I Am Obese Day #10

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  • ocbc1975:

    Really dude as long as your trying to make your life healthier and your excepting that you have the weight to lose that is the first battle do not listen to the scale just look at your body how your feel and other peoples responses will let you know that your going in the right direction. Going the raw way totally does work I have been mainly raw for the last few months and have lost some weight but if anything exercise is also key.

  • Bored00m:

    rawn wearing jane fonda leg warmers? hell yeah! lol

  • noahinthewhale:

    @guccigirl123456789 oooohh, yes

  • guccigirl123456789:

    Nothing tastes as good as thin feels :)

  • allforHimforHeisall:

    Thanks for the encouragement!!! I got 20 pounds to lose- so hard to lose the last 20!

  • klmk1984:

    I love you Rawn!

  • mskirti00:

    I really hope you see this!

    The BMI is an outdated way of looking at weight! (I won’t go into detail here because that is something that can be Google’d). So PLEASE don’t let that discourage you because it isn’t a determining factor in your overall wellness. Instead, look at hip/waist ratio because that is a better indicator of your overall health.

    I wish you the best of luck in your journey! Keep fighting the fight. :)

  • InGallifrey:

    Exercise Show!!

  • perfection1066:

    you can do it!!!!!!

  • Hayleyavalon:

    Don’t be discouraged Rawn! Remember that yes, the goal is big and the journey will be long, but you are not doing this to reach some end point and then go back to the bad habits. You are doing this to change your life and become the new, healthy Rawn! So there isn’t really “far to go” because this is the rest of your life :D You can do it!!!

  • LeftOfToday:

    I’m pretty sure everyone is obese according to BMI. There’s overweight, and there’s obese, and the BMI in my experience doesn’t seem to differentiate between them very well.

  • brianmaty:

    Rawn we are all rooting for you. everytime you get discouraged just look at all these positive comments. good luck bro

  • johnnysanderstv:

    ya i just checked my bmi. i am over weight for my height if i loose just 10 pounds i will be just at the top of normal im gonna try to loose 30 or so. :)

  • professorluvmaka:

    weight loss type videos make me hungry

  • laenv:

    Rawn…you are AWESOME!!…love u love u love u love u!!

  • retror0b0t:

    no pizza tastes as good as looking good feels. i say this as an extremely good looking man.

  • skdrama:

    Rawn – listen to me – this is your friend, Skdrama, I love you man, just remember this- you don’t have to lose 50 lbs. You have to lose 1 lb 50 times. You are incredible. Change your thinking about it. Im proud of you!!! xoxox

  • wildredrose99:

    oh Rawn you are so sweet!!! come to Toronto so I can hug you. and you so sexy raawwrrr even if you are “obese”

  • painfullinstrumental:

    AND GOOD LUCK!!! Routine is everything ! it will become second nature to you guys sooner than you think :)

  • painfullinstrumental:

    In the last 2-3 years I have lost in total almost 100 pounds. Losing that musch weight really makes you more health conscious. Im still not at the BMI I should be even losing that much! I have alot better will power now than I ever did. you really start to LOVE exercising etc. I think the exercise show is a great idea :) I Find youtube great for exercise videos that I just save to my favourites :) neways you look Yummy :p I was thinking that before I even knew what this vid was about :P <3

  • Emzo99:

    Nonononono you aren’t obese. You don’t even look overweight to me… Keep going Rawn, I believe in you! <3

  • alwaysaprilmac:

    The BMI is a bit controversial. In college, one of the health class professors told us that according to the BMI scale, Arnold Swartenager (sp?) was classified as extremely obese. This guy has hardly any body fat. My 14 yr. old daughter was distraught one day when she looked up online and found out her BMI. it told her she was obese. She is 5’11 and needs to lose about 20 lbs. I think the BMI has done more damage than good. 20 lbs. over weight is not obese. Don’t let it discourage you.

  • jonnygreen1986:

    i’m 160 lbs and i’m crazy skinny and the BMI says i’m overwieght and obese for my hieght and wieght don’t let that discourage you that thing sucks. just worry about meal by meal and day by day exersize by exersize and that is a lot mentally healthier for you and it’s actually easier to take it goal by goal good luck rawn

  • MissTiff84:

    Rawn I think you are just the cutest thing. I really wish you luck in this.. :) Everything in moderation. YES to the exercise show! I can see spandex now ;) haha Thanks for being you!!

  • WorldWideDiscussions:

    BMI makes no sense. When I feel fat I am average. Don’t concentrate on BMI. I understand weight is important to look at and sometimes helps people but I like to just live life eating healthy and feel better/look better. Then when you really feel good go on the scale (just my opinion) :) good luck rawn!!!

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