PRODUCT REVIEW: Betty Lou’s Low Glycemic Protein Shakes

In this episode of the Gastric Bypass Barbie display, I review a merchandise that I am betting MOST of you bariatric peeps out there have never heard about: Betty Lou’s Very low Glycemic Protein Shakes. I achieved Betty Lou herself at the ExpoWest Convention in Anaheim, California. She was a delightful lady giving samples of great, healthful items that just so take place to be perfect for WLS sufferers. Right after speaking to her a bit, she was generous ample to give me packets of her shakes to sample at house. I instructed her I would only do a evaluation if I really cherished the item and assumed it would be a excellent addition for bariatric patient’s consuming options. Nicely, as you can notify by this video, I loved it! The item dissolves beautifully in h2o and tastes mild and yummy. Of course, I never depart issues alone, so I include a bunch of issues to it — not since it desires it, but simply because I’m just a tinkerer who requirements much more cowbell. Anyway, here are some crucial back links from the present: Betty Lou’s Items Vitacost (Exactly where I obtain tons of my stuff on-line because shipping and rates are Cheap!) http Songs CREDITS I often use music in my shows, but feel in providing credit score! In this episode: Peggy Sue, Buddy Holly, ©1957 Sugar Sugar, The Archies ©1969 Barbie Lady, Aqua ©1999 No infringement supposed. The Gastric Bypass Barbie display is designed, produced and revealed by Cari De La Cruz on an Apple Personal computer, utilizing iMovie ’08, a USB Microphone and some really sizzling Operate Lights from Sears

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  • GastricBypassBarbie:

    @Sunnedae Yea! I’m so glad you enjoyed the show. I’m a goober. Pure and simple! But…c’mon…I rock those reading glasses! (LOL)

  • Sunnedae:

    Bariatric surgery fixes your stomach not your eyes! lol. oh I love the idea of adding pudding mix too
    You always make me giggle – and you’re informative – excellent review thank you! :)

  • CariDLC1:

    @nanananabhappy Thanks for the nice compliment! Of course, if *I* tell BTV, that would be sort of indulgent, don’tcha think? If *someone else* told them (ahem), it might look better (LOL. Thanks for thinking of me :-) I’m glad you’re enjoying my little show!

  • nanananabhappy:

    i’m so glad you are doing videos on YOUTube. you will probably reach more people from the weight loss community. You should have BariatricTV, and some of the people on youtube pass your channel address around.

  • GastricBypassBarbie:

    @mshealthfirst Hi there: Well, I have to admit that attitude is everything in the bariatric after life. If you don’t want to like something, you probably won’t. At least that’s what I’m finding. As far as my telling the truth? You can’t make me say nice things about something I don’t love — Promise. I’m glad you’re enjoying the program and hope you continue watching. Maybe I’ll be able to offer your daughter some support and ideas. Oh, and she needs yours, too! So important!! Take care, Barbie

  • mshealthfirst:

    @GastricBypassBarbie , Just going by what she says, how awful some taste, she can’t imagine anyone thinking they were delicious. She’s told me how her tastes have changed since the surgery. I do agree with her that some people on YT may have other motives, not saying you do that is just her opinion. She’s spent alot of money on different shakes, trying to find some she really likes..hard to watch her going through that. esp. since I was against her having it to begin with

  • GastricBypassBarbie:

    @mshealthfirst Well, first off, I wouldn’t automatically assume that just because your daughter DOESN’T like a shake, the people who reviewed it and said they DO like it are paid to say that, or are somehow lying ;-) If there’s one thing I’ve learned in this bariatric after life, it’s that EVERY BODY IS DIFFERENT. What one person swears BY, another person swears AT ;-) Our tasters get wacky, and we just don’t all like the same things. If we did, then we wouldn’t need a million products ;-)

  • mshealthfirst:

    My daughter had WLS and she has tried alot of different shakes that were all “reviewed” by other popular youtubers & she was more than disappointed in them & thought, in no frigin way did these people really think that those drinks were tastey. maybe were paid to say they were??? ! anyway, I hope you are telling the truth. I am passing this on to her so she will try them. I do think you are a hoot to watch & enjoy your videos

  • GastricBypassBarbie:

    @meltingmamamelted Yeah, WTF? Did they change more than just the “interface” around these parts? I haven’t been able to link to my TAG video on GastricRose’s site either. Oh, and I tried to video respond on low glycemic stuff last night, but couldn’t. Thought it was something I was doing. Evidently not. Grrrr….But thanks for watching and hope you enjoyed the music ;-)

  • meltingmamamelted:

    Love some Betty Lou’s! Hate that YouTube does not let me LINK to my post!

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