Allmax Quickmass Nutrition Allmax Quickmass is lastly here and it lives up to the buzz! if you want quickly quality mass extra then this is the one particular for you! QUICKMASS goes to function by providing a exact 1010 calories for each serving created up of the adhering to special custom made engineered macronutrient blends: OCTA-Professional – eight-STAGE Protein Delivery matrix Knowing the significance of trickling amino acids into the bloodstream more than an prolonged time period of time, QUICKMASS is made up of 55 grams of an eight-STAGE nitrogen delivery program. The fact stays, every single protein has its distinctive positive aspects and QUICKMASS delivers 8 distinct forms of protein that jack up the amino acid profile and make a time-introduced protein of the absolute best biological appeal. CARB-PLEX -GI Balanced Carbohydrate Matrix Harmony is everything. Understanding that all carbohydrates are not developed equal, the experts at ALLMAX Diet studied the glycemic index (GI) of numerous ingredients and designed a carbohydrate matrix that would slowly and gradually boost blood glucose and extend insulin launch about an prolonged time period of time. With insulin being introduced over an extended interval of time, the amino acids trickling into the blood stream from OCTA-Professional are delivered to the muscle tissue developing constructive muscle nitrogen retention for hours! By combining specific amounts of long chain polysaccharides with a modified dextrose equal, fructose and a special fiber named FIBERSOL-two, CARB-PLEX integrates completely into the system to
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  • PimpDadee:

    Im an 18 year old guy who just started using this. I bought the bucket and when i started using it i weighed in at around 154 pounds. After finishing it, i now weigh around 162 pounds. I lift weights for about an hour 5 times a week at the gym and i have been taking the shakes in 2 scoop quantities twice a day. I feel like its worked for me even though i have also been eating more. I didn’t get fat using it, i put on muscle and i will probably buy it again.

  • G3neSis2009:

    just a tip i learned today, if you add all water to it it runs through your body faster, if you add with milk its harder for your body to digest plus it adds a bit of calories :)
    i know it doesnt help you but just a tip if you didnt know

  • CardiffSportsNu:

    GSP mixing it with milk is a little harder due to the fat in the milk thickening up the mixture quickly. I fine its best to put 2 scoops in first and use half milk and half water, mix that fully then add 2 extra scoops and mix again and blends fine with no lumps.The reasone yours is coming out creamy is that your mixing it with milk.

  • GSPisbest:

    i just got it today and tried it today. i put the 4 scoops in and then the milk but it came out creamy! is this suppose to happen or is it suppose to be liquidy, how can i fix this problem?

  • maxomilian:

    @iTzDWUUUUUUU Well its common sense that focusing on cardio equals weight loss, but i havent been following the p90x program as your supposed to , its more of a routine i use when i dont get a chance to go to the gym . And ive got to say that the concentration exercises like chest and back, shoulders arms etc. are pretty effective. Im consuming 3500 cal a day and managed to put on 6 lbs since i posted here last . My metabolism is too fast.


    i tried this, it gained me 5 pounds within the first 10lbs of quickmass, it tasted good and i found it effective


    @maxomilian p90x is not so much body building, more to build athleticism and get lean…a lot of endurance excersizes in p90 gets rid of the calories you had from quickmass, and you want those calories. try a strength building program with heavy weights low reps to not burn so much calories and lift really heavy

  • CaptinCaruso:

    @maxomilian probably because you aren’t training.
    the p90x isnt for gaining much muscle, more to get cut

  • maxomilian:

    i took 4 scoops a day the first week and 6 scoops a day the second week, im following the p90x workouts(amazing workouts) , yet i only managed to gain 1lb in two weeks and i work in a restaurant !!! So basically i paid over $70 for one pound of mass. Its a pretty smooth shake though and would probably work for the average guy, but looks like i have some pretty bad luck. :(

  • helanmarsh:

    Quickmass has anyone tried this?

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