pH Miracle for Diabetes

“The pH Miracle for Diabetes: The Revolutionary Diet Strategy for Form one and Kind 2 Diabetics” by Dr. Robert O. Young & Shelley Redford Youthful From AOL Time Warner Books (368 pages) Ahead by: Chi C. Mao, MD, Ph.D.

Amir talks about his encounter of becoming concerned with diabetes services.

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  • sweetclaire06:

    @cuervo1957 ALL food becomes acidic in the stomach. As it moves into the small intestine pancreatic enzymes are released to balance the pH. NOTHING you eat changes the blood’s pH in any appreciable way. The pH is mainly balanced by the kidneys.Robert Young has INVENTED something HE calls latent tissue acidosis. Sounds all scientific and stuff, right?? WRONG. Something HE made up. How convient, this mysterious “latent tissue acidosis” that’s ‘somewhere in the body that can’t be measured. Scam!

  • BarzOnTheWindow1:

    @cuervo1957 Sorry, I failed to answer the question. Yes, the stomach IS filled with acid, and calcium (which is the most basic supplement) neutralizes acids (as would anything basic), and can must easily absorbed within an acidic environment like your stomach were it is broken down -the assimilation into the body if I am not mistaken, happens in the intestines…

  • BarzOnTheWindow1:

    @cuervo1957 Easy, unless you supplement yourself properly, your body will attempt to maintain it’s natural pH (7.4) by “taking,” from other part of your body, like your bones, and teeth. I used to have MAD stomach acid, and my bones were getting brittle. I spat upon some pH paper (first thing in the morning) my pH was 5.5-6.0 which made me some 20x more acidic than normal. Properly supplemented now, I heal quickly, no more heartburn, I take less insulin, and I haven’t gotten sick at ALL since!

  • cuervo1957:

    Can someone tell me how the alkaline food and drinks change the ph of body when the food goes into the stomach, which is nearly as acid as battery acid?? If this is answered I will be very happy.

  • Chaosnthebigscene:

    If you Robert Young or some other enlightend person should know of a source of information via a book or websight that would explain to me the mechanics of the human system in terms of its electrical nature for example the mhz in food and the mhz of each organ and this source or sources would explain the truth of how the body operates from the moment a certain food enters the body to the end and how through it all the mechanics of this action cheifly how the brain etc. works off mhz changes.

  • Chaosnthebigscene:

    I watch the beauty of truth wash up on to the shore of America, like a silent wave traced across the oceans. Truth,truth,truth before my eyes.

  • Chaosnthebigscene:

    ahh the sound of silence…

  • Chaosnthebigscene:

    ok, since there is not but 1 comment(which i find interesting to say the least) here goes..

  • veganhomeschoolmom:

    Encouraging. thank you.

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