High Protein Low Carb Banana Pancake Recipe

www.AnabolicCooking.net http This is a tasty meal from the Anabolic Cooking cookbook web page 163. Quick & easy substantial protein very low carb pancakes that you can have as a guilt free of charge breakfast deal with even when dieting!
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  • friendzz89:

    i need to follow this.

  • patelps23:

    can you make more vegeterian dishes that are high in protein?? im indian and im trying to figure out as many meals as possible. its getting tough for me too eat the same thing EVERY SINGLE TIME (sarcasm)!.lol

  • johnjstapleton:

    Thanks just made these easy simple and delicious

  • johnjstapleton:

    Thanks just made these easy simple and delicious

  • reptilianskin:

    I use that ED smith sugarless syrup. Mine is the butter-flavoured one. I make my protein pancakes with oatmeal, eggwhites, cottage cheese, tsp of vanilla extract, pitch of cinnamon. I put all the ingredients in a blender. I make a bunch on sunday. When they cool, i place them out on a pan, and put them in the freezer for about an hour, then i transfer then to freezer bags. During the week, i pop a portion into the microwave, or toaster, and have my healthy breakfast ready in mins!

  • Danny2Lisa:

    I really appreciate your videos bro! They’re really helpful. Thanks!

  • btw3006:

    This recipe sounds amazing. I definitely got to try making these myself. I also know what you mean when you said that it can be hard to find the scoop in a new tub of protein powder.

  • kirky1801:

    dude you really bring these recipes to life… its awesome.

  • haru884:

    Hey man love the recipies and your begining theme song lol. keep em comin’!

  • StoutNerd:

    hey, great video, that seems a little bit too protein heavy for me but ill try it soon enough with some adjustments, im going to try to make basically the same but in less ammount, vanilla protein powder instead and instead of using syrups or anything in it im goin to put a diced bannana with cinnamon in it since im on a macrobolic diet 50%Pro 40%Carb 20%Fat, i enjoyed the video thanks for sharing, also good job, your body looks pretty good.

  • pengewin66:

    thanks for the idea. I spread natty PB on mine with a sprinkle of splenda and ground cinnamon.

  • gongfumaster:

    low KERBBB

  • NutritiouslyHigh:

    I’ve never found my scoop on the top. I always have to stick my hand down in the protein and search for it.

  • leemhayward:

    No doubt it may have some effect. But we cook all our other protein foods (i.e. beef, chicken, fish, etc.) and no body seems to worry about it.

  • LRMMcDonnell:

    is it a good idea to cook the powder? will denaturing a protein still render it effective?

  • MusicKingSprings:

    @leemhayward wow mrtimm77 has no life.. honestly lee you are one of the very few weight lifting enthusiast that actully gives good tips without wanting people to pay. it seems now a days everyone is looking for a quick buck on sub par at best info and that just doesnt seem to be the case with you, i have watched a ton of your vids and read a ton of your email post please lee dont change a thing!!! thanks for all the weightlifting/diet tips and tricks

  • 4nubiS:


    You shouldn’t really listen to him though, your pretty buffed dude!
    Plus you make killer videos! please keep making them, because everyone here is loving them!

  • bgainesDM:

    1 person keeps messing up their pancakes

  • leemhayward:

    Sure you could use whole eggs, it would just have higher fat and calorie content.

  • mrlatino187:

    could you use a whole egg?

  • 1janandre:

    U r so hot!!!

  • leemhayward:

    Well that wouldn’t make it “low carb” anymore. But if you don’t care about following a low carb diet you can add bananas.

  • 15eshabani:

    @leemhayward do you think it would be a good idea to add real banana’s in there?

  • beamo:

    these recipes are brilliant! genius one this pancake one

  • peachazz83:

    Thankyou again for another awesome video Lee! and a great recipe! perfect for those late night protein binges as I call em lol. Naa this is great and im sure it’ll save me alot of heartache when I start dieting;) Cheers mate!

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