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Bariatric Fusion Internet site: Bariatric Edge Site: Data on Chelated Minerals: Chelated minerals are specifically formulated mineral health supplements created to enhance absorption of these important vitamins and minerals into the system. What makes a mineral a chelated compound is the bonding of the mineral to nitrogen and the ligand that surrounds the mineral and safeguards it from interacting with other compounds. Despite the fact that chelated minerals are thought to be better absorbed inside the entire body, scientific studies have shown no considerable distinction amongst chelated and nonchelated varieties. (Get from the previously mentioned internet site) National Institutes of Health Truth sheet on Calcium: The sum of calcium your system obtains from various dietary supplements is dependent on the sum of elemental calcium in the tablet. The volume of elemental calcium is the quantity of calcium that actually is in the health supplement. Calcium absorption also is dependent on the complete quantity of calcium consumed at one time and whether or not the calcium is taken with meals or on an empty belly. Absorption from dietary supplements is best in doses 500 mg or much less because the % of calcium absorbed decreases as the amount of calcium in the supplement boosts [117118]. For that reason, a person taking one thousand mg of calcium in a health supplement should get 500 mg two times a day rather of one thousand mg calcium at one particular time. (Taken from the NIH)
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Temporary update on me, and my ideas on individuals who leap to WLS devoid of truly making an attempt to lose bodyweight
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  • MissJanieHere:

    I asked my doc about it and he said no go, so its a no go for me. I am not a scientist so I can only go by what I am told. He says calcium and iron should be kept apart and so that’s what I do. I think you are giving great info, but everyone in the end is a grown up and they need to decide for themselves whats best for them. By the way, I am so glad you are back doing videos. Hope to see a kitchen video soon…if they kiddos let ya! hugs,jane

  • Fabydee:

    I asked my surgeon & nutritionist about bariatric fusion after hearing all the fuss about it & was told “no good” which I did talk about in my 3 month update video! The same reasons were explained to me as you mention in this video! Great video… :) Fab

  • ThatzHotxoxo:

    oh i’ll definately need exta calcium i have oesteoarthritis i’m supposed to be taking extra calcium already but i just take what i get in my daily multi vitamin which i forget to take half the time..yikes.

  • virginiann1975:

    I knew I was pronouncing that incorrectly, thank you. I’m such a ninny! I was told Flintstones chewable can you believe that? That is why it is so important to take control of your health care and do your homework on this kind of stuff. Just remember you may want to add additional Calcium an hour or so away from those vitamins. Good luck and God Bless!

  • ThatzHotxoxo:

    I might get retta to send me a couple of these vitamins to see how they taste to me and my mom..see its its particular palette issue, i might try those celebrate pills too.. oh and btw hun its pronounced key – late..not chee late..just for future reference.
    I think these vitamins in question and any other bariatric vitamins are a far cry better then what they were telling people to take years ago…heck some surgeons still say take childrens chewable brand name vits

  • clbroadway:

    I just bought some calcium citrate petites (pills) from WalMart. They have the same amt of calcium as the Bar. Adv. longezes. Does our calcium have to be slowly released or can we take pill form?

  • retta2587:

    thanks so much virginia!! i never understand why they keep trying to put calcium and iron together, like you said, trying to reinvent the wheel. the more they mess with it, the less effective it is in my opinion. i always take my calcium and iron separately and always will, it just makes sense. i found someone who wants to swap a bottle of the fusion for some protein shots so 1 bottle is going back for sure. they did say i can return both tho. good company, yucky product tho. you rock virginia!

  • virginiann1975:

    Also a lot (most) of people no nothing about elemental calcium. It’s scary that a package can stay 1000 mcg but it really means 200mcg. It’s so hard to trust lables. You have to know what you are putting in your body and why. Thank you for the post Donna… good going on the Pedometer

  • virginiann1975:

    Exactly, you need to voice your opinion girl! To correctly absorb the calcium carbonate we need HCA.(stomach acid) Some of us have enough some of us don’t. I was just stating that we cant’ assume we can’t do the calcium carbonate right off the bat. If your labs come back ok and you are doing fine on the calcium carbonate that you should be able to stay on that form. It’s an individual thing. We can’t always go by what everyone elses (sp) surgeon says. We need to take control of our Health.

  • winelover215:


  • Journey2betrhealth:

    I am going to have to make videos about my thoughts and beliefs on these topics and not just try to avoid YT conflict by disagreeing with people just because I am only 12 weeks out. I came here for knowledge and support and I should be giving it as well. You’ve inspired me yet again.
    Donna:)…who just happens to be wearing her pedometer!:o

  • Journey2betrhealth:

    I am soooo glad you made this video! I so wanted to say something but I am afraid to come across as the know-it-all nurse. Right on Ms.Virginia! I disagree with the comment you made on the calcium carbonate though…we were told NO WAY NO HOW! Most RNY patients have no way of absorbing the carbonate. I think I may go into bariatric nursing. Maybe I can provide a good service;)

  • chickadee1014:


  • halexa28:

    Hi kella, how much is the average cost of gastric sleeve in mexico

  • ElementOne3000:

    i <3 avocados

  • mommaplath:

    Thank you so much for this video!

  • Mase379:

    Thank you very much for your videos!! I greatly appreciate them.


    Hey there thanks for putting out the videos. I’m most likely getting the gastric sleeve procedure next year. I am 42 and have struggled with my weight since my teen years. Its putting stress on my back, hip, knees, my family, being able to work, seems like its stressing me out every way possible. Over 20 years of trying different weight loss techniques I am looking at this pretty much as a last resort, a way to save my life and help me enjoy life finally. So thank you, vids are much appreciated.

  • SherlockJo:

    Hi Kellawanda… just came across your videos. Thanks for sharing. I saw one of the earlier ones and then this last one. I am glad you mentioned to not just jump into it and that if the issue of addiction is not addressed it could show up in others ways after the surgery and weight loss. Blessings on you and continued good health.

  • maj8485:

    Hey I just started watching your video’s I love them! I had the surgery on July 28th 2009 and would love talk to you about things will you shoot me an email at thanks!

  • Kellawanda:

    @HMZickgraf2377: I sent an email. You can also contact me here by sending a message from my channel.

  • HMZickgraf2377:

    Hi Kellawanda…My name is Heather and I am 13 days shy of getting my surgery. I have watched most of your videos to try to get an idea of what I am in store for. I wanted to find someone that was my age, my weight and seemed to have the same outlooks on things. All that in a nut shell brought me to your journey!! I was wondering if you have a chance if you could shoot me an email I have a few questions?? My email address is I hope to hear from you soon! Thanks – Heather

  • annmo0869:

    This afternoon I have spent watching some of your videos. Way to go. You are correct WLS is not for everyone. However, for some it is the best tool/device to use to meet your goals. Eating correctly and exercising along with the WLS is the way to go for some. Some are fortunate that they can eat correctly and exercise and don’t need the WLS. You are also correct in saying that one has to be in the right mind set emotionally and spiritually before any elective procedure. You keep doing what u do.

  • crysta0830:

    good advice

  • specialgrl23:

    I had LASIK surgery in Mexico back in 2004. I’d been using glasses since the 5th grade and it was the best thing I did for myself. Like you, with all the special lenses and the contact and continuous care… I’m sure the $1,500 I invested on this 6 years ago has paid for itself throughout the years. =) Wise choice amiga. I live in a border town so I’m totally going to look forward to that teeth whitening thing… your teeth look great!

  • scottdelta:

    You are looking fantastic!
    I am looking for some information if you or your subscribers could help.
    In America, some patients are give a card (business card size) after surgery that you can present to your waiter in a restaurant, explaining your operation and why you are ordering a small meal.
    If I could get a copy or at least the wording, I would really appreciate it :)

    Thank you

  • juliarh:

    Hi — just wanted to pop in and say a big thank you!! I have been watching your videos for a good 6 months now and your no nonsense approach to wls surgery really made me feel like I was doing the right thing — and you’re soooo right, this is something not to be approached lightly — it is a life changing thing, but something you have to take very seriously. So, I just wanted say a thank you for all you have done for everyone — you really don’t know how much comfort you give to others :)

  • SuperRoddan:

    I got my operation 15/9/2010 I feel great my blodpresiur is going down and I dont have any pain at all.

  • EliyshevaLovesYahweh:

    You do well posting your thoughts on this video re those who effortlessly resort to WLS as the number one solution to weight loss w/o even exhausting natural means to loose the weight .

    BTW, in this video you have a completely antithetical appearance to your “Why I am getting weight loss surgery (gastric sleeve)” video – still beautiful, yet completely revamped!

  • Kellawanda:

    @SuperWubi: Gracias :) Y si….un poquito.

  • dawnyella:

    I just want to say Thank You, this video is very informative.

  • 2V23:

    Your teeth look great!!

  • Learning2BThin:

    Wonderful Video. I am in the diet and exercise part of my journey and to be honest I have been on a diet for about 15 years. Love that you are being honest about surgery and pray those who need to hear this do. 4 more months for me and then we will see.

  • SuperWubi:

    jajajajajajajaja STAY FRESH!!!!!! hablas español? You’re funny, in a serious kind of way, jeje.

  • Kellawanda:

    @TheHeatherLane: It started around month 3 and ended around month 5. Biotin shampoo and vitamins can help, but most likely it will happen….its a trauma to our bodies, the surgery and sudden weight loss, so it can be expected. Theres a powder you can buy to put on your head, hides the thinning spots.

  • TheHeatherLane:

    Hi Kella ! I love your videos ! I have struggled with weight my entire life and looking into WLS next year after my baby is born . I have a question .. a friend of mine said that she losses her hair all the time from her Lap Band . Did you ever exsperince anything like this ?
    Thanks in advance !
    Heather !~

  • dawnmarie416:

    Great video! Glad your trip to Mexico went so well, teeth look great :) Love the tshirt!

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