Supersize vs Superskinny S04E06 P2

Forty-two-yr-aged Mark’s diet regime of mountains of greasy food has left him 11 stone obese. He goes head-to-head with self-conscious food casualty Dale who weighs underneath ten stone.


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  • HeartsGerman:

    Dale’s face while eating Mark’s potatoes and meat male is

  • SuperGirlie79:

    Erin really is pretty and it’s sad that she has such a distorted image of herself..Mina does look great in that grey dress..

  • mzoinkers47:

    erin is really beautiful.. ):


    is Dale gay?

  • ultragymrat:

    The segments this season are confronting a lot of things about the superskinnies that were previously swept under the carpet. The last episode was the first time (at least that I can remember) that Dr. Jessen actually suggested a superskinny might have subclinically disordered eating. Now we’re actually hearing that Dale threw up from having to eat so much. I wonder if any of the superskinnies will make their own visits to America next season?

  • rainbowheadshot:

    omg i so understand Dale, i hate the taste of the fat in the meat…i just cant put it in my mouth,and if i accidently do i just trow it up…disgusting. :|

  • cprs9:

    someone help me with the first piece of music… i recognize the william tell overture and the rossini one afterwards but what is the first one?

  • chickensoup411:

    :( My arms are as big as my waist….

  • chickensoup411:

    @racekatt There’s only three

  • racekatt:

    Why does only 3 out of 4 of the group go shopping?

  • urban7ruthie:

    I’m in love with dale!

  • Dragonsoft22:

    @MariposaLigera indeed.

  • JadedSketches:

    Both Mark and Dale are being good sports, I certianly wouldn’t be able to do that.

  • justemoikmie:

    @simply4franki sorry…i’m french

  • abdullazeidan:

    you know its very funny , in arabic we have a saying … nothing fills up the human eye but sand / soil ie. their thin and still not happy those anorexic/bolimic girls im on the oter hand am obese in the process of loosing wheight and still not happy … therefore nothing will satisfy the human greed but being burried …. thus the sand / soil

  • xMusicalMelancholyx:

    :[ eating that fat was so nasty!!! I don’t care if it goes to my thighs, but it just taste nastay!

  • cybertexmex:

    It’s much more interesting following the women with eating disorders than watching Anna trying to loose weight in weird ways!

  • simply4franki:

    @justemoikmie Oh, God. There are..

  • eyescreamtattoo:

    @MariposaLigera Yess so lovely!

  • ForeverTaylorSwift11:

    dale’s pretty cute

  • sandpiperr:

    Nah. People with eating disorders have much higher standards for themselves than they do other people. She was only talking about herself, not all women who wear a medium.

  • paddyleigh86:

    @hipp6y i’m medium and I’m not offended

  • paddyleigh86:

    I’m medium and I’m not offended

  • babygizmoe:

    the skinny guy did a good job of eating all the food

  • waitingxforxdisaster:

    @hipp6y chill. people with body dismorphia (which are usually people with anorexia and bulimia) see themselves as hugely fat, even when they arent. If she saw another woman with her figure it is probably a figure she would envy, and wish she had. people who suffer with eating disorders internalize everything. she sees herself as hugely fat. so figure out your facts before you run your mouth

  • dathotki:

    I’ve seen this type of pointless shit too many times to count (im a fan of TAA btw)… There are one-hundred and one different things that could kill you… Addiction to food, video games, alcohol, drugs, sometimes sex, religion etc. Smoking is at the bottom of the list… Fuck that…. I’m not addicted but smoking does calm the nerve..

  • pippeeeh:


  • bestpwnageever:

    Or, I realise this, and think that the greedy bastards who have the money and financial fortitude owe our economy which allowed them to take constant vacations in the first place. Or they should put the continuation of the market that allows their dollar to have any worth ahead of their personal interests. Fuck catering to the rich, obviously that’s working right now even with the extended Bush tax cats. Lack of critical thinking my ass, more like lack of critical submission.

  • IamHexxorz:

    @TheSicInMe in england its like 6-8 quid or whatever

  • TheSicInMe:

    @IamHexxorz it costs about 10-12 dollars for a pack of smokes in ireland. i think we have it bad enough

  • GDuff123:

    You have to understand, 1% of the country owns more than 50% of the wealth. Most of our problems relating to this bullshit isn’t just their fault, its designed to never affect them.

  • MelkorHimself:

    @bestpwnageever Here’s a lack of critical thinking: You don’t realize why high-grossing people have tax cuts. Without them, they would have such little incentive to produce more of their products that they would work less and take more vacations, but as a result they would have to cut overhead. This means that they have to cut even more jobs and slash working hours just to stay below a certain tax bracket. So, if you like unemployment, then by all means advocate high taxes for the rich.

  • bestpwnageever:

    The difference is that rich people have actual tax cuts in place keeping them from being “taxed to shit”, while tobacco smokers are simply taxed to shit regardless of wealth or status. But I guess your 36 likes makes up for your lack of critical thinking.

  • IamHexxorz:

    @TheSicInMe Even more then…

  • TheSicInMe:

    @IamHexxorz they do

  • Hrrr12:

    @MelkorHimself Yeah, but there’s a big difference between people who just wanna smoke, and greedy fucks who make way too much money for their own good.

  • IamHexxorz:

    They should tax the companies that make the cigarettes.

  • 460handcannon:

    @MelkorHimself he doesnt like them because they dont get taxed as much as they should…tax them more, and he will dislike them less, haha…

  • yackon4game:

    @MelkorHimself I think he wants the rich taxed because they can afford it. Not because he wants to deter them from being rich, like the government taxes smokers to deter them from smoking cigarettes. And I agree with him on that. They have shit tons of money, they should contribute to their country, and stop hoarding it like shitheads.

  • jordantheok:

    business is taxed by dick wads in the same way. they have no idea what they do in Washington. so they demonize thing when they need no want revenue for there over stretched arms. so they appeal to stupid people that buy this bs, young adults and late teens i.e newly minted voters. you can get this demographic to believe anything if you just say it is cool and or different to think this way. same as anti smoking shit. PS i am truly (not anticdotally) or however the fuck you spell it. dyslexic

  • buefyYT:

    you shouldn’t care what people do.. christ NO ONE understands what AA says!!! :p

  • jordanjcm:

    Looks like the kid got him to make a video. LOL Way to go kid! You manipulated this moron into making a video about smoking while at the same time he is saying how stupid it would be to make a video about smoking. ROFL . The kid must be watching and scratching his head in confusion.

    Hey kid it’s not that confusing. He just “thinks” he knows everything. This is a good lesson. Just because someone says a whole lot does not mean they say a whole lot.

  • wwakeforestt:

    Who the fuck thinks smoking looks cool? lolol

  • monse1232:

    LOL this was g o l d e n!!!

  • notfunny333:

    Smoke weed… Press 3 for Troll Face

  • HCOcraz:

    smoke but dont choke on its the shit<3

  • breakingbenjaminAL:

    TJ I LOVE YOU <333333

  • JakeMan06:

    this makes me want a fuckin cigarette

  • AurorasWake:

    @MelkorHimself “When machines and computers, profit motives and property rights are considered more important than people, the giant triplets of racism, materialism, and militarism are incapable of being conquered.”-Martin Luther King DR.

  • MelkorHimself:

    @AurorasWake Capitalism has brought more people out of poverty than any other economic system could hope to achieve, and failure to yield to that reason is sheer madness.

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