Diabetes Basics: Fat & Diabetes

Diabetics require to view their LDL (negative cholesterol) and make certain that their HDL (negative cholesterol) is not as well large.

Andrew Saul, PhD, in a video clip lesson discussing the importance and practical application of Nutritional Therapy in the therapy of High Cholesterol and Heart Condition. www.foodmatter.tv
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  • aleterra:

    geez, the saturated fat craze. Watch FAT HEAD, you will find out that saturated fat is a healthy thing. Mother nature isn’t stupid.

  • SizzlechestXXX:

    Saturated fat does raise LDLs, but it also raises HDLs. Large LDLs are okay, but small, dense LDLs are bad. Saturated fat improves the ratio of good vs. bad LDLs. Meanwhile, carbohydrates increase triglycerides. Get a VAP cholesterol test to find out your ratio.

  • violet1620:

    I am 51 years old, female, white, VERY LOW BLOOD PRESSURE alll of my life, i.e. 90/50, no family history of strokes or heart attacks, also, i excercised all my life, my cholesterol has always been under 200, HDL AND LDL ratio are great and have been all my life. I don’t drink. I CONSIDERED MYSELF VERY LOW RISK! I was a smoker and quit three weeks ago. This was my only risk. I have had two strokes and a heart attack……I AM LOADING UP ON VITAMINS AND FRESH VEGGIES and am juicing. THANK YOU!

  • tiatdivad:

    @fullajoy365 me too. I woke up.

  • fullajoy365:

    I recently, (in May of this year), made a lifechange with regards to the way I eat. I started with a diet of which I lost 40 pounds but soon after starting the diet I started doing some research about food. The more research I did the more angry I became. Then, I stretched my research to cover pharmacutical medications, naturraly I became even more determined to treat myself of any problems I may have. with food and vitamins. This video among other videos have helped in my transformation.

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