20 month – 1 yr maintain weight loss…then gain!? EXCESS SKIN shown

Ive been maintaining an almost 100 pound loss for a year then it suddenly started creeping up….but I got it in check. I show my excess skin at the end.
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Barbara Thompson discusses that sometimes weight loss surgery doesn’t work and that we need to get help.
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  • chickadee1014:


  • Bearographer:

    Grains are what they feed pigs and stuff to fatten them up. Be very careful with that. They can really get to you.
    And you look great.

  • Sandy77:

    Enjoyed your video and much continued success you look great!

  • f4givness:

    Very very very helpful. I’m getting surgery one week from today and and as my anxieties rise, u have just answered several concerns in one video . Thanks.

  • piwacket33:

    Good for you. Your excess skin is more of a problem for you than others, when you don’t “play” with it it’s not so bad. You should research some aromatherapy baths that you could take to lessen that looseness. Visualize yourself the way you want to be every day… it will happen. Good luck to you.

  • Pinkpainter26:

    Thank you

  • princesaquinn:

    Congratulations on your journey. It’s really inspiring .(I am sorry if I make a mistake, since English is nor my first language) You story is really beautiful.Loosing weight is never easy, and you have done it. I wish all the best.

    I am at my first week on a new eating plan.Starting weight 242, just like you. I hope I can get good results like you got. I am not going to have surgery (I do not think of that right now),
    I know you are concern about your skin, but you still look so beautiful.

  • mommamartha:

    I soooooo love all of your videos! You are so knowledgable with regard to everything that you say and I really appreciate that. Thank you for posting such real and personal videos. Not everyone can understand the journeys that we are on and seeing videos like yours truly let sme know that I am not alone in my concerns, struggles, and faith that I too can have success like yours.

  • Helena220575:

    Hi there, I watched your videos and I think it’s really great what you’ve accomplished.
    You look very beautiful!

  • Kellawanda:

    @hottamales2140: Absolutely…are you offering!? ;) 90% chance yes, it still freaks me out because its such a major operation. Thanks for your comment…you are correct in what you said.

  • TheJc1964:

    I just wanted to tell you that you are an inspiration to me. I am 7 weeks post surgery and I have found your videos to be inspiring, informational and entertaining. Thank you so much!

  • KateLoseWeight:

    You look great. Congrats on your weight loss :)

  • hottamales2140:

    so proud of you….surgery or not…because surgery gives you no choice in the beginning, but after time, people often gain back weight. Eventually you have a choice to overeat or not, to put garbage into your body or not. I have seen it happen. Congratulations! God bless you in your life! One question: If you had the financial resources to get plastic surgery to remove the excess skin, would you?

  • dhuhahussam:

    Hi Kellawanda..here is a positive comment for you..you are very brave,, consistent…and very profeesional in the way you talk…I did my GS in July and get pregnant after one month…lucky me eh :s. …am good now…but I really didnt get the actual use of the surgery…I do the have excess skin and I dont know when I will be able to do it..money and time wise. good luck and keep smiling.

  • kkimberly2004:

    OMG! I didn’t recognize you! I have not been getting your vids!I have togobackand get caught up! You look good as a blonde!

  • hartrose33:

    OMG! I seen your video that you before you had your sleve. You were told by a guy that you looked pg, and you where going to take a test. Then I clicked on home page, and I could not belive how different you look. wow. My hubby just got the lap band, and I hope he feels has good as you do. he was 330 a month ago, and now is 306.

  • hjbreidel34:

    hi kelly thank you so much for all of the great information. I am a very large girl considering wls after years of trial and failur on my own. I really respect you for the way you carry yourself and give the information you learn so freely. I am excited to putt some of what i have learned after watching you for the past 2 hours into my plan. I am 4’10 300 pounds and active i do not just sit. I try!! thank you again for all you have shared looking forward to new videos in time.

  • RavishingBeyond:

    I admire you for going through this amazing process and documenting it, no holds barred. I can’t even believe it’s the same woman in the photo you held up. Wow. Bravo. You look great! I’m sorry you encountered haters along the way. No matter where you are or what you do, you’re going to run into them. It’s a universal thing, those pests. I’m glad you brushed it off.

  • shajessom3:

    I started watching your videos back n december 2010…I started my preop testing for gastric sleeve january 27th and had my surgery February 21,2011. You were very informative on yoir experiences and such a motivation to me! I am now 14 post days post op and down 25 pounds…very very happy I chose this surgery as a tool to lose the weight! Thanks for your inspiration! You look great!

  • TheKellyPool:

    Thank you for your videos, I love your insight. I’m in the supervised diet stage of wls, and have done a great deal of reflection (and will continue to reflect) on why I let myself get up to 270lbs. I notice similarities in the way you observe things / others in order to understand yourself better. If you don’t mind sharing, how do you comfort yourself now that you no longer have an abusive relationship with food?

  • coilerhead2:

    Have you ever heard of/seen/tried a body compression suit? I’ve seen a few videos of people who are losing weight who use them and they do not have the excess skin like most do who drop a lot of weight quickly. I’m going to have lap band later this year and I was concidering getting one to try and prevent some excess skin. I understand you wear them when exercising mostly to sweat it off.

  • marolkisan:

    I have a muffin top over my pants from my loose skin too :) after having lost 93 lbs since my sleeve surgery.

  • endlessummer79:

    I feel like a found a long lost friend! You are awesome! Thanks for sharing Kelly :) I’ll keep watching.

  • annmo0869:

    I have been watching your videos for sometime now. You continue to look great. I finally had my roux-n-y on 02/15/2011. When I left the hospital I was 255.5 lbs. It was from all of the fluid that they gave me. When I had my post-op appointment 10 days later I was at 235 lbs. The dietician and Nurse Practitioner stated that I was right on track. So I wanted to let you know how inspiring your story has been to me. Keep up the good work. Thanks again.

  • Kellawanda:

    @sarahshehata1: Its not uncommon to not lose for a week or two. Just like I just responded on another comment…Make sure your drinking your water. If your building muscle that could account for not seeing loss on the scale. Assess your progress also by how your clothes are fitting. You can email me what youre eating if you want me to look it over.

  • AntoniaTakeTwo:

    That means 95% of people succeed. With out surgery we have a 2% chance to keep it off.I will take those odds!

  • slenderlovingcare:

    @smally5525 that works in theory, but not for all people. Not to mention that when you have a HUGE amount of weight to lose a diet and exercise program may prove to be very slow . . . and if you have 200 pounds to lose it can be disheartening and frustrating. Diet and exercise should always be your fist option with surgery being the last. But the combination of diet+exercise+ surgery > than being fat because you are too stubborn to have surgery.

  • gizzie121:

    You still are 90 pounds less than you were. I think that’s a success :)

  • belovedideas:

    This is the best video I’ve seen to address weight gain after WLS! Mostly it’s the post-ops who kept off their weight telling folks like me that I abused my tool, didn’t follow the rules, failed to follow the map of success, etc. You are right about the shame. After all the expense and drama it took to get this surgery, I’ve gained back 50 of the 140 pounds I lost initially. With NO HEALTH INSURANCE I can’t get help from the medical end. I’ve had to seek out a holistic nutritionist to help me.

  • mattpap2004:

    Thank you Barbara for this encouraging and informative video. Keep up the good work!

  • manbaby19k:

    What a load of cr@p. It is your fault if you regain the lbs because it you that has control of what you eat. I just had my surgery 2 weeks ago and I am the one who has to make sure that this is not screwed up and no one else. Think about it

  • isantimn:

    wow thats deep

  • smally5525:

    diet+exercise > surgical weight loss

  • MrsMcCown:

    My doctor told me he wants me to get my thyroid under control, because that could possibly keep me from losing the weight i need to lose after surgery!! thanks for posting this!!

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