Statins and C-Reactive Protein

A conversation with Washington Hospital Center cardiologist Stuart Seides about a new study suggesting that people who don’t have high cholesterol but do have high C-Reactive Protein levels might have fewer heart attacks and strokes if treated with a statin drug like Crestor.
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  • kamkam22100:

    the doctor needs C-reactive prottien test fat man !!!

  • surferlivh:

    @surferlivh I.e. – we were able to pick up the errors made immediately. They made a wrong diagnosis based on incorrectly reading another patients scan, administered treatment IV, put him on a catheter.. etc… none of which were necessary, and, in a 92 year old man, almost caused him to become incontinent due to catheterisation. People need to be vigilant.

  • surferlivh:

    Doctors are human beings. My brother and sister are both Consultant level anaesthatists. We have had personal experience to prove that Doctors get things wrong, and if it weren’t for the fact that we have doctors in the family, my Grampa would have died due to hospital errors. Doctors SHOULD be right about things yes, but it is always best to quickly search websites such as pubmed or the bmj to check (even if you are not in a science/medical field yourself).

  • sausage4mash:

    @bguman “so you’ll blindly follow authority without questioning/researching for yourself?” read about the peer reviewed process and disappear down the hole from whence you came ,I LIKE YOU AM NOT QUALIFIED TO CORRECTLY EVALUATE THE AVAILABLE DATA , WHAT DO YOU NOT GET !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this is why we have medical science .

  • bguman:

    @sausage4mash so you’ll blindly follow authority without questioning/researching for yourself? For example, the framingham study is the hallmark for risk of heart disease. However, this study is misinterpreted/overstated to justify lowering cholesterol levels, which are not the CAUSE of heart disease btw. . . Read the actual research before casting aspersions. Thanks.

  • sausage4mash:

    annoys me you are putting peoples health at risk ,but hay guess that’s Darwinism at work .
    The weight of scientific knowledge applied through the scientific method involving countless professionals or some frigging article recommended by a nurse ? I , like you , am not qualified to even guess at the validity of an article about statins .
    I will take my advice from a medical professionals ,i.e.: My Dr .

  • bguman:

    @sausage4mash The simple fact I can actually read the studies sausage. Would you like for me to cite a few studies? Moreover, I suggest you read the recent London Times article on statins. I’ve only worked in the medical field for 12 years, but I guess you can continue to sit on your high horse and cast aspersions.

  • sausage4mash:

    @bguman are you a GP ? your credentials to give medical advice ?

  • bguman:

    @sausage4mash I have little clue on how modern medicine works, even though I’ve been in health care over 12 years? Moreover, again, I implore you to read the book, “Good Calories and Bad Calories” by Gary Taubes–he goes over the history, studies, in depth. So before you make assumptions, please look at the facts.

  • sausage4mash:

    @bguman you stop shouting your mouth off on a subject you know little or nothing about ,you’ve read a few Sunday supplements a few internet articles and you’re an expert ,you have not got a clue how modern medical science works ,God your sort are annoying .

  • bguman:

    @sausage4mash Stop being indolent and read the study for yourself. Moreover, if you actually read studies involving statins, you’ll realize it’s a correlation, NOT a cause of heart disease. Read the info. for yourself.

  • sausage4mash:

    @bguman was this study peer reviewed ?was it a double blind study ?what was the sample size ? has it been collaborated ? what makes you think you know more than the medical profession ?

  • bguman:

    If you want to lower C-reactive protein, simply take 1 gram of Vitamin C (see Cal-Berk study). No reason to take the overrated statin drugs when there are far better options available.

  • TazRulesNY:

    ignorance is bliss

  • huwmungusfungus:

    This is all nonsense. If people eat a healthy balanced diet, take a brisk thirty minute walk everyday, and spend their money on nice holidays instead they’ll live just as long. We can’t live forever – why live your life in fear of death. Look after yourself and when its your time to die – its simply your time

  • litebug12345:

    Suffering from a heart attack was not on my list of things to accomplish in life. Neither was taking a Rx med for life, like my older siblings have been doing for a number of years. I was close to discussing options with my doc when a friend told me about Sterolyn. I read about it and was impressed with what I saw. It’s been 4 months and I have not had any of the neg side effects I’ve heard my brothers complain about, and my cholesterols going down, good news.

  • aceofspd:

    We know that statins work by lowering inflammation and C reactive protein is a measure of inflammation. But it takes 100 people to take the drugs for 4 years to help just one person and has no benefit to the other 2 or 3 that die even with the drug. Search “cholesterol myth” to learn the true facts.
    Pharmacist who’s life was almost ruined by Lipitor

  • LibertyJedi:

    This guy is just and ad for the blood sucking drug companies that don’t allow free markets and use the violence of gov to hide their regs which are only there to prevent competition. Why does he not mention Red yeast rice? which does the same as satin drugs he’s toting? Risk for that? he tell you weight it for benefit, why does the gov want to regulate red yeast rice? now you know the real reason for the regulations, they put money in somone’s pocket the easy way, what this guy is promoting:-)

  • astanishing:

    Excellent information! Thank you!

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