The 12 Days Of Obama

A parody of the song ‘The twelve Days Of Christmas’ Created by Edward L. Daley Carried out by Edward L. Daley and David Cholesterol of the ‘Chimpsy’s Real American’ conservative radio program.
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The most incredible and unappreciated organ of the physique is the liver. It is the difference among vibrant daily life and all illness. Most individuals have a clogged liver and have no clue it final results in every thing from reduced electricity and sex drive to digestion issues, emotional and connection troubles and lots much more. The liver has a lot more features than you can picture- from making hormones to production bile (which dissolves extra fat and cholesterol), amino acids (protein), vitamins, iron, interferon and other disease-fighting compounds. What is the very best liver cleanse? It really is NOT olive oil and citrus ! Markus Rothkranz explains the numerous reasons of this wonderful organ and how critical it genuinely is.
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  • GremlinsAndGnomes:

    What’s with the leftists and trying to destroy everything that has made this nation great?

  • valondon:

    haha, this is hilarious

  • MrTarantulalover:

    @TurtleShroom i am a law abiding citizen and i promise the only way they are getting my guns is from my cold dead hands . i’ll give em the bullets but they are hard to catch the way i am gonna give em to them

  • leonarddaccardi:

    iran is out of a control. korea is out of control. taliban is out of control. and what does obama do? he has a nuke reduction treaty with russia! WTF! during the biggest blizzard in US history, he is negotiating a hotel in hawaii.


    @zleverette The U.S. military wouldn’t take the side of a government that is trying to destroy the thing they pledged their allegiance to. And it isn’t the president they pledged to, it was the constitution of the United States and it’s Bill of Rights.

  • BlessedONE333returnz:


  • KositaQ:

    So COOL!! you guys ROCK!! XD

  • walleyrt69:

    LOL–ESP AFTER 2YEARS THIS HAS REALLY PROVEN TO BE “TRUE”!LOL——–actually,its not a laughing matter! VOTE REPUBLICAN 2012 !

  • durandwis:

    @TurtleShroom I am a good law abiding person but if they fucken ever try to take my guns there will be a shoot out. They will have to take them form my dead body after i shot some of those ass holes. just saying

  • theboogeiman713:

    how can any one still like him

  • norrock1:

    @zleverette i wouldnt doubt that any right winged military personel would defect and come to the side of the people if the people decided to revolt. if it come down to the people revolting (and frankly im surprised it hasnt hapened yet) i hope and pray the u.s. military backs us and grabs all the guns they can lol. the way i see it the libs dont want so well take them and show them why there idiots lmao

  • adamwentzell1982:

    I am from Canada but I still find this video so funny.

  • zleverette:

    @TurtleShroom if a gun ban (assault,semi auto etc.) does pass (which it wont) the U.S. will be in flames either a coup will happen very quickly or it will be a civil war between liberal and republican states or the most likely a large scale resistance movement which will take months to years of fighting between US citizens and the military.

  • BlackLightVirus:

    This needs to be an Mp3.

  • urmomjkjk:

    pure art.

  • WCD73:

    Obozo is only going to be a 1 term President!!!

  • chica476:

    This is off topic a bit, but Good Ol’ Slick Willy spear headed, along with those moron UN/ Nato states, to allow not only food aid to N Korea, but also Nuclear aid in the vein of supporting nuclear power for “peaceful means”. Well, I guess mr. clinton knows better now. Great video by the way.

  • barbarianopinion:

    Brilliant political parody…give us more…

  • taxpayeranthem:

    Enjoy the Taxpayer Anthem “Mini Series”. Please feel FREE to show on your channels. Tell your friends! Support Independence. Leave a comment. See lightbox classics like Attack of the Fedires and Nuclear Healthcare Option. Also featuring BraveBob! FREEEEEEEEEDOM!

  • tpbdragon1:

    I wish I wasnt an american during this douchebags term….it makes me want to vomit until I die, that only the few. rare people can see the truth and didnt vote for this socialist,marxist,communist piece of shit…I CANT believe obliviots bought into all his bullshit and lies and STILL think hes all that and a bag of douche…WAKE UP U MORONS!!, this is the anti-christ in the flesh

  • GremlinsAndGnomes:

    I hate terrorist rights. They should go down the drain along with the leftist judiciary, open borders, medical health, and all the other stuff.

  • GremlinsAndGnomes:

    A very factual video.

  • Judahmangi:

    *clicks “favorite” button*

  • MemphisSpanker:


  • MDK236:

    Timeless! Makes me laugh and sad at the same time.

  • hardsixteenyeah1:

    @MarkusRothkranz Don’t worry Markus, we love your weird ways so much. At least are starting to appear some people who dare to make us know amazing issues and knowledges. Thank to people like you, the whole world is walking fordward. Weird people is so much better than greedy and egocentric people ¿Right?

  • hardsixteenyeah1:

    @MarkusRothkranz Don’t worry Markus, we love your weird ways so much. At least are starting to appear some people who dare to make us know amazing issues and knowl. Thank to people like you, the whole world is walking fordward.

  • SilverStrings25:

    I was just going to buy the ingredients online to do a liver flush and decided to see what new videos you and Dr. Cassar had put up recently and saw this vid, I’ll try the bitter herbs first and see how that works out my liver is REALLY clogged up.

  • KarinaPhi10:

    Markus, Thanks for these important insights! I am following a cleanse programme which include most of the things you mentioned but came to an impass and it somehow has to do with the pancreas acid (which you mention in this video as well). How does one keep it balanced? How does one know if there is too much or too less acid in the stomach? What foods will regenerate the pancreas and keep it healthy. Any insights you might have are most welcome. All the best!

  • MarkusRothkranz:

    I hit the gym hard three times a week. On the off days I run around the neighborhood like a maniac. If it’s too hot outside, I just run around the house chasing my girlfriend.

  • MarkusRothkranz:

    There is nothing wrong with olive oil, in fact it’s very good for you. It’s just that bitters are a better way to clean the liver

  • MarkusRothkranz:

    If you are referring to the RAW vegan dandelion bread, the recipe is on my last newsletter which you can see at MarkusNews com

  • rawbliss34:


    Thanks Beautiful! Good weird is what the world needs …. I don’t trust anyone who doesn’t think they’re at least a little weird ;) .

    ONE LAST QUESTION: How much do you exercise daily/ weekly?

    Sorry to ask another question … it’s just that saw many rawfoodists look pathetic. Is it the lack of exercise or the lack of CONNECTING to God & People (they sometimes isolate themselves like a negative religion or something).

    Peace, love, and GREENS :-)

  • hardsixteenyeah1:

    @MarkusRothkranz How do you make “vegan bread”, please?

  • hardsixteenyeah1:

    @MarkusRothkranz Markus, then, you don’t recommend to take olive oil? What do you take?

  • MarkusRothkranz:

    @rawbliss34 Hello Bliss. I take a teaspoon 3x a day of the anti-aging formula (adaptogens) and every few days I add the liver stuff. In a glass of water half hour before meals. Just for kicks I occasionally take the colon formula. I know I’m weird, I know.

  • MarkusRothkranz:

    @aZNoaKes Yes. Germany is the only one presently having import postal issues.

  • rawbliss34:


    Markus – you and your message are amazing … what a rea breath of fresh air!!!

    QUESTION: How much of your cleansing powders and supplements do you personally take? And how often?

    I want to get my cells as clean as possible and was curious as to how much of these cleansing products YOU need/use. Thanks so much!!! :-)

  • aZNoaKes:

    Can I Buy This in the UK?!

  • hardsixteenyeah1:

    @MarkusRothkranz Thanks Markus.I’ll try to see that webpage tomorow. THANKS for EVERYTHING. Such a good person!!

  • chaotisms:

    @MarkusRothkranz Thank you for your answer :-)

  • MarkusRothkranz:

    @chaotisms the stems and roots yes, the leaves not really

  • MarkusRothkranz:

    @hardsixteenyeah1 go to BodyForceproducts com and click on liver formula

  • MarkusRothkranz:

    @black7jesus Markusproducts com

  • leahcimrac:

    @MarkusRothkranz I always suspected it was undigested food in the body causing that. Its not just bodybuilders i see it all the time. Markus is this Liver cleanse good to do while on a juice feast? I’m starting a second feast tomorrow for as long as i can (7 – 10 days hopefully). i failed the first feast badly and went completely off the wagon, but I’m going to try again. :) thanks.

  • MarkusRothkranz:

    @leahcimrac Yeah, I know. A lot of that is intestinal inflammation from all the undigested protein. Whey, which is dairy and bread/flour foods which contain gluten are so inflammatory. So they have “abs” but a bloated swollen gut underneath

  • leahcimrac:

    @MarkusRothkranz No wonder all these bodybuilders today have huge muscle bellies :P

  • leahcimrac:

    I’ve started juicing weeds and dandylions. Markus recomended cleaning my liver. I drink them in the morning very bitter, but its no worse to drink than some chemical shit the docter would give me when I was ill. I don’t know what the hell came out of my body yesterday afternoon, but I feel like a brick has been removed from my midsection.

  • black7jesus:

    where can I order this liver powder?

  • hardsixteenyeah1:

    @MarkusRothkranz What are “Free- Liver” made of, please? Maybe you’ve already said and I didn’t catch it. Sorry, I’m afraid I’ll have to implore to someone to translate your videos or put subtitles in some idioms What about in “vivirdivinamente” or something like that? Go on Markus, you are doing a magnificent job, work …, whatever you wanna called it. All my support.

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