Medical Massage Large man Leg

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  • aftertheheat:

    - Wow!

  • TheDjamel2000:

    hello boris i u live in uk? iam realy love you?

  • arnelakawhitewash:

    thanks for the technique.

  • mgaft1:

    @davedevin continuation to previous post.Please keep in mind that that many statistics/surveys showing:” 90% of doctor visits related to mention disorders”special design protocols for spinal and joints disorders that including trigger point therapy,
    myofacial alignment release, and post isometric relaxation techniques clinically proven to be very safe and effective.
    Best wishes.

  • mgaft1:

    @davedevin medical massage is the most powerful methodology for stress management including management of essential hypertension(life-threatening disease) tension headaches, anxiety, muscular aches, clinical depression,TMJ dysfunction, sleep disorders. postevent rehabilitative sports massage playing crucial role in sports related injuries prevention as well significant improving performances.
    Best wishes.

  • davedevin:

    what are the benifits of medical massages

  • skiizzle:

    @MrTeapotts if your blind how the hell are you writing comments on videos?

    stupid, non- funny joke.

  • octa1223:

    i dont need a massage , i can feel it through the video :P

  • Lofaszjani:

    is Boris younger in this video?

  • bulawanmichael:

    how i wish i can experience that kind of massage i thought its very relaxing and i would really say that that massage would be so great

  • tyoonz:

    I believe it’s “Toccata and Fugue in D minor” by J.S. Bach. It’s a rather interesting arrangement, isn’t it?

  • tyoonz:

    Indeed. It’s a shame that his elite athleticism isn’t matched by elite intellectualism.

  • jumpingel:

    i agree, that guy doesn’t care about anybody but himself.

  • mgaft1:

    Dear tcmarket.
    I do believe that utilization of vegetable-based aromatherapy oil for lubrication purposes, can additional benefit clients. on this demonstrations I use lotion to avoid skin irritation. no doubt that skin getting some benefits which is very good. however we should remember that main and significant benefits of massage therapy is a result of soft tissue mobilization. I appreciate your comment. Best wishes.

  • tcmarket:

    Hi Boris. I noticed you use lotion instead of oil. I use vegetable-based aromatherapy oil for its own nutritive value. What’s the benefit of using lotion instead? Thanks.

  • tonysmmr:

    you’re a twit

  • proconsulaugustus:

    No one should waste thier time massaging such a chubby leg. I’m an elite athlete with 4% body fat and my legs are killing me from sprints. Such a great massage would be better used on me. Not this fat fuck. Ow my legs are killing me from sitting on the couch!

  • blackops2000:

    whats is the name of the music in the background?

  • jflan92:

    mgaft1, I suspect MrTeapotts is just pulling your leg (pardon the pun!).

  • mgaft1:

    No Sir. This is a medical massage video.

  • MrTeapotts:

    I’m blind, can anyone tell me if this is tetris gameplay footage?

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