DAY 25 HOUSE DIET Clutter to Clean Decluttering challenge

So.. the simplest way to have a yard sale- a piggyback garden sale. I threw some things out on the driveway because my neighbors ended up getting a garden sale…manufactured a number of bucks, and gave absent the relaxation..very hot tip! don’t carry the leftover things back again will creep its way back again into your residence! 33 pounds absent, says Austin Powers.. who also left my property.
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10 year eating plan prepare! Lay on the sofa and take in like a pig for a couple of a long time, then gradually stage-in a weight-decline software! The Peter Schiff Present – (eight/one/2011) Stick to Peter’s Twitter @SchiffRadio Enthusiast Peter’s Facebook at
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  • TheKmila:

    That was pretty cool.. Nice idea and those xtra bucks are good.

  • DorPurseFreak:

    LoL, Yeah Baaaaby ! Too Funny

  • MrsMcCabeScraps:

    Your videos are to cute!! I love your yard sale idea, to bad im in an Great job sticking to decluttering!

  • JSKA980405:

    how is it that you have kids and yet your toys and house is always super clean LOL if my kids toys were that clean then I could go sell them too:-) you are such an inspiration!!

  • duke55925:

    Planning NOT to take stuff back into the house is the best plan.

  • nagaempress:

    Nope that is not 27… that is more like 40… you have a 20 and a 5 showing and a TON of 1′s LOL You did terrific!

  • ChasityyyMichelle:

    HAHA!!! thats Austin Powers part was GREAT!

  • xMaXiMuSx:


    well if they are doing it in honest ways it’s no problem.. But if they are defraudaing people and getting goverment subsidies and through other illegal means than we have a problem.

  • dietwaldclaus:

    Let’s start an internet meme clamouring for the KrugmanPlan. You could tweet this:

    Where is the #KrugmanPlan to solve the current crisis? A real, detailed plan with numbers. Can he do that? #PaulKrugman #HicRhodus
    He’s unlikely to actually do this, but – at the off-chance THAT he actually WOULD, it might be the best way to show – in details – HOW insane Keynesian ideas actually are
    And in case you wonder what #hicrhodus means: look up Hic Rhodus. It’s a geeky touch.

  • lianxiang:

    Somebody please prove me, he’s not one of the the Koch Brothers.

    And why did they linked his name with those people ???

  • lianxiang:

    @xMaXiMuSx but I’ve seen his name in an other video were he was linked with those fuckers.

    I really hope U are right, I really loved Peter, but I don’t want Capitalistic pigs to profit more than they did already.

  • xMaXiMuSx:

    no he doesn’t.. The Koch brothers are a fraud, they hijacked the Tea Party movement and pretty much aligned with the republican party with frauds like Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachman.

  • gringott12:

    Spend to cut! Borrow to eliminate debt! It’s great!

  • MichalDabrowski:

    Another beautiful comaprison :D Peter, you are the best economist I’ve ever heard of! :)

  • kessass83:

    I totally agree. It doesn’t matter how bad is private corporation or entity is. If it enables to exist without being forced to close or their CEOs aren’t arrested so what they do is legal in the system they exist. Only your elected officials can change the system and enforce the law. But majority of your elected officials are deeply in bankers pockets. 2 year term, 175K salary, but the campaign cost is over 1 million. Pres 500Mill, 4 years, salary 400K. there is no FREE Lunch

  • RKAddict101:

    I think this metaphor is slightly flawed in that after 2 years, the guy isn’t going to go on diet, he’s going to keep increasing the amount he eats, but decides to make it a slightly smaller increase than before.

  • whereispg:

    Diet!! Dont make me laugh? How about emergency LIPO?

  • ratbertovich:

    To quote John T Reed, “an abortion clinic with a ten month waiting list”, the budget cuts are.

  • dylan14570:


  • homerrockz:

    ha ha love it Thanks Peter, I can’t wait to take out the trash in 2012. Hey we cut 7 billion from the budget in the first year.Funny this whole bedt ceiling/budget cuts was a joke.

  • lianxiang:

    This monkey belongs to the Koch Brothers.

  • Tomta20012:

    @lianxiang jesus christ you are brain dead stupid and sick too

  • Tomta20012:

    lol, peter forgot to say that America will eat so much that they will vomit all over the other countries of the world with their inflation

  • lianxiang:


  • lianxiang:

    A year ago I tought U were a hero, KNOW I NOW U ARE JUST A DIRTY ROTTEN CAPITALIST.



  • vambo13257:

    @66chevyo Depends on how you sell it, besides if you have a 100% gain it is still the best investment out there! I started buying silver over a year ago and think it is still a great investment at todays prices, time will prove this!!

  • 66chevyo:

    @vambo13257 When you sell silver, you get a capital gains tax. Ron Paul won’t get elected, but it sure would be cool if he did. He could get the tax taken off of real money.

  • selfrealizedexile:


  • gradiu3rox:

    @kessass83 Bankers aren’t the problem, government itself is the problem. Trying to solve our problems with violence is the problem. Creating a company that can’t default and has a monopoly on the use of force is the problem.

  • coturnix19:

    Finally a good analogy. ‘Cause analogy with drug addict was way too Keynesian.

  • kessass83:

    Still wait till 2012. Because if they delay for later, it even be much worse. We need another depression to allow market to correct itself. Because we would rather have depression and keep the dollar, or depreciate dollar to zero and after that have world currency, which for US would be catastrophic.

  • lamiasubs:

    Beautifully put; this man is a genius!

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