Healthy Cheeseburger Recipe (Low-Fat Turkey Burger)

Facebook: Twitter: You will need to have: Additional lean ground turkey meat Salt cost-free seasonings Total wheat sandwich rounds Lettuce Tomatoes Fat-cost-free (or reduced-excess fat) cheese Lean Human body Lifestyle t-shirts are now available: Audio by Kevin MacLeod – Arcane, Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed underneath Imaginative Commons “Attribution 3.” http Dead Drop, Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons “Attribution 3.” http
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No pasta in this recipe many thanks to spaghetti squash!! a hundred% vegetable for all you very low carbs lovers and vegetarians! I’m neither but I Really like this dish, even though I’m guilty of throwing in some meat and cheese on occasion. Oven baked spaghetti squash is topped with a garden spaghetti sauce that is loaded with fresh veggies! Here is a scrumptious way to get in a load of veggies. GET RECIPE: Music by Kevin MacLeod
Video clip Rating: 5 / five

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  • MzBarbiiebella:


  • IndianaWren:

    @rubixgod High in saturated fats, not good

  • BillyBobTS:

    He has tons of videos for sweet tooths, just look at his history videos :P

  • BillyBobTS:

    heh I’ve been using those sandwhich rounds for a long time, low in cals, whole grain and yummy.

  • lessthan3makeup1:

    @onetao8 most ppl who eat healthy dont include salt in their diet. it makes u retain water. thats all i know about it lol

  • skogsturken:

    I just watched you make a burger…

  • SEANR1130:

    @OreoGMoneyJr Check out the twinmuscleworkout page. The Hodge twins know what they are talking about and I’m sure he would agree.

  • onetao8:

    why r u so against salt? Thanks for the vids

  • vandelayindust:

    great tip about 100 cal whole grain buns! tried it last night and it was good.

  • blknproud:

    I love your channel !I have a serious sweet tooth for cup cakes and chocolate. Do you have any alternatives for that ?

  • darkblade190:

    At my local market I have found some rice cheese. It tastes delicious with about 50% less calories than regular mozzarella cheese.

  • whambamram:

    I tried this recipe its pretty tasty, but if you toast the bread, add a slice of steamed portobello mushroom and fresh lettuce leaf basil, also works well.

  • qborg69:

    that would taste really good with a spoon of mayo

  • mirrorseye:

    @boby6 Oooo nice

  • mirrorseye:

    @OreoGMoneyJr theres millions of exercise vids out there , just look,. there are HAAaaardly any good healthy food vids like these…


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  • vano110:

    Where’s the sauce?

  • boby6:

    oh man dude looked good, what u should do is add onions into the patty before cooking. also nice pan and peeper mill there like space style

  • EliteMBer:

    @rubixgod it also has unnecessary unsaturated fats and iron and creatine you can easily supplement.

  • blondgirl81:

    I like to sub a roasted portobello mushroom for a bun. Brush w/ a little OO, place on a cookie sheet at like 350F for about 10mins and place on top of your meat. Wouldn’t say it tastes like a hamburger, but it is an option if you are really cutting carbs or want something different :)

  • laxmanchip:

    If you press down on the top of the burger and make a “dimple” in the center, it will prevent them from shrinking around the sides and raising in the middle. =)

  • FerasWithAcam:

    i hope i could cook like you .. i wouldn’t go for anyother food

  • Scampern:

    Great video again Michael, you have inspired me to be creative on my own making it easier to succeed in my diet.

    I have a question for you though, where do you get your dietary fat from? I can’t seem to see alot about it in your videos, except some peanut butter I think.

    Personally I had very little energy on a low fat diet, and had to increase it some to a moderate level. Would love to see some suggestions on how to incorporate healthy fats in a diet

  • TheJDorian:

    Its a pancake turkeyburger

  • Turok676:

    i love those sandwich rounds!!!!!!!!!

  • MommaEarthHairCare:

    LOOKS SSOOOOOOOOO GOOD! mmmm :) I will be making that very soon, thanx.

  • abbeymore1:

    wow! will try. great great channel. i’ve never used this squash. any idea how many cals? how much would you eat as a portion?

  • yummytv101:


  • EDUisthekey:

    i made this dish and it’s the bomb!! sending recipe to friends and family and recommeding your channel. for new year’s i made the sweet potatoe dish and it was a BIG HIT!!! so glad i found your channel.

  • xxxdamage:

    Oh man! My family recently started this tradition where my sister and I alternate making dinner on Christmas each year (i.e. one year my sister makes dinner and the year after I make dinner) …this year it’s my turn to cook, and I honestly believe I’m going to kick her dinner in the ARSE, with the help of your channel! LOL.

    Can’t wait to try some of your recipes out!! They all look AMAZING! :D

  • GenuinelyMissNeenee:

    Grrrlll I just made this recipe it’s delish I added a whole lot of vegies & sum garlic power,cayanne pepper,black pepper,& a tiny bit of peprika I didn’t even eat a lot & I’m full.This go blow my hubby & sis n law mind lol thank u

  • true2daeyes:

    As many have already said, this is a great dish! Love the fact that its loaded with veggies and has a great flavor and taste!

  • JAYDA713:

    I just made this! This recipe is amazing and so yummy. I don’t even miss the pasta! Thanks so much for this!!!!! :)

  • ladytok1:

    you are so talented

  • ShaunieceCooks:

    You are so creative Mrs. Monique! Great way to use up everything, and not let anything go to waste! Your husband is a very lucky man, you cook, you sew, you can make your own wigs, and have your own natural beauty regime! And handle a toddler! Wow, You’re my idol!

  • DivaBabeT:

    Hmmm…this is cool! I would have to try this! Thanks much diva!

  • CaliRed121:

    Oh wow – that was a family favorite when i had 1 baby, now 5 babies later i ain’t made it in 9 years. Thanks for sharing such a healthy recipe, i think i’ll make some over the week-end. Keep those healthy recipes coming mama!!!! ;-)

  • CerebralMadness:

    the squash doesn’t taste soggy?? what kind of texture does it have after being steamed?

  • starryparadise:

    I have never heard of spaghetti squash. I usually saute yellow squash with onions & peppers. This is new to me. I want to live a vegetarian lifestyle, but I live in a house filled with meat eaters.

  • CerebralMadness:

    I made your red Velvet Cake and everybody Loved it !

  • myenmoni:

    Looks Delish! I have to try this!

  • hilahcooking:

    Gorgeous recipe! Thanks for the delicious reminder to eat my vegetables!

  • mebeluvined:

    perfect for dinner tomorrow…we are vegetarians:-)

  • derekandkeyasha01:

    i want to try this so bad, I will be adding this to my grocery list, thanks for sharing!!!

  • ItsMeFawn:

    Thank you for doing a recipe that is soooo near to my diet — LOL!! VEGGIEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!! I love that you sing to me while I am thinking of eating ….LOL!!

  • saniclau81:

    That looks delicious!!!!! Great job ;)

  • mynameis677:

    That’s genius. Love from the UK.

  • candiraiin:

    OMG, I can’t wait to try this one! You rock!

  • mxlawre:

    Great job… I wonder if I can trick my son into eating it!!!

  • morningafter86:


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