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EXPAND BELOW–FOR ALL THE INFO ON H4H-3 Hi, yes, I am back, yes, I WILL complete the 13 weeks of kicking my butt back in gear. How do I plan to do this?? Bonnie-I am a Grandmama (grandson born 7-18-11) age 53 Los Angeles, CA Low Carb Lifestyle Speed walking, trotting, Couch2 5K, bike riding, swimming too. I have an Auto immune inflammatory disease(Severe Joint inflammation pain)-which is under control at the moment, but– when I get a flare up, I am crippled and then the weight gain comes back from being not being active, but for these13 weeks, I will work with the pain, and stay active, no matter what..this is what its all about, not letting anything get in your way of achieving your goals in life…staying focused-for me- is the key. Now, I just need to keep educating myself, and feel good about getting healthy, and not sitting around feeling sorry for myself, I am way to young to do that!! MY PLAN FOR H4H-3 1. Stay clean eating within the (Atkins)guidelines of my Low Carb Lifestyle-simple and easy, just do it, no fooling around. 2. Brisk-Speed Walking/Trot everyday, at least 2 miles, outdoors 3. Practice intermittent fasting, last meal of the day is at 6pm-12 hour fast, at 6:00am break my fast with “Coconut Oil Pulling” (15 minutes) removes toxins, it really works for me. Then breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner, nothing after 6pm, except water, no caffeine after 6pm, and 1 glass Apple cider vinegar & 8 oz water during the day, sipping slowly mid afternoon. That’s my
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  • k191073:

    Whoo hoo so happy to see your part of this. You are totally going to rock the H4H3.

  • lizard26:

    Good luck Bonnie! =)

  • psychobella7137:

    Bonnie Bonnie Bonnie ….. LOL you made my day. Ur videos give me courage to just pit it all out there make it, make it fun, and do what works for me, thanks!

  • Bonnie90505:

    @thesiegster oh Gosh, I am going to boogie it down in the halls, as long as I can stay focused, my work-place is about to do some major changes, my son just became a dad, me a grandmama?? and I am tired of wasting time..so this will really test my ability to focus on my health, weight loss and just having fun through thick and thin.I make a (starter plan..13 weeks, will be an amazing challenge for me..I learn so much from the H4H in the past. Hugs to you my man! sir.

  • Bonnie90505:

    @1Sunrose please join in if you wish, or play behind the scene, it just a way to stay motivated for the next 13 weeks, and so many attach a video to Greg’s aka thesiegster, when he uploads a H4H update, then you attached your video to his, some people update weekly, make a plan, and stick with it..for me, its a jump start to get through the holidays, this time, I am really going to stick to my plan, thanks so much for supporting me, and also motivating me, we can do it!! Tare care :)

  • thesiegster:

    you r crazy! looking forward to the dancing in the halls :D

  • 1Sunrose:

    I know you can do this. I have to watch to see it all. How do I find out the rest of who is doing H4H-3 ? IS there a link or main channel? Thanks

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