glucose. I don’t see how pointing that out is incorrect.

  • bowulf:

    @dgreen97 Don’t you love when those that should know better, so fail you. I think I might be getting outside food brought in that case. I feel for you.

  • dgreen97:

    I am an insulin injecting type 2 diabetic. The only time I have good control of my diabetes is when I am compliant w/ my low carb diet.
    When hospitalized recently I was given a lunch of spaghetti, french bread, salad, and cake! I reminded the dietition that I was diabetic and she said that all that carb was fine because it was ” portion controlled” Well, my blood sugar numbers quickly proved that WRONG. She would not budge from her thinking that 100+grams of carbs a day was OK. UGH!!!

  • bowulf:

    @MattyOfTheVale Exactly right! It’s the HDL to Triglyceride ratio that is the most important not the total number as an indicator for heart risk factors. Congrats on your success.

  • bowulf:

    @MattyOfTheVale You are absolutely correct. My apologies for the error.

  • MattyOfTheVale:

    What Dr. Vernon says about TGs and HDL was proven by me: When I went low carb, TGs went from 105 to 54 and my HDL went from 52 to 65.

    And this was in 4 mos without exercise (I’m 55, female)!!! I’m staying low carb!

  • MattyOfTheVale:

    Two of the most consistent results when a person first reduces carbohydrates are a dramatic drop in triglycerides, and an increase in HDL (“good”) cholesterol. These changes are so dependable that Dr. Mary C. Vernon calls them the “hallmark of carbohydrate restriction”, and advised the doctors at a recent conference that they could use these two measures to inform them as to whether their patients were indeed following a low carb diet.

  • MattyOfTheVale:

    I think it’s Mary C. Vernon, M.D. (of Kansas) to whom you refer, not Mary Ross Vernon.

  • troyryb:

    @brandybeckydoc you are in idiot and have no idea what your talking about… hahahahaa the human body is evolved to live on proteins and fats, do you think cavemen have oats for breaky and sandwhiches at lunch and pasta at dinner??? wake up to yourself dick head try putting an educated response in to this if you have any brain or knowledge…. im guessing you wont regarding your first comment…..

  • AlexisSimcu:

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  • alphacause:

    Anyone who claims that low carbohydrate diets increases a person’s risk of diabetes, needs to explain how hunter gatherer societies which have minimal carbohydrate intake in comparison people living in agricultural or urban environments, have very few diabetic cases – so few in fact that most anthropologists and missionaries who encounter these tribes say that diabetes is nonexistent in those cultures. Clearly it is the carbs that are the problem.

  • alphacause:

    @bowulf Thank you so much for making this video. Having just buried my father two months ago because of type 2 diabetes related complications, and having a mother who is a type 2 diabetic, I really appreciate you dispelling these myths that would dissuade people from the low carb dietary approach – probably the only sound dietary approach to prevent diabetes and reverse it.

  • jossmarryrf:

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  • bowulf:

    @bowulf And hence the reason behind my videos… I am trying to spread the good news and counteract the myths.

  • bowulf:

    @brandybeckydoc Let’s see my kidney function is good, my bladder never has a problem, my stomach (huh?), my hair has seen regrowth, and my health is fantastic. My marathon performance is getting better every year, and my heart function and cardiac risk factors have DRAMATICALLY IMPROVED. (I can use CAPITALS TOO.) :-)

    My own doctor could not be happier, and every annual physical uses me as an example for his other patients. It should be promoted from the mtn tops to achieve a healthy life.

  • brandybeckydoc:

    The Atkins Diet works well, I lost 260 at the cost of my kidneys, my bladder, my hair, my nervous system, my stomach, sure it works at the COST OF YOUR HEALTH…… anyone who does this diet for any length of time does so at the cost of ever being healthy,,,,, it should be outlawed…..

  • bowulf:

    Depends on the type… Type 2 certainly…

    Type 1 – you can control your need for medications down to a minimal level for most people. Richard Bernstein is a type 1 diabetic and preeminent diabetes educator on low carb.

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